The Heavenly Health Benefits of Honeydew Melon

Fruit is a tasty and healthy alternative to other desserts, and one that tastes particularly sweet is honey dew. Discover the many health benefits this melon has to offer.

One sweet fruit that many health conscious people enjoy is a honeydew melon. Although this fruit is in season from July to October, it can usually be found year round at most supermarkets. It’s sweet, green flesh is a favorite way to end a summertime meal, but can be enjoyed as a nutritious snack any time of the year. What are the health benefits of honeydew melon?

Health Benefits of Honeydew Melon: Younger Looking Skin

Honeydew melon is an excellent source of vitamin C – an antioxidant vitamin that helps to boost levels of collagen – the protein that gives skin its youth and firmness. Vitamin C also plays an important role in the function of the immune system and may help to protect against colds and flu bugs during the long winter months. Low on iron? Vitamin C even helps with iron absorption. Enjoy a cup of honey dew melon balls and you’ll get half of the recommended daily requirement of vitamin C – without having to take a supplement.

Health Benefits of Honeydew Melon: It Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

Honeydew melon is a good source of potassium – a mineral that plays an important role in controlling blood pressure – as well as a host of other critical bodily functions. Potassium is required by every cell in the body; and honeydew melon is a tasty and natural way to supplement with potassium.

Health Benefits of Honeydew Melon: It’s Good for Weight Watchers

A full cup of deliciously sweet honeydew melon balls has only sixty-four calories and no fat; and its sweet taste makes it a good substitute for less healthy dessert options. One precaution. If you’re watching your carbohydrate intake, don’t overdo the honeydew since it contains fourteen grams of natural sugar per cup. Enjoy its sweetness as a treat – in lieu of a less healthy dessert.  

Health Benefits of Honeydew Melon: Other Health Benefits

Honeydew is a good source of folate, a vitamin that’s important for heart health and for preventing neural tube defects in the babies of women who are pregnant. Want to protect your brain? Recent research shows that low folate levels triple the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly. The best way to get folate is naturally through sources such as honeydew since folate supplements don’t have the same beneficial effects and may even be harmful in some cases.

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