The Health Benefits of Capers. Capers are an Anti Oxidant and Essential for Some French and Italian Dishes

Capers are normally pickled in vinegar or dry salted. The quality depends on their place of origin, preserving method, and their size. It is a valuable herbal Medicine.
The caper bush is a small shrub that grows wild in the Mediterranean. Capers are successfully cultivated in many countries with a similar climate.

Health Benefits of Capers.

Capers have been a part of the Mediterranean and the Arabian Gulf for a long time. Capers are essential for some French and Italian dishes.

Capers have anti oxidant properties which improve the body’s immune system and delays the sign of aging.

Fresh capers do not have a very strong taste, but once they re dried and brined in salt and vinegar, a sharp taste develops.


Culinary Use.

Capers are important ingredient in many sauces, and tomato based salsa like puttanesca. English capers sauce is rational with mutton, also good with firm fish. With black olives, capers are the basis of tapenade and also good in casserole of chicken or rabbit.

Capers are good with artichokes, eggplant, fish, green beans, fatty meats, olive, potatoes, poultry, seafood and tomatoes.

Capers are an important herbal medicine.


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  1. vickohli’s article on health benefits of caper is educative & it can help loose weight by herbal method.

  2. Something new to try in Health benefits!

  3. Huh, I like capers with chicken but didn’t know they had antioxidant properties -thanks

  4. Huh, I like capers with chicken but didn\’t know they had antioxidant properties -thanks

  5. good post

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