The Wonderful Health Benefits of Applesauce

Applesauce is a surprisingly healthy snack or side dish. Discover what you may not know about this tasty comfort food.

Whether you eat it as a side dish or straight out of the jar, applesauce is a tasty and satisfying snack. It can be purchased at most grocery stores or made fresh at home. Who can resist the smell of freshly picked apples simmering on the stove? Apple sauce is not only comfort food, but it’s also surprisingly healthy and nutritious. What are some of the health benefits of applesauce?

Protection Against Breast Cancer?

A recent study showed that giving rats apple extracts reduced the growth rate of breast tumors, and the more apple extract given greater the breast cancer benefits appeared to be. Researchers concluded that the flavonoids found in apples may be capable of slowing down or stopping the proliferation of breast cancer cells. They also appear to alter an inflammatory pathway which can further fuel breast cancer growth. According to researchers, there may be some truth to the statement that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, or at least the cancer doctor.

Protection Against Metabolic Syndrome and Heart Disease?

A large study showed that eating apples or apple sauce could decrease the risk of developing metabolic syndrome by twenty-seven percent. Apple and apple sauce eaters also appear to have a lower risk of developing hypertension and abdominal obesity, all risk factors for heart disease. Apples are also a good source of soluble fiber which further lowers heart disease risk by decreasing levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol

Better Lung Function?

A large study showed that eating a single serving of apple or applesauce each day may lower the risk of lung cancer. The ingredient thought to be important for preventing lung cancer is quercetin, an antioxidant bioflavonoid. Eating apples has also been associated with better lung function and a reduced risk of asthma.

Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes?

A Brazilian study showed that women who ate apples and pears on a daily basis experienced greater weight loss than those who ate oat cookies as a supplement. They also had lower blood sugar levels. It’s not surprising that apples and applesauce would promote weight loss. Apples are a good source of pectin, a natural fiber that suppresses appetite. Other studies have shown that apples may reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.  

Apples are also a good source of vitamin C and natural fiber. When choosing applesauce, look for one that’s organic with no added sugar to maximize health benefits. If you make your own at home, use the apples unpeeled so you can benefit from the additional flavonoids found in apple peels. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for this detailed information. I didn’t know some of this. Well presented.

  2. I will be eating a lot more applesauce. Nice informative article. Well done.

  3. Eating apples and apple sauce definitely has it benefits, just by adding one apple a day, can make a difference in your health.
    Guess there is something to be said about
    An Apple a day keeps the Doctor Away
    Great Article

  4. Thank you for sharing. As always, interesting.

  5. Yes, applesauce is one thing I eat every morning along with my other breakfast items. They say it helps with LDL, and this will work for me. Thanks for the info.

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