Seven Foods That Helps to Cleanse Body Waste

Body waste can be carcinogenic and harmful to our body. The accumulation of waste can weaken our immune system and later on leads us to diseases.

Fruits or Fruit Juice

The best fruits and juices that help to eliminate body waste include lemons, oranges, grapefruits grapes, sugar cane juices, plums, apples, and tomatoes. Though these fruits have sour taste, but after metabolism they will become alkaline substances, and are proved to maintain the alkaline of bloods. They have a unique function that is they can “dissolve” the accumulation of toxic waste before eliminating it through the excretory system.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Most of the green leafy vegetables are alkaline foods. They maintain the weak alkaline state of bloods by neutralizing the excessive sugar from the diet and acidic substances produced by metabolism. These substances can be carcinogenic if stays longer in our body because they can lead to diseases. Another important property of green vegetables is they help to cleanse and remove the toxic substances in the blood, as well as for the well being of body healthiness. These types of vegetables include radish leaves, carrots, cauliflowers, Chinese kale, Chinese cabbages and cabbages.

Coarse Meal

For a smooth defecation, it is always better to eat sweet potatoes, potatoes, wheat, brown rice, maize, as these foods contain abundant of fibers help to eliminate the toxic waste from staying longer in the colon. These fibers are not found in the processed foods which are poor in fibers, vitamins and minerals. The fibers are essential nutrients to maintain the intestinal health and they are easily absorbed by the body. Additionally, coarse meal reinforces the immune system towards the diseases.

Grape Wine

Grape wine is good for the heart. It contains abundant of citrus acids, and it is also an alkaline drink. The alkaline property of grape wine is hardly found in the alcoholic drinks. A recent report revealed that the intake of grape wine can prevent the toxic of acidosis compounds from forming in our body. Also, it has diuresis (urine excretion) property. It is also effective in treating the gout.

Green Tea

There are many detoxification ions found in the green tea. It can easily combine with toxic substances in the blood and subsequently accelerates the elimination of body waste through urination. A cup of green tea daily can help to prevent cancer. Also, it can reduce the levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL) or in other word “bad cholesterol”. Heavy smokers should drink green tea to reduce the harm of nicotine.

Kelps and Seaweeds

Kelps and seaweeds contain lots of gums, an important property to remove the radioactive toxic waste from our body through detoxification and defecation. The cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy are encouraged to eat kelps and seaweeds as they help to purify blood from the toxic impurities and residues. People who always eat these alkaline foods may have lower risk of getting cancer.

Black Fungus

Black fungus is another good food as it helps to inhibit the accumulation of platelets. In addition, it can reduce the cholesterol level and hence preventing us from getting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The gums in the black fungus can effectively eliminate the accumulation of dust impurities in our digestive tracts. It is also found to be a good cleanser for the gastrointestinal residues.

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