The Real Danger of Over Emphasizing The Health Benefits of Whole Foods, Super Fruits, and Herbs

Hyped claims of health benefits for Whole Foods can have more dire effects than just making whole food advocates look like insane health nuts. Find out what the real danger is.


Each year it seems that we hear about some new whole food, super fruit, or herb that seems to be a cure all for a milieu of health problems. These products burst onto the health food scene with claims from faster weight loss to increased life span. Most of the whole foods, super fruits, or herbs are actually very beneficial inclusions to our diets. These whole foods are especially needed for those of us living in North America with its bland, starch and protein based, diet, where vegetables and fruits often are just there to garnish the plate.


Many times these whole or super foods have been a part of the cuisine of other cultures for centuries and can be bought much cheaper at ethnic markets than at health food stores. At health food stores you will get a hyped version of these foods and sometimes many exaggerated claims about their benefits. These exaggerated claims besides being a bit devious and manipulative sometimes have a more dire outcome for the foods in question. That outcome is that at times countries ban the sale of certain whole foods, super fruits, and herbs.

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Foods that have been used for centuries come under the scrutiny of pharmaceutical companies, the health administrations of countries, and consumer watch groups. People are paid to lobby politicians to ban foods that have been around and used for eons because they might conflict with a new wonder pill that a drug company is making or some group believes that teens have discovered a way to use it to get high. If these companies, governments, and concerned citizens were so concerned about the health of people they would be targeting such things as processed sugar, one of the most abused and dangerous substances in the world, instead of beneficial fruits and herbs.

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This article is directed purely to those involved in the whole food industry or sub-culture. If you are in the whole foods industry or culture you need keep your head about you when you are discussing or promoting the health benefits of whole foods. We need these things in our diets at fair prices and without them being hyped to ridiculous extremes. We need these things not to be hyped to the point that they become a target of lobbyists who want to get them banned. Above all do not call them nutritional supplements as that is one of the first steps to getting a whole food banned. Whole foods have been a easy out for far too long with politicians trying to look like they are actually working by banning one of them before they fly off to some luxury resort where they spend our money. Keep whole foods cheap and legal.


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  1. Very-well said. These scenario is part of what we call business compettion. In a way good for the economy but one concern that arises is. Have these companies really are concerned with the health of buying public?

  2. thank you for great share

  3. thanks for the advice, nowadays all these are getting more complicated, we don’t really know what’s good for us actually.

  4. people need to use more common sense when buying food, obviously over processed food is bad, and food grown in our own garden is good.

    what is legal and what isnt is about lobby interest groups. follow the money.

  5. Wow I didn’t know that, good post.

  6. Mark, I agree with you, Don’t put up any obstacles to keep people from using the good healthy foods we have always eaten.

  7. Yes, whole foods are very important to us, politicians shouldn’t try to raise their prices.
    Very interesting share; I learned something new today!

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