Three Steps to Achieve Healthy Bones: Part Two

Part Two is a continuation of the sequel about osteoporosis prevention. Part One focused on the main sources for prevention, i.e. physical activity, Calcium and Vitamin D.

Part Two will pay special attention to Vitamin D and where we can find it to supply our organism with the necessary quantities.


There is a reason why Vitamin D is also called “sunny”. Only 10 minutes daily exposure to sun light is enough for the necessary Vitamin D quantities to form in the organism. The necessary quantity is about 3000 IU.


Fish and cod are the foods containing largest quantities of Vitamin D.


When exposure to the sun can’t satisfy our need for vitamin D, an additional intake of 800 to 1000 IU is recommendable to complement the insufficiency. In Europe the average insufficiency is much higher than normal and the major risk groups are the adolescents and elderly people. High dosages of vitamin D are recommendable, because they would reduce the frequency of fallings and fractures, secure cardio-vascular diseases prevention and also reduce the symptoms of colds and flu. Besides it is clinically proven that high dosages of Vitamin D have beneficial effects on sugar diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn’s disease, also reduce pain and have beneficial effect on depressive states. The recommended daily dosage for prevention of osteoporosis is 50 mg.

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