The Five Highest Fiber Vegetables

Are you looking for an alternative to bran cereal for your daily fiber? Here are five of the highest fiber vegetables to add to your diet.

Are you tired of getting your daily fiber from cereals that taste like cardboard? Fortunately, those bran cereals aren’t the only source of fiber available to you. Many vegetables are loaded with soluble fiber, the kind that’s so beneficial to heart health. Curious about what the highest fiber vegetables are so you can eat more of them? Here are some that should definitely be on your plate if you need more fiber.


They’re inexpensive, tasty, and full of fiber. The good news is you have a variety of beans ranging from black beans to Great Northern beans. Would you believe a cup of black beans has almost twenty grams of fiber? Even chickpeas have twelve grams of fiber in a one cup serving. Add them to soups, serve them as side dishes, and toss them into salads and watch your fiber intake go up. With a fiber content like this, you’ll want to add more beans to the dinner table.


Broccoli is a polarizing vegetable. You either love it or you hate it, but few can deny its health benefits including the seven grams of fiber found in a single cup of this super veggie. Even broccoli haters can find ways to make broccoli more palatable. Try pureeing it to make a warm, creamy broccoli soup or roast it for a smokier flavor. Broccoli – it’s what’s for dinner if you need more fiber.


If you haven’t discovered the joy of eating artichokes, now’s the time to give these tasty high fiber vegetables a try; and what’s not to love?  A single artichoke has around ten grams of fiber. With a little creativity you can find a multitude of ways to prepare this versatile vegetable. Try roasting them in the oven with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper for a tantalizing side dish that’s sure to please the family. You can even cook them on the grill for a smoky flavor. They make great additions to salads and veggie wraps. Not only are artichokes high in fiber, they’re also rich in phytonutrients to boost your immune system and help prevent chronic diseases.


Popeye may have been right when he reached for the can of spinach. A cup of this green veggie has around seven grams of heart healthy fiber in a single cup. Try adding fresh spinach to your favorite omelet or to scrambled eggs or your next pan of lasagna. Use the raw leaves in place of lettuce in your next salad or as a healthy pizza topping. It’s a nutritious and versatile vegetable that’s low in calories and fat-free.


A full of cooked peas has almost nine grams of fiber, while black-eyed peas have a whopping ten grams of fiber per cup. With fiber contents like that, this is one vegetable that deserves a second look.

Next time you’re at the grocery store or your local farmer’s market, look for some of these high fiber vegetables. It could mean one less bowl of high fiber cereal on the table in the morning.

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