The Ramphal fruit and its Magical Array of Health Benefits

The Ramphal tree is a wonder tree which can be utilized as a medicinal property from the roots to the leaves.

The Ramphal tree produces Kitaferi fruits that are magical in many areas of the human well being. The tree has its origins in India but produces fruits with very rich nutrients.

The Ramphal fruit is rough and spiky in physical outlook but has a soft spongy and extremely sweet pulp with numerous seeds. They vary in size and shape depending on the climate in which where they are found growing.

Nutritional values

The fruit has low calorie content and is rich in iron, phosphorous and vitamin C which collectively makes the body healthy nutrition requirements for a healthy body. It is also rich in Vitamin B1-B6 with all the attendant health benefits.

Medicinal values

1.  The Ramphal seeds can be used as treatment of intestinal worms in both animals and humans.

2. The leaves are used in the control of diabetes

3. The root and the bark of the Ramphal tree is an effective treatment of toothache and most of the modern medicines for toothaches have concoctions of the roots and  barks of the Ramphal tree.

4. Regular consumption of the Ramphal fruits reduces anemia incidences in populations.

5. A solution made from the barks of the Ramphal tree treats diarrhea

6. The leaves can also treat tumors and cancers

7. The fruit has a number of enzymes that can help in facilitating digestion.

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  1. Sounds yummy!

  2. Haven’t come across it but it sounds real good.

  3. Wow! This fruit certainly seems to have a lot of beneficial properties. I can’t say I have ever heard of it or seen one before.

  4. Good tips

  5. Hey its reall help….but canu tell me whr is it availble i m specially looling if its available in banglore or kolkata pls reply

  6. This fruit is new to me, thanks for the valued info you shared.

  7. Learn new things. Thanks!

  8. Hi, I eat it when i went for Banglore and near by place (Shravanbelgola) its test is almost same as Sitafal (sarifa) and people called it Ram Phal.

  9. We are ample of trees in our farm located in amravati (maharashtra .india)

  10. Hello Guyz,
    Plz help me locate the supplier or farm Owner near Nagpur(Maharashtra). I heard its good for the cancer patient and one of my very close relative suffering from the same. So i need to send the same fruit to Nagpur to him.
    Eagerly waiting for reply from all.

  11. Hello! The fruit which is good for cancer patients is called MAMPHAL. It is different from sitaphal or ramphal. If you want fresh fruits you can get fresh mamphal or SOURSOP fruits from Soans farm in Karnataka. You can call up Mr. Soans at 09449836361 . He will send the fruits to your relative upon payment.

    If you want to plant SOURSOP of mamphal trees then you can get the same from Jabalpur agricultural university nursery. Please contact Shri A.B. Tiwari at 09993173602. He is in charge of the medicinal and aromatic plant garden in Jabalpur university. You will have to go to Jabalpur yourself or send someone to collect the plants as they will not send them by truck to you. All the best.

  12. hi iam looking for SOURSOP fruit in surrounding to Bangalore please help me out please mail me to i would be very much thankfull

  13. Can anyone please tell from where I can get this fruit?

  14. its called soursop in english,great health benefits!!!!

  15. where we found in jharkhand or in india

  16. Tx for information, but i heard that leaves of ramphal is also used for treatment of cancer. ( my uncle having same )
    pl let me know that have u any information regarding this
    u can reply me on ( easy asseable to me )

  17. it found in mumbai pls sujjest anyone

  18. It is also known as sour sop and its pulp has been proved to be beneficial in fighting breast cancer

  19. This is available is India
    in Mahrasta Nashik & Ahmedabad Market Manekchok

  20. I got this fruit in GOA

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