The World of Processed Foods

What are processed foods? How much of our diet consists of processed foods?

Frozen foods at the Real Canadian Superstore in Winkler, Manitoba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may sound logical that anything prepared,cooked,or put through a process of some sort would be processed food. But for years, when I thought of processed food. I thought of hot dogs and frozen foods. I didn’t think of cereal, crackers, bread, or cheese. I assumed everything at the grocery was safe for me  and my family,but not necessarily good to consume all the time. I soon learned when I was pregnant what processed foods were. 

What are Processed Foods?

According to Wikipedia, processed food is also known as “Convenience food, or tertiary processed food,” that ” is commercially prepared food designed for ease of consumption.”

So if you think of food that is commercially prepared, then you will probably come to the conclusion that is the majority of our foods. You are left with fresh vegetables, fruit, and fish laid out on ice that are not processed. Processed food include food “sold as hot,ready-to-eat dishes; as room-temperature, shelf-stable products; or as refrigerated or frozen products that require minimal preparation (typically just heating).”

That covers all your microwave dishes, single serve packaging like candy, soft drinks, processed meats, cheese, pastas, and canned products that are put into preserved states. At, you can find a list of processed foods broken down into three categories: Processed meats that are treated with additives like hot dogs and lunch meat have a “42% increase ” of heart disease, Packaged baked goods, and Frozen dinners.

I am guilty of buying the packaged brownie mix for only a couple of dollars I have a yummy treat. Now, I try to bake my own goodies that don’t require high fructose corn syrup which is not good for you. Frozen foods have MSG to enhance flavor. According to,”MSG has been linked to health conditions like Alzheimer’s and autism and can also cause headaches, nausea and mood swings.”

Why listen to, this is a partner to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Livestrong website supports healthy living with cited sources that you can look up. As the list below will confirm, processed foods are not part of a healthy diet. Too much of these foods cause health issues from heart disease to obesity. Dr. Boyd Williams of Optimal Health University is listed as the source of why we should avoid packaged baked goods just click the link below. 

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Where did the idea for Processed Food come from? 

After World War II, many commercial food companies that were producing foods for the battle field were suddenly left with large inventories of easy to prepare and long lasting foods. Foods like canned peaches emerged and fish sticks emerged. 

Other Sources to Check

So it might be time to look in your pantry and check what processed foods you have. Some are fine for emergencies, which I have and just keep checking the dates. Most of my food, I try to use fresh ingredients less sugar and salt substitute, NuSalt, which is potassium. I have cut down almost 50% of my diet by not adding salt. I use more spices, garlic, and onion in my foods. Well, good luck and here’s to your health. May you find this information helpful and may you enjoy a healthy life.

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  1. Interesting article…keep up the good work!

  2. I like the fact that you’ve mentioned your own experiences, but perhaps it would be more interesting if you mentioned the facts and through yourself rather than comparing to other websites.

    I would have loved to see for example, how you have tried proccessed and natural foods and seen the price/taste and quality difference in them.

  3. Thank you for the article. Processed foods are filled with mysterious chemicals, and they, as a rule, are not good for us. Cooking from scratch is almost always better, if we can keep a balance in our diets. I spend time peeling, steaming, boiling, frying, chopping, mixing, etc. and love fresh food. Nice to see someone else who is on to how processed foods impact our health more and more.

  4. I stay away from any and all processed food items…YUCK….

  5. This is like wake up call for me, and thank for choosing this topic- very educative article

  6. The main problem is that are these foods really healthy? A long debate has been going on for a long time.

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  8. good and useful information, thanks for sharing

  9. I used to think it as fanky to have a treat of processed foods, now I know it is a potent poison that is better off our dinning table!

  10. Thanks. I also spend time with my raw foods, green smoothies, steaming, stir fry,but easy on any frying. I try to bake. I am learning to bake squash. I can make a pumpkin pie from scratch now. Crust and all.

  11. Thanks. I also spend time with my raw foods, green smoothies, steaming, stir fry,but easy on any frying. I try to bake. I am learning to bake squash. I can make a pumpkin pie from scratch now. Crust and all.

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