The Unique Functions of Nuts

When we mention nuts, we can bethink of the abundant nutrients like vitamins, unsaturated fatty acid and trace elements contained in them.

The nutritional value of nuts is much higher than that of vegetables or meat. The moderate intake of nuts can help us supplement essential nutrients to support the normal physiological activities. The family members of nuts like peanut and walnut can improve the health of human body in different ways.

Peanut contains abundant carbohydrates, vitamins, lecithin and trace elements. People can frequently eat peanut to improve the memory and nourish internal organs. The unsaturated oily acid contained in peanut can help us decrease cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Walnut contains linoleic acid and vitamin E. According to the medical research, eating walnut can nourish lung and kidney for human body. At the same time, we can nourish blood vessels and protect our skin by eating walnut moderately. People who always engage in brain work or physical work should frequently eat walnut in their daily life so as to protect brain and enhance physical strength.

Chestnut contains high contents of carotene and vitamin C. Therefore, eating chestnut can effectively help us prevent cancer, decrease cholesterol and resist bacteria and viruses. In addition, the absorption of unsaturated fatty acid and vitamins contained in chestnut can help us deal with arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and heart disease. The glucose contained in chestnut can even eliminate fatigue and enhance physical strength for our bodies.

Horsebean contains abundant protein. Therefore, if we often eat horsebean, the edema and chronic nephritis caused by the deficiency of protein can be effectively alleviated. The phytolectin contained in horsebean can effectively eliminate tumefaction, resist cancer and treat gastric cancer and esophagus cancer for us. The other beneficial nutrients like coarse fibers can help our bodies prevent obesity and adjust blood pressure.

Sunflower seed is also beneficial to human body. It contains abundant mineral substances and vitamins. The high contents of vitamin E, vitamin F and zinc can help women eliminate speckles and improve the elasticity of skin. In our daily life, we can often eat sunflower seeds to prevent acute hyperlipemia and chronic hypercholesterolemia, decrease blood sugar and cure arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

In short, the nutritional value of nuts is always high. Nuts always play a unique role in nourishing human body. We must make full use of nuts in our daily life to supplement essential nutrients and improve our body health.

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