The Hidden Side of True Health: What Keeps You From Finally Knowing

Going Behind The US “Health” Guideline: What You Need To Know…

Let’s put aside for a moment what you’ve heard about health, long enough to consider something “new”… Its something which may really shock you at first, but at least is in your full awareness. The more you look at the twisted areas of health, the more you’ll be hungry for more… Because once your outside mainstream media, the world becomes a very strange place indeed…

So, what am I talking about?

Back in 1977, the government health guidelines consisted of something new (radical); something that has changed the way people would see their food. It consisted of reducing fat intake and cholesterol (including red meats) as much as possible to prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease.

A new type of fat also (lab-made) came out to the market: The trans-fats (As in margarine, and hydrogenated oils).

*An early whistle blower about the REAL and scary effects of consuming such fat was Dr. Mary Enig… Read on…

The Lipid Hypothesis now assumes that the consumption of saturated fats contribute to heart disease, thus they think you should avoid eating them.

But as you continue to read on, you may begin to open up to an amazing observation that will cause you to become fully absorbed into what your about to read… because obviously, when it comes to corporate interests, it also becomes about corporations making lots of money. So knowing who has the best intention, is crucial…

Isolated Villages And Tribes Around The World:

What is particularly interesting about these, is that the traditional and ancient tribes around the world always took their value in their traditional approach, without even knowing it, of course. They consume wild animals full of fat, like the Andrean village of Vilcabamba, and many others (Even drink their blood, like the Masai tribe, uhhhg!!), consume raw milk, use coconut oil, etc… and still, many lived to be over a 100 years old!! Very healthy, and very happy (The ancient Eskimo’s health does not even compare to the poor health they have today). Even the aboriginal Indians ate from the very nature they felt so connected to.

*I personally think you will be very well received by the isolated people of Hunza in the Himalaya Mountains. I am totally amazed about their health and happy state they truly reside in.

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