The Foods Help People Feel Happy

The results of several recent research works of scientists around the world have shown that the food can bring you mental alertness and more fun.


Banana is a good food for health. We can eat banana as a fruit dessert after a meal, or eat with cereals, salads … it is very beneficial. According to research by scientists, banana contains a lot of vitamin B6 – stimulates the brain to release serotonin which helps create a happy status for human. In addition, potassium in banana can help brain activities become sensitivity and flexibility.

Green vegetables

The green vegetable is an indispensable food in the daily diet of every body, especially dark green. The leaves of these vegetables contain a lot of folate (a kind of vitamin B) that has the same effect as vitamin B6 in bananas, it stimulates the brain to produce serotonin. Eating more green vegetables will help reduce the risk of heart disease, stress, and also relax the mind.


Water is the element that the body is indispensable. Every day, if we drink enough a certain amount of water, it will bring a surprising result.  Water not only helps maintain metabolic processes in the body, but it is also known as a factor helping the body stay healthy, active and bring happy status of mind for everyone.  As dehydrated, the body is easy to fall into the state of fatigue, poor concentration, nervousness, headaches … The normal person should drink daily 2,000-2,500ml fresh water

Sea fish

Sea fish is not only a great source of nutrition for human health, but it also contains lots of omega-3 oils (especially salmon, mackerel …) is very good for the mind and spirit people.

Each week, we should eat at least 2-3 meals with fish. Eating more fish helps prevent many diseases: cardiovascular disease, visual impairment, depression, nervousness, especially diseases related to aging such as memory loss – Alzheitmer .


According to several recent studies, the taste of butter popcorn can help increase people’s interest. Especially, when you go to the movies, a box of butter popcorn can help you get more relaxed and inspired during the film. In addition, this is a carbohydrate-rich food, like some other grains, also helps release a substance called serotonin in the brain, it helps control appetite and brings a fun spirit for us.

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