Saluyot (Jute) and Its Benefits

A simple vegetable loaded with benefits.


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          Saluyot, also known as jute, is a green leafy vegetable which is glossy, soft and long. It is an affordable source of fiber that is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium. A hundred grams of jute holds a generous amount of Vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, ascorbic acid. This simple plant really offers a lot of benefits. It is safe to be eaten even by pregnant mothers and those who are sick and in a weak state. Saluyot can survive without much attention and can grow anywhere in warm and tropical countries like the Philippines, to tropical deserts and also to wet forest regions. Ilocanos,

          Filipinos who live in the northern part of the Philippines love this vegetable. They simply put it in boiling water together with other vegetables and season with fish sauce then voila! Others may not like this because of its being slimy but it is sure worthy of trying for its high benefits. Saluyot has anti-oxidant substances which is good for reducing wrinkles. It contains beta- carotene too for good eyesight. There are other health benefits that can be derived by eating this vegetable. You can incorporate this with your daily diet to enjoy those benefits and stay healthy. As for me, my father is an Ilocano so I grew up knowing this simple yet beneficial vegetable and I simply love it.

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  1. great share po!

  2. nice share cris… marami nito sa garden nang mother ko… sa backyard…

  3. woi, hindi lang sa northern part… paborito rin yan sa mindanao.. lol!

  4. @pguims: ganun ba, sensya na never been there. sure lang ako sa mga ilokano eh hehehe

  5. I like this together with labong :-) Typical northerner LOL!

  6. I haven’t tried this wonderful vegetable yet. I will check it out. Thanks!

  7. good info thanks for sharing

  8. Interesting information. This is not a vegetable I have heard of.


  9. I always hear about saluyot but haven’t tried it yet, di yata popular sa bundok namin. :D

  10. This vegetable is easy to grow. It grows in the wild in some areas of the Philippines.

  11. I’d not heard of this vegetable either – very interesting to know though.

  12. Not too many of them here or about cheers

  13. There are so many exotic veggies out there..thanks for the share!

  14. If it really reduces wrinkles, it’s worth a try.

  15. very good info, I may have seen, but don’t know the name, well done.

  16. Glad to know Saluyot jute benefit.

  17. Thanks for sharing

  18. Hi cris! I’m not so familiar with saluyot but now that you shared its health benefits, i’ll buy some and mix it with other veggies. Thanks.

  19. I liked this saluyot with bamboo shoots, alimasag, gata & baby corn. Thanks

  20. I have heard of Jute, but have never tried it, nor have I ever known anything about it. I do now though, thanks to your informative article.

  21. I eat any green, leafy vegetables. Great one, CrisD. Pero kanina ko pa tinitingnan yung picture, I’m not familiar with this one. Will ask my hubby later. Magaling lang ako sa pagkain. Not really good at memorizing names.

  22. I remember my lola and aunties coming up with vegetable dishes with this — I didn’t like it when I was younger, but when I grew older I started to love it. Now I’m craving for it — not all supermarkets sell it here in my part of the country.

  23. I am from Bangladesh. I know Jute very well. I worked with jute (White and Tossa both). It is very important plant I ever seen. As fibre of its bark. Leaf has both value of vegetable and medicine.

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