The Tasty Health Benefits of Feta Cheese

Looking for a way to flavor your salads and grilled vegetables that’s also healthy? Discover the health benefits of feta cheese.

Did you know there are over a thousand different types of cheese? Unfortunately, most of them have one thing in common – they’re high in fat and calories. On the plus side, cheese is filling and is a good source of bone building calcium. The key is to enjoy the taste of cheese without overdoing the calories and fat. One attractive alternative is feta cheese – a cheese that’s lower in calories and high on flavor. What are the health benefits of feta cheese?

It’s Less Likely to Blow Your Diet

When you choose feta cheese over standard cheddar cheese, you get the cheesy taste with a third less calories. Feta cheese is also a third lower in fat. If you buy one of the lower fat varieties of feta cheese, you can save even more in the calorie and fat department, although you may compromise slightly on taste and texture. The good news? With feta cheese, it only takes a small amount of cheese to get great cheese flavor.

It May Actually Promote Weight Loss

A recent study showed that eating five servings a day of dairy products such as cheese resulted in greater abdominal fat loss. Other studies show that eating diets rich in calcium may actually stimulate fat breakdown and decrease fat storage – a definite plus when it comes to keeping weight under control. One ounce of feta cheese has 138 mg. of this metabolism boosting calcium. Feta cheese also contains conjugated linoleic acid which studies show also contributes to abdominal fat loss.  

A Reduced Risk of Metabolic Syndrome?

One study involving 2,375 men showed that eating dairy products such as feta cheese lowered their risk of developing metabolic syndrome by fifteen percent. Metabolic syndrome is a condition that increases the risk of premature heart disease and diabetes. A little feta cheese sprinkled on a garden salad is a great way to get those servings of dairy; and with so much flavor you’ll need less dressing.

Other Benefits

The calcium in feta cheese helps to build stronger bones. Keep in mind that feta cheese is still relatively high in saturated fat and is also high in sodium, so don’t go overboard. Fortunately, with its powerful flavor, you won’t need much.

How to Use It?

Sprinkle it into salads, add a few olives, and you have an instant Greek salad. Throw it in to omelets or onto pasta. Put some on top of grilled vegetables or use it to add flavor to dips. You’ll never run out of ways to use this flavorful cheese.

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