The Health Benefits of Carrots

The carrot is an excellent vegetable as it has both nutritional and medicinal values which are essential for our optimum health.

Angina Pectoris: Put carrot (6 ozs.), beet (5 ozs.) and cucumber (5 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Diabetes: Put carrot (6 ozs.), celery (5 ozs.), endive (2 ozs.) and parsley (2 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Albuminuria: Put carrot (10 ozs.), beet (3 ozs.), and cucumber (3 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Coronary Thrombosis: Put carrot (8 ozs.), and garlic (2 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Arthritis: Put carrot (8 ozs.), celery (8 ozs.), and one grapefruit (chopped in small cube) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Constipation: Put carrot (8 ozs.), celery (4 ozs.), and apple (4 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Gallstones: Put carrot (6 ozs.), beet (5 ozs.) and cucumber (5 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Nervous Disorders: Put carrot (8 ozs.), celery (6 ozs.) and parsley (2 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Nephritis: Put carrot (8 ozs.), celery (6 ozs.) and parsley (2 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Diarrhea: Put carrot (6 ozs.), celery (5 ozs.) and apple (5 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Asthma: Put carrot (8 ozs.), celery (8 ozs.) and one grapefruit (chopped in small cube) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Cancer: Put carrot (12 ozs.), and cabbage (4 ozs.) into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

Blood Pressure (High): Put carrot (8 ozs.), and pod of garlic into the blender. Blend well until smooth before serving. Take this juice once a day in between the meal time.

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  1. To # 23,

    The health benefits that you obtain vary according to a variety of fruits and vegetables since their trace elements, minerals, vitamins and other nutritional properties are in different proportion. However, any fruits and vegetables have their unique health benefits, the difference is marked by its ratio, attribute, type, characteristic, chemical composition and etc.

    To read more on oranges, here are the link to my previous article.

    Take care and regards,

  2. Dear Sir,

    I what to know whether carrot contains sugar are not, and whether sugar patient can eat raw carrot ( with out cooking.

    Please send your reply

  3. To mukunda kumar,

    Carrots do not contain any substance that may cause the rise of blood sugar level among the diabetes person. However, they’re advised not to take too much carrots at a time which might be harmful to their health. Moderation is very important here. If they want to eat raw carrots, make sure that they’re organically grown (free from chemical elements) to help curb the additional toxins from being dumped into their body.

    Instead of eating raw carrot, why not you follow the remedy listed here (page 2) for diabetes person, which seems to be more effective to bring down the blood sugar level.

    I hope this helps.


  4. To Chan Lee Peng

    I am a professor at a carrot university. we do studys and experiments testing the substances that casue the rise of blood sugar. within the 7 year period that i have been teaching i have come across some brilliant discoveries. one of these, is that carrots DO contain subsatnces that will and are going to cause the rise of blood sugar. so read up on your facts Chan and please stop giving false information.

  5. To Chinnhy ching chong

    Please read my sentence carefully. I stated that “they’re advised not to take too much carrots at a time which might be harmful to their health”, which means moderation is a key factor here. From many clinical experimentations, they appear that a diabetic individual, or others who have poor blood sugar
    control, would be able to drink carrot juice
    in moderation. Of course, any fruits and vegetables if consumed in large amount may also give rise to the blood pressure. This is not restricted to carrots only. If one consumes carrot in moderation and in an appropriate amount, the blood pressure may have a slight rise due to the sugar content in the carrot, but it won’t give rise to an extreme blood pressure. However, if any blood pressure rise due to the consumption of carrot with other underlying factors, and medications, it should be treated as different cases mentioned here.

    Please don’t be impolite to throw me a sentence ”
    stop giving false information” as it’s cruel, illogical and unfair to treat those who have contributed for the well being of the humans.


  6. Excellent article! Thank you Chan for your information :)

  7. I have a juice bar and one of the products we sell is a carrot and orange mixture? Above I read mixing carrot and orange can give you goiter! I’m confused, somebody please answer. Regards

  8. To mike and all readers,

    I’ll update you info on “why carrot cannot be mixed with orange” upon the readers request. Please check back later, thanks!


  9. To mike,

    I’ve answered your question. You can find the answers in the page 3 of this article, thanks.

  10. Chan, this article is chock full of wonderful information about the health properties of carrots. While researching beta carotene, I found that the supplement is not healthy for smokers, but, as you point out, the organic carrot would be quite helpful. Thanks!

    I think commenter 29 was pulling your leg. I have never heard of a carrot university??

  11. hi! may i know pls if carrots can reduce blood pressure or hypertension?

  12. Hi Cathy,

    Yes, carrot can assist to lessen hypertention (but don’t take carrot together with your hypertensive drugs). Please refer to of this article, as I’ve attached with the remedy here.

    But bear in mind that moderation is a key note here. Carrots are good for us, but overconsumption may not benefited our health at all. Besides carrots, please refer for my article on hypertension for more info.

    Other useful info from my articles for you to look for:

    I hope this helps.


  13. hi. i’m on warfarin. i like to know if i take carrot juice does this affect my inr. how much do i have to take carrot juice since i like juicing carrot and apple ,so yummy.

  14. To ummijami,

    May I ask you why you’ve to be on warfarin? Is it because the instruction of a doctor?

    You can take carrot juice but make sure that you don’t take it together with warfarin. It’s advisable to take the juice 3 hours after taking warfarin.

    In your case, I’d suggest you to take carrot in moderation but not overconsumption. In regards to how much you should take the juice, please consult your doctor or registered nutritionist for a further advice. You’re advised to do so, since they’ll diagnose your health condition and advise you how to take the juice and what to do.

    I hope this helps.


  15. Hi. thank you for a very informative article. I have been taking carrot shake (not juice) together with a fruit (apple or mango) once a day (early morning). Do i get the same nutritional benefit from a carrot shake with that of a carrot juice?

  16. Sir
    I use to juice 1 cup combine carrots, pineapple, cucumber and petchay and drink 30 minutes to 1 hour before eating breakfast. Is it o.k. ? Im doing this not because i am curing any sickness but im doing this because i believe in the saying. . .PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. . . . . .Thanks. . . . .and MORE POWER. . . . .GOD BLESS. . . .

  17. Hi! I eat fresh raw carrots believing that it will help me with my blurred vision. I don’t like carrot juice. Is 250grms of raw carrots enough for my daily use?

    Thanks and more power. God bless you

  18. To Leah Marie,

    It’s advisable to take pure carrot juice (plus a drop of olive oil for a better assimilation) instead of carrot juice shake for a complete assimilation. Well, there can’t be denied for a nutritional fact from carrot juice shake, however, it’s not a complete way to supplement your body with an optimum nutrient.

    To GERRY,

    The combination is OK, however, you’re advised to drink it 3 hours after your meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) so that it won’t disrupt/interfere the digestion process occurred in your body.

    To babes,

    To help you to gain a whole range of nutrient in the carrot, you’re advised to juice it, by adding a drop of olive oil. This will help your body assimilate the carrot better instead of eating raw.

    I hope this helps.

    To all readers,

    If you’ve any questions regarding health, you’re always welcomed to ask. And I’ll be here, trying my best to help you.


  19. I have severe stomach problems. why is it when my pain is at its worse I eat some carrots and the pain subsides slightly ???


  20. To lily marks,

    If you’ve a severe stomach problems, you should cut the consumption of carrots, not to take too much at a time. Of course, as I said carrots can be assimilated easily besides regulating blood pressure due to its natural occurring chemical properties. And that’s why you feel a slight ease to the pain. But bear in mind that, carrots cannot be taken too much, for the fear of the indulge of the health problem.

    I hope this helps.


  21. Hi, does carrots contain a higher level of sugar and fibre than apples? is it a source of complex carbs? and also is it true that it was an urban myth stating that carrots improves eyesight? , as the Tv program “whats good for you” delcared this as a myth ? please reply thankyou :-)

  22. Carrots & oranges together cause goiter? I find this interesting because I had 1/2 my thyroid removed due to large goiter last year. I recently started juicing carrots daily because I heard about the health benefits, but I also notice how amazing I feel after I eat oranges. I don’t usually consume both simultaneously, but now I wonder if I’m risking enlargement of remaining thyroid by consuming carrots & oranges in the same day?

  23. I always drink carrot juice every morning before breakfast as i heard about health benefits drink carrots between meal time. is it ok for my health or i follow the health benefits? pls. rply thank you……

  24. To Shaun,

    Carrots, like other vegetables and fruits, do contain sugars, but their sugar contain is not too high as claimed. (note: Different variety of carrots may contain different amount of sugars). However, if you over-consume carrots in a day, of course, you may observe a significant blod sugar rise in your blood. Therefore, it’s always better to consume carrots in moderation. Carrots do contain fibre, but their fibre content is not higher as in apples and kiwis. Carrots do improve vision, and this statement is not a myth as it’s been clinically proven.

    To Mark,

    Yes, the combination of carrots and oranges may cause goiter. In your case, you’re advised not to juicing carrots together with oranges as the reason stated in my article here. You may eat oranges after 2-3 hours later after having your carrot juice. If you take them right away, of course, you’re risking your life for the enlargement of thyroid and this condition happens due to the chemical reaction mentioned in this article.

    To mary ann,

    Yes, it’s ok. Carrots are actually good for your health but make sure that you’re not over-consuming carrots in a day, this may include carrots juicing, steaming carrots, dishes with carrots add-in and so forth. If you’ve medical condition stated in this article, please follow the instructions and tips accordingly.


  25. does carrot juice helo acid reflux. and how much can i take.

  26. does carrot juice help acid reflux, and how much should i take

  27. To stephen,

    Yes, carrot juice can help reduce adic reflux, but for a better result, please mix carrot (8 ozs) with beets (8 ozs).

    In your case, you’re advised not to take Orange juice• Lemon• Lemonade• Grapefruit juice• Cranberry juice• Tomato• French fries• Onion, raw• Macaroni and cheese• Spaghetti with sauce• Sour cream• Milk shake• Ice cream• Cottage cheese• Ground beef, chuck• Marbled sirloin• Chicken nuggets• Buffalo wings• Chocolate• Doughnut• Corn chips• Potato chips• French fries• Onion, raw and etc. and you should also avoid drinking Liquor• Wine• Coffee(decaffeinated or regular)• Tea (decaffeinated or regular) and etc.

    I hope this helps. Take care.


  28. Thank you for replying Chan Lee Peng, also i was wondering, i eat 3 to 5 medium to large carrots a day for 1 meal without any sides just plain raw carrots on its own. Is consuming this much carrots for 1 meal to much? should i cut down my intake?

  29. To Shaun,

    It’s always better to eat 1-3 medium/large size carrots per day, but not more than that.

    If you’ve a problem of blood sugar or other chronic medical condition, then I’d suggest you to take one medium/large size carrot per day.

    I hope this helps.


  30. I have seen absolutely nowhere except here where it says mixing carrot with orange causes Goiter. Show us the studies, or even one study that says this.

  31. To Jack Johnson,

    There were numerous studies done in Asia countries regarding this particular issue, that’s why you can’t find in an English-version web. The info is not released on the web, as the reference was refered to numerous journal and academical reports. Since this article was written last year, I can’t really remember the titles of the journal and academical reports.

    You shouldn’t doubt on this as this was clinically proven via several experimentations that were done to the patients.

    I hope this helps.


  32. Carrots are the coolest vegetables ever!!!!!

  33. Hi Chan Great article, I was wondering, does eating “raw” carrot help completely get rid of dandruff? if so how many carrots shoule be consumed per day and how many days I consume carrots for?

    Another question is: does carrot help prevent hair loss?
    If no then do you know any food that does?

    Thank you.

  34. Hi John,

    If you juice or eat raw carrots (preferably organic carrot), it should be 200g in a day. And you will need to undergo this remedy for at least 3 months, or more until your dandruff went off.

    So far, there is no proof showing that eating carrot can prevent hair loss. Hair loss is normally due to insufficient intake of nutrients. In this matter, I’d advise you to take a balanced diet (with plant based- to animal based foods 3 ratio to 1), and you can add some plant based black foods (such as black bean, mushroom, and etc) to your daily diet to improve your hair texture too.

  35. hi mr. chan…i’ve learned a lot from this article thank you so much for the info…i started eating carrots since last week till now and i feel better so far…but my question is…can i eat carrots and banana at the same time? is there any effect to me? or it could be better?

    looking forward to your reply to my email…thanks and more power!

  36. mr. chan, just reply also here so that other readers can able to know regarding to my question…thanks

  37. Hi joseph,

    There should not be a problem eating carrot together with the banana, but make sure you do not eat too much of them at a time as this may cause stomach upset. The ideal ratio should be one banana with one small or medium size carrot. Eating too much carrot at a time may turn your palm into orange color.

    Note: If you are alergic to foods, then you are advised not to eat banana together with carrot to avoid any unexpected incident.

  38. is that boiled carrots mixed with margarine good for the baby 7 months old baby?

  39. Hi ley

    Yes, you can add boiled carrots mixed with margarine for your 7-month old baby. You are advised to give your baby a small amount at a time and a small spoon of margarine sounds ok, but too much of margarine and carrots are not good for your baby.

    Just make sure that you give them a little solid food, in addition to formula or breastfeeding milk. You can give your baby porridge made from mashed carrots, shredded apple, mashed banana, boiled mashed potatoes, and perhaps you can add a bit apple juice or blackcurrant juice into the milk for better nutrient absorption.

  40. hi
    can i have one carrot daily?will it increases BP?

  41. Hi Penny,

    Of course, you can have a carrot a day, but make sure that you don’t eat carrot together with an orange or any food described in this article. You can either juice, boil or cook the carrot. For an optimum health, you are advised to eat organically grown carrot to avoid residual of pesticide which will later deteriorate your health.

  42. Hi

    I need your advice regarding carrot combination.
    sometimes I eat raw carrot & put lemon on it. are there any bad affect in putting lemon?

  43. Hi Dhel,

    Yes,you can mix carrot juice together with lemon juice. Make sure the mixture is carrots (10 ozs.) and lemon (3 ozs). I’d also suggest you to add 20-30ml of pure honey into the mixture for a better result.

  44. hi chan, thank you for the article. i have received good facts to be used. may GOD bless you. i started eat carrots after reading your article. may i know if it will help me to bring my cholesterol level down or not.

  45. Hi rexford,

    It does help keep your cholesterol lower slightly. Make sure you take two to three 8-ounce glasses of carrot juice daily. Don’t take so much as it may harm your health. For better foods to reduce cholesterol, you can read my article

  46. hi, im eating 1 pc regular size raw carrot a day but do not know if its organic or not. if its not organic is it safe to eat raw carrots every day? I learned so much reading in this site. thank you that i found out about this site.

  47. Hi, i currently wear glasses and i was wondering if i were to eat carrots for a set period of time will be able to regain my vision?

  48. Sorry i also forgot to mention i take multi-vitamins everyday before i go to bed which contains Leutine which i was told is good for your vision if i continue my habits of eating carrots and taking my multi-vitamin everyday will i regain my vision?

  49. how long it takes if you have a heppa-B

  50. please can you help me how to use or drink carrot juice in good amout .heppa-B is concern.thanks God bles.

  51. Hi dheem

    Carrots as well as dandelion do protect the liver.
    Since hepatitis has to do with the liver so I would recommend milk thistle. Read more details here: Fruits and vegetables do contain antioxidants and so yes, like milk thistle they help repair liver.

    Read under “update” in this article for the info on how to drink carrot to benefit liver.

    Anyway, you still need to consult your doctor frequently to help diagnose the progress of your hepatitis. Don’t disregard the medical assistance and left it untreated as it may be life-threatening!

  52. Carrot Juice is one of my favorites too!~

  53. This past week I consumed about 6 carrots throughout one day. That night I had a very bad stomachache and I vomitted the carrots in the middle of the night. For a couple days afterward, the carrots continued to cause digestive problems.

    Any idea why this happened? Do carrots have citric acid or something else that body reacted to?

    I love carrots and hate to not be able to eat them.

  54. Hi Honey,

    You’ve overeaten carrots which can harm your health. You should take 1-2 carrots (big size carrot) and 2-3 carrots (medium size carrots) and 4-6 carrots (baby carrots) a day. Any consumption of carrots more than the stated volume is unhealthy and can cause medical problems.

  55. Wow I eat carrots almost everyday just cause I like the taste and I had no idea what they can do for me. This just makes me want to eat more! Ha ha

  56. Hi Anna,

    Even though carrots are good for health you can’t eat too much of them. Moderation is a key factor towards a healthier life here.

  57. Hi,

    I really love to drink carrot juice but i don’t have any idea how much i need to drink every day. Is it good to drink a carrot juice one full glass every day or every other day. Please advise me.

  58. Hi Hanna

    It’s recommended in this article that healthy adult should drink 8-ounce glasses of carrot juice per day. If you are experiencing certain medical conditions, please read through this article to grasp a better idea.

  59. I gave up smoking about 9 weeks ago and I am eating up to 1kg of carrots a day !! Im feeling ok so it must be doing me good, well better than ciggs anyway …Carrots are actually helping me to give it up easily

  60. Does eating carrots before bed help with sleep. I ask this because everytime I eat carrots before bed I seem to have a more sound sleep.

  61. Hi Donna,

    There is no evidence saying that eating carrots before bed time promotes a better sleep.

  62. hi all i have red all comment on carrot
    but this bit of info is missing
    it cures acne

    wonder of carrot

  63. hi Thanks for the info…I would like to ask if carrots is ok for me I have hyperthyroidism and acid reflux.



  64. Hi joefel jessica c. Dumaran,

    Yes, carrot juice may help improve hyperthyroidism and acid reflux but make sure you take the juice in an appropriate amount. It would be best to avoid dairy, citrus, carbonated and any acidic drinks.

  65. Hi Mr. Chan,

    I am a colon cancer patient and is taking xeloda for 15 days every after my chemo sessions. As an alternative healing, i am into fruits and veges diet especially in breakfast and in lunch such as apple, raw carrots, cucumber and strawberry (alternatively), only i ate normally at dinner. I do a carrot juice and drink it every after i woke up in the morning and sometimes before going to bed. Dosage is not consistent, as far as i can tolerate it. by the way i mixed it with cucumber as been advised. However, i did not feel any significant change in my condition of over a month since i started. is there something wrong with my method? please advise me to better cope up with my natural healing. For i felt severe pain in my stomach for almost the same period since i started this diet.
    thank you very much, i am anticipating for your answer.


  66. Hi CA PATIENT,

    Other than carrot juice, I may recommend you vegetable soup. It is easy to make and may help improve your colon condition. You can read more detail in my article
    Let me know your progress then. Take care, stay well and God bless you!

  67. Hello Mr. Chan

    My 6yr old son has astigmatism. To correct his vision, the optician recommends to wear an eyeglasses. I believed, that carrot helps a lot for humans vision. Is there any recommendation how much my son should drink carrot juice in a day?

  68. Hi Ron,

    Absolutely, carrots can help improve vision and provide protection against macular degeneration, cataract and even astigmatism. In your son’s case, consuming carrots may help improve his condition but cannot correct his astigmatism, and he still needs to follow the advice of optician. Let me warn you that eating too many carrots can cause your skin an orange tint.

    As far as you are concerned on your son’s astigmatism, you can employ home remedies here to help improve his eye condition:

    (1) Add 200g carrot in his daily diet or drink 50ml carrot juice daily. This will facilitate his eye condition.
    (2) Apply 2-3 drops of rose water in his eyes daily. Not only does rose water get rid of the dirt around his cornea but also soothe his strained eyes.
    (3) Place cucumber slices around his eyes before sleeping and after getting up from the bed. This will help reduce pain he might be experiencing due to astigmatism.

    Take care and God bless your son!

  69. Thanks for the info pls i have an old woman with advanced ca stomach of what help can carrots be and how. Any benefits of carrots in enlarged prostate.

  70. Hi Mr. Chan,

    Im always having a mouth ulcer for a year now. I already seek a ENT doctor but still coming back. And also a sore throat. Im drinking a glass of carrot juice every night before i sleep for almost a month for now for it might help. But i could feel i have a mouth ulcer coming up under my tongue. My skin does not turns to yellow as of now. i noticed my skin becomes smooth and i sleep well. Could you please advice me, if drinking a glass of carrots every night is still healthy? and hows mouth ulcer can be cured?

  71. Hi shiere 33,

    For mouth ulcers I’ll recommend you to chew 5-6 Basil leaves and after chewing you should drink a glass of water. Alternatively, add some coriander seeds into a cup of warm water, later use this water to repeatedly gargle for 3-4 times a day. For your convenience, just apply some bonjela to the ulcer and it will be cured.

  72. Hi Lizzy,

    Carrot juice may help improve or rejuvenate the condition of the enlarged prostate. However, it is misleading to say that carrot juice can cure the enlarged prostate. So, patients with enlarged prostate will still need to be monitored by a doctor so that the best and prompt treatment can be given at the right time!

  73. I love carrots! Especially raw baby carrots, they\’re the perfect snack size for everyone! I remember one time I got the best deal ever on a big bag of baby carrots for 50 cents, then the next day I went to the same store for something else and seen the carrots went up to 3 dollars just over a day!!

  74. H Jeanette,

    Yes, carrots are good! But, make sure you eat carrots in moderation. Take care!

  75. Hi Chan,
    This is very informative, interesting and impressive article I stumbled upon. I think I am doing bad by unintentionally reducing carrot from my diet. I will focus on it more for its immune system help.
    I learn a lot of things from your article. Keep writing.

  76. is carrot good for sexual intercour

  77. Hi Mr. Chan,

    If carrot juice and orange are not good combination and may cause thyroid goiter, Why are some market still have to sell carrots, apple, orange juice? I’m a diabetic, is it ok if i still drink carrots, apple orange juice a glass per day?



  78. Dear Mr. Chan,

    Hoping for your answer.



  79. Hi Francois,
    As I have mentioned in this article, carrot and orange are not a good combination and the reasons are stated here

  80. Hi Francois,

    Business entrepreneurs did not do serious clinical research as they only interest to market their products. No, it is not recommended. If you are a diabetic, read here for diabetes.

  81. hello my all friends. I am 35 but since 4 years ago i feel my skin is dry and dry in my 35 I get high blood pressure from a lot of I was afraid of that diseases and I started eating one carrot in the morning and one in the evening for two months and later only one in a day.yes, this food greedy man not wanna eating a lot of meat and other unhealthy food. now I have no high blood pressure .my vision better and the wonderful things is no more dry skin.
    and i don’t want any of junk food .I lose my body weight . NOW I AM A HEALTHY MAN. But now i just eat small carrot in a day for not having much skin color..

  82. Hi Chan,

    how do we know if a carrot is organic or not in a grocery store?

    second question, if a carrot is not organic, is there any way to get rid of those pesticide residuals? like completely peeling the skin (using a knife) of the carrots before eating them..?

    third question, is it true that carrot helps improve our sexual capacity? Pls advise..

    Thanks much and God bless..

  83. It is hard to identify the organically grown carrot with the non-organically grown one at the first glance. Always look for an accepted organic certified label on its package. If the carrot is not the organic one, make sure you peel off the skin before consuming. In regards to whether carrots improve sexual ability, there is still no concrete reason.

  84. Another easy and convenient way to take carrot is 100% pure Super Sprout carrot powder. All they have done is removed the moisture via a freeze drying process. I find this an easy way to stir into our family meals and juices. Very quick and easy. See

  85. I drank every bit of the carrot juice that you share here – it helps! I have every reason to like carrot for healthmad. I set up my 2012 planner with this carrot in mind. Thank you Chan.

  86. i juice and drink 75cl of carrot juice daily for sometime now that is about 2 and half glasses spread within 24 hrs,is this too much? i also have a medium sized pinapple, 2 cucumber and a little ginger juiced together into another 75cl bottle which i drink daily too, pls wat do u advice.

  87. Good Health to you Chan,
    thanks you for your readiness to answer questions asked. Can you please advise me if I need to do sth about my intake of carrot. My thyorid glands removed and I take 150mg oroxine daily. I love eating carrots but I take 1 to 2 daily. Is this alright to my health. God bless.

  88. Hi bernadette,

    one to two will be fine, but do not overeaten. Also, they should be consumed 3 or 4 hrs interval after taking your medication

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