Side Effects and Dangers of Energy Drinks

Frequent consumption of alcoholic energy drinks like Venom, Monster, Red bull etc, might endanger the health of teenagers.

Energy drinks have been created as a supplement to help overcome occasional fatigue and encourage an emergency situation. Definitely not fit to be eaten regularly and frequently. But young people today use these cans for drinks, as if it were lemonade.

American paramedics issued a warning, because energy drinks like monster and Rockstar are abundant sugar, caffeine and taurine, so the regular and frequent consumption may harm the body. Some young people drink these drinks during sport, which can be especially dangerous for their health. 

Coffee young generation:

Energy drinks are the new generation of coffee. These drinks contain sugar and caffeine that have a negative impact on health. Ever, these drinks should not get into the hands of less than twelve years and the others would have to drink only rarely, really only in need.

Energy drinks causes fat in body sufficiently, because they contain too much sugar, on the other hand the caffeine does not necessarily improve physical performance. Large amounts increase the risk of dizziness and dehydration. High levels of caffeine in beverages raises blood pressure, cause heart palpitations, leading to irritability, anxiety, headaches and insomnia.

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