Symptoms of Malnutrition

Malnutrition occurs when the body does not receive enough nutrients to function and to develop properly.

Malnutrition results from the fact that a person consumes too little food or has an inadequate diet. The first symptoms of malnutrition are fatigue, lack of physical energy, dizziness and nervousness.

Since malnutrition can lead to other very serious and complicated diseases, discover the symptoms that reveal such a problem.

Fatigue and lack of energy

Diet provides the body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for it to be fully functional. Once the body no longer receives these nutrients is absolutely normal to appear permanent state of fatigue and lack of physical energy. The body needs protein, carbohydrates and fats for everything to work properly. When a person is not eating right, these substances are lacking, which is why you feel weak and lacking energy.

Many people who experience these symptoms try to consume dietary supplements, without realizing that in fact the problem is the lack of a balanced food diet.


A person who does not receive the necessary nutrients the body and brain is often stressed and nervous for no apparent reason. If you often find in case you get angry for no reason and everyone around you seem to be more annoying than ever, it is possible to deal with malnutrition. To avoid this problem try to eat regular foods rich in omega 3 (fish meat), magnesium and vitamin B.


People who suffer from malnutrition often face feelings of dizziness. They occur with increased frequency when you rise from a chair or bed and are combined as blurred vision. However, it is likely that occur suddenly, while walking down a street, drive or stay in bed.

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