The Bizarre Truth: The Catastrophic Effects of Over Indulgence of Sugar

Are you thinking that adding a little sugar as a sweetener to your drink is completely harmless? Think again. After you read this, you may never think of sugar the same way again.

Haven’t you thought that consuming a little more sugar than you are supposed to isn’t going to harm your body? Maybe you just decide that a spoon of sugar in your coffee won’t effect your health. Think again.

All humans require sugar to preform their daily needs, without it, we would die. But if we consume more than the recommendation of 40 grams, what is going to happen to our body?
Sugar is found in almost every food. From milk to vegetables and fruits to meats and nuts.

Nearly 99 percent of all foods contain sugar, some of these contain insignificant amounts. Even more of these have added sugars which are even worse. Naturally occurring sugar is healthier in terms of risks than granulated, sucrose and fructose. Now that we learned a bit about sugar, we can move on to the main part.

How much soda do you drink? One maybe 2 sometimes even 3. The average person in the U.S. and U.K. drink around 3 8 ounce bottles a day.

Overindulgence of soda have been linked to the increased risk of the following:

1. It weakens the immune system by producing hormones
2. It can change mineral balance in bodily fluids
3. It can effect anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, and thinking abilities.
4. It can increase the number of triglycerides in the blood.
5. Cause Drowsiness and Fatigue
6. Reduces good HDL cholesterol and increases LDL cholesterol (Bad)
7. It can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
8. Increase the risk of bacterial infection (i.e. diarrhea)
9. It has bad effects on the kidneys

10. Increases risk of cancer, especially pancreatic cancer
11. Can vastly increase the risk of Coronary Heart Disease
12. Lead to several vitamin deficiency 
13. Can increase fasting glucose (aka increase risk of diabetes)
14. Promote Dental Problems.

15. Can cause Acidic Stomach
16. Increase the Adrenaline in blood (the stress hormone)
17. Can speed up aging
18. Increase total cholesterol
19. Majorly contributes to obesity
20. Can increase the risk of ulcers disease such as Crohn and Ulcerate Colitis 
21. Contributes to Osteoporosis
22. Causes decrease in the production of insulin
23. Can cause cardiovascular disease
24. Increase systolic blood pressure
25. Increase food allergies
26. Can increase the amounts of radicals in the bloodstream
27. Cause Toxemia
28. Over stresses the pancreas resulting in problems resulting the pancreas
29. The build-up of plaque in the arteries

30. Increase the size of the liver
31. Increase the amount of fat in liver

32. Can cause hormonal imbalances
33. Can cause hypertension (high blood pressure)
34. Causes headaches
35. Increase the risk of blood clots and strokes
36. Bacterial infections in the colon

Sugar and Cancer

In the U. S. alone, there are over 4 million patients being treated with cancer. Cancer feeds on the glucose in the blood which overindulgence of sugar causes. This means that people with diabetes or any other condition are more likely going to die from cancer. If a person consumes too much sugar, the insulin hormone production would increase causing the body to have it’s immune system depressed. The immune system is also a major part of cancer, with a weaken immune system, your body won’t be able to help fight cancer that efficiently which results in death. Sugar has been linked to the increase of pancreatic cancer. One study shows that people who drink 2 cans of soda a day have more than twice the risk of pancreatic cancer than people who don’t. One lady in her 50s who had been diagnosed with lung cancer,  changed her diet in which 90 percent of all the sugar she consumed was eliminated. Along with chemotherapy and radiation sessions, the cancer was repaired and she lived another 7 years.

Maybe after you read this, you understand why overindulgence of sugar is a big deal. Perhaps you’ll think twice before you add the additional sugar in your coffee.

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  1. You spelled a word incorrectly.

    “Maybe you just decide that a spoon of sugar in your coffee won’t EFFECT your health.”

    This should be “AFFECT” or “HAVE AN EFFECT ON…”.


  2. While overindulgence in any food is unhealthy, especially high carb or fat foods, some of your statements have no scientific credibility.

    For example, please show us any scientific proof to support:

    “It weakens the immune system by producing hormones”


  3. Come on, he wrote this and it’s published on the internet… It has to be true….

  4. So.. wait…

    Soda is BAD for you?

  5. Your message is right…too much sugar is bad. might be worth mentioning how it makes the blood acidic…which in turn causes all the issues you describe. Also worth updating your food pyramid:

  6. My ex husband had neck cancer and when he would eat sugar the tumor would get larger, no lie… Find out what a pet scan is for cancer and what the liquid is in the pet to find the cancer in the body?

    High fructose corn syrup is horrible and in a lot of foods…

  7. i’m so thankful i don’t like sweet foods that much! i have to get my friend to read this! maybe this will help her lessen her sugar intake. thanks!

  8. Hey E, all the effects that sugar causes is scientifically proven. Read some of the articles i used for sources as they all conclude that overindulgence of sugar is extremely bad for your body, resulting in the effects on my article.

  9. Hey R,

    Am I looking in the wrong place? I don’t see ANY references for your claims.

    I am asking a simple thing. You’ve made some big statements here and it is only fair that you are asked to answer a legitimate question:

    Please provide ANY scientific reference to substantiate your claim that sugar –

    “weakens the immune system by producing hormones”.

    I’m sure you would not object to this kind of request.

    Thanks in advance,

  10. Yo e, hormones such as adrenaline, apelin, and sex hormones are influenced by overconsumption of sugar. There has been scientific evidence that hormones damage the immune system. Stress hormones are specifically hazardous to your resistance.
    Hope this Helps

  11. Wow! Retraction? I think people should know more about refined sugar. There are lots of sources on the web and elsewhere. Pick yours to research.
    I recently saw this interview. It does not say a lot but it talks about other aspects of health.
    I hope you appreciate it.

    Luciano. São Paulo, BRazil.

  12. Let’s not stop at sugar. What about dairy and all meat products? Do you think we can see an article about the harm those do?

  13. We could easily list a dozen sources re. the damage of sugar to our bodies. Thanks for adding your voice to those. I just wrote about stevia on my blog & would like to place a link to this there.


  14. This post reminds me of Tony Robbins stance on sugar:

    “We’ve all heard ’sugar rots your teeth’, that’s not exactly true, our bodies turn sugar into hydrochloric acid. If that acid is strong enough to BORE A HOLE in your tooth enamel, what do you think it’s doing to your pancreas?”

    He goes on to say the acid attacks what ever weak spot in our organs.

    I’m not a doctor and Tony Robbins isn’t either but I do know there is a direct correlation between my excess donut eating and the cavities in my teeth…. what Robbins said makes sense to me.

    David Bruce

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