Ten Foods and Drinks You Need to Have When You are Sick

All of these foods and drinks should make you feel much better.

  1. Soup

    Chicken soup seems to work best. Make sure it has lots of broth and that it is nice and hot. It should stop any small cough and open up your nasal breathing. It also tastes good and will put a nice boost of energy into you.

  2. Ginger Ale

    I would recommend drinking a whole lot of ginger ale when you have a stomach bug or the flu. It will make you go to the bathroom really fast; this is good because one it makes your stomach feel better and two it gets rid of some of the bad stuff in you that you would loose through puking.

  3. Saltine Crackers

    If you have bad stomach acid, heart burn, or just regular stomach aches, than you should just eat some saltine crackers. They are very light on your stomach so they wont make any fullness stomach ache worse, the reason they really work is because the neutralize any of the extra acid you have in your system.

  4. Tea

    Tea is great for clearing out your entire system. It should truly make you breathe easier. Drink it nice and hot to get a full effect. Drink caffeine tea so you can get some energy into you as well.

  5. Ice-cream and Popsicles

    Everybody loves ice-cream; who wouldn’t feel better after having a nice bowl?

    Popsicles really do great at relieving sore throats. The sucking of the popsicles soothes your throat and the cool feeling makes it feel better as well.

  6. Chili

    Nothing warms you up better than a nice big bowl of hot, steaming chili. If you have a cold, headache, or sinus pressure, this should really help because it will warm you up and clear out you system.

    If you put a lot of red peppers or jalapeño peppers, you will get even more benefit because they are packed with all kinds of good vitamins and minerals.

  7. Buttered Toast

    If you have been puking a lot and haven’t been eating much because you don’t want to puke anymore, than I would highly suggest that you eat some buttered toast, it will not only make you stomach feel better, but it wont make you puke either.

  8. Hot Honey and Lemon Juice

    For what ever reason, this odd concoction of honey and lemons mixed into water makes you feel so much better. It is a huge jolt of energy and it soothes any sore throat. If you have a cold, it will heat up you body and make you feel a whole lot better.

  9. Real Fruit Juice

    Make sure you are getting 100% pure fruit juice, otherwise you aren’t getting the full benefit. You will get all the extra vitamins and minerals you have been losing from either not eating or puking. It also tastes really good and gives you and good boost in energy.

  10. French Toast

    This will fill you up sp easily and will make you feel some much better if you haven’t been eating. All the syrup on its will sooth your throat and give you lots of energy. There is nothing better than a nice full belly.

I hope you feel better now!

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  1. half this stuff is nonsense and if it is actual fact you dont know why it works!!

  2. Having any kind of caffeine when you are sick will not help. Don’t drink tea unless it’s decaffeinated. Also, eating heavy things like chili will make things worse, it may clear up your nasal passages but do you really want hot chili (assuming you use peppers) coming back out your mouth/nose when/if you throw it up?
    Also, having too much sugar – such as french toast with syrup – will not make you any better. You should try to avoid sugar when you’re sick.
    The best thing to do when you’re sick, is drink plenty of water/broth and eat light foods such as crackers, bread, etc.

  3. how can youget somone get feel better if thery have a stomach age how ever you spell it and gets really hot and gets red what do you need for that?

  4. I like the idea here of what to eat when you’re sick. I tried some of these food and yes, it made me feel better.

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