Strengthen Your The Immune System

Strengthen your the immune system.

Very important for human health. If the condition of the body is not healthy, you may be low due to the immune system. The cause is an error in diet, and food, this condition does not ignore for long. Since prevention is better than cure the disease. Maybe you know some drugs, or dietary supplements that claim to strengthen the immune system. But there are safer natural way, particularly through diet.

The foods that stimulate the immune system in order to obtain not sick.

- Oatmeal
Health and nutrition experts from Cancer Care Integrative, Evanston, Ill. recommended that you eat regular oatmeal. The reason oatmeal is high in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, thiamin, iron and beta-glucan, which help improve circulation and can act as antioxidants. Rolled oats can also believed to reduce harmful cholesterol and improve the immune system.

- Tomatoes
The tomato is a fruit of the easiest to find. The bright colors can attract many people to eat. The tomatoes are often used for dishes such as soups, juices, pasta and much more. Tomatoes contain lycopene for the protection against oxidation, inhibits the mutation of cells, nucleic acids reduce injuries, so as to prevent vascular disease, heart disease and cancer.

- Wine
Wine and wine for a long time known in the culinary world. From the first, drink wine, to increase body resistance against diseases like diarrhea and cholera. The content of wine, such as flavonoids and phenolic antioxidant called resveratrol fight free radicals cause health problems. Only you must not eat to excess. Just one drink a day.

- Chamomile
According to researchers at Imperial College London, chamomile, useful for the prevention of diseases. In the study, people who drank five cups of chamomile tea daily for two weeks, increase the activity of bacterial resistance. These conditions are maintained for two weeks, even though the person no longer occupies chamomile. This tea is best taken as a cold or flu.

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