The Health Boosting Benefits of Oat Straw

The same plant that has likely been a staple of your breakfast routine offers surprising boosts to your health and well-being. A tea or infusion made from a different part of the oat plant can be utilized for a wide range of benefits.

In this day and age, there are plenty of bogus remedies floating around – herbal, pharmaceutical, spiritual, or otherwise. It can be difficult to distinguish the truly beneficial from the ineffective or even detrimental cures that are floating around.

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Oat straw (Avena Sativa) is one herb that I have had a genuinely positive experience with, and most people who I know that have tried it have had similar opinions. Even if you haven’t tried oat straw, you have surely had oat products – cereal bars, oatmeal, oat bread, or oatmeal cookies perhaps. Oat straw is no miracle cure all, but it has an impressive resume. Oat straw is claimed to have the following health boosting effects:

  • Provides a mild boost of energy
  • Aides in detoxification
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helpful for overcoming cigarette, alcohol, or drug addictions
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • An anti-depressant
  • Reduces stress
  • May help increase libido

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If that wasn’t enough, oat straw actually tastes pretty good. At least I think so. I usually have Oats straw as a tea or an infusion. I let a teaspoon or two of loose oat straw in a strainer steep in a cup of near boiling water for around ten minutes. It has a mild sweet grassy taste, and can be sweetened by a dab of honey. My sweetener of choice is agave nectar, which tastes great with oat straw as well as many other teas and doesn’t crystallize on the shelf like honey.

Another way to make oat straw is as an infusion. A glass mason jar will do just fine. If you don’t have one in your cupboard, use pasta sauce jar – but make sure to clean it well first. Put the desired amount of oat straw in the jar and add boiling water. Screw on the lid and let the infusion steep at least until it is completely cool – but do not leave it out too long or it could go bad. If you are new to infusions, you may want to read this“>read this. An infusion should be drank soon after cooling, or can be kept in the refrigerator for 1-2 days. Always do research before trying new herbs, you never know how you will react to them and should know a general idea of how much to take.

Oat straw can also be purchased in bags if you don’t want to do loose. They can be found at various online retailers.

I get my oat straw from“>Mountain Rose Herbs and it only costs about $8 for a pound, which will last quite a long time.

I have been drinking oat straw tea for about a year and a half and got some of my information from“>this website.

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  1. Good article, I’ll have to give oat straw a try.

  2. oatstraw is great… but one thing i would mention, is that water that has just boiled should never be poured straightaway on to delicate herbs, which can destroy some of their efficacy. Allow the boiled water to sit in the kettle for a minute or two, and then gently poured. happy sipping : )

  3. I found the libido part to be valid…. after drinking a quart of infusion over the course of a day… let’s just say I had some very vivid dreams the next morning! The calming effect was apparent too.

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