Some Food Substitute for Toothpaste

Some Food Substitute for Toothpaste.

Brushing your teeth is an important factor in everyday life, because in addition to dental health can also increase confidence. When traveling or doing activities outside the home. Sometimes we did not get to brush my teeth, then the question is there any way that can be used as a substitute for toothpaste at the time of emergency? 

It turned out that food can also serve as a toothpaste in a pinch or no time to brush my teeth. These foods can provide a rough impression of the teeth as well as cleaning the teeth. 

Here are some foods that can help clean the teeth at the time of emergency. 

- Apples
Since ancient apple is believed to be natural toothpaste. When you eat an apple, you will feel a sense of abrasive on the teeth. The content of vitamin C and its water can help treat the gums and teeth. 

Apples are the fruit was first grown in Central Asia. Scientific name, Malus domestica. In general, apples cultivated in the highlands or the cold. Nutritional content of apples is diverse, and the amount of vitamin C and the water quite a lot. 

- Carrots
Just like apples, carrots can also be used as a substitute for toothpaste at the time of emergency. By eating a carrot, you will feel rough and clean the teeth. 

Latin name is Daucus carota carrots. Carrots are orange tuber vegetable that resembles a wood grain texture. It was sweet and rich in vitamin A and contains iron which is good for teeth. 

- Celery
Vegetables can also be used as a drug is commonly used as a spice in cooking. In European countries, celery actually served raw as fresh vegetables. In the Ancient Greeks and Romans, believed celery as a vegetable ‘abdominal conditioning’. Not only can soothe the stomach, but celery can also clean your teeth. 

- Fresh Popcorn
It turns out the popcorn without taste (salt) can help provide a sense of rough and can be used as a toothpaste in an emergency. Unfortunately, not recommended popcorn consumed in large quantities, especially for those who are running the diet program. So, for popcorn consumption, should be limited.

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