Swallowing Semen Three Times a Week for Health Benefits

The Semen Therapy – Doctors have said that ingesting semen three times a week carries a host of very important benefits to the health.

                     Swallowing Semen Three Times A Week For Health Benefits

To begin with what exactly is semen? Semen is the white fluid produced by the male sex organ. Semen is naturally whitish in color and contains water and some levels of salt, protein and fructose sugar.

According to experts, semen when swallowed is never harmless it rather carries a great deal of health benefits to the consumer. Semen is also believed to have beneficial qualities when rubbed on the skin.  

Several doctors have come out and said that ingesting healthy semen regularly carries a lot of health benefits.

They have said that swallowing semen three times a week helps fight and prevent cancers.

Semen is said to be a very natural source of proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Important elements that build our health can also be found within a healthy male’s semen. Elements like the following can be found in healthy semen: Testosterone, Zinc, Vitamins B12 and C, Fructose, Selenium etc

But before you go about ingesting semen, doctors have advised that the donor of the semen must be hundred percent healthy and not have sexually transmitted disease. The donor must also not have a contagious disease that can be borne through blood. The donor must not have been exposed to radiation or poisons or even intravenous injections.

The consumer of the semen also must not be allergic to semen.

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  1. you must be joking right

  2. I hope no women reading this are actually stupid enough to believe it. Besides, even if it were true, there are less dangerous and less disgusting ways to get all of the nutrients you need from food.

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