Tips for a Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Everyday Life

Everyone wants to live a healthy life.In most of the cases this healthy life can be maintained by eating health foods.Some physical activities are also essential to live a healthy life.People can enjoy a healthy life by following some simple tips.

You should start your day with breakfast:
If you take breakfast in the morning it will fill your “empty stomach” to start you with a active spirit in the starting of a day after a long night without taking any food. It can help you do better in your work place like school or in an office. Breakfast which are easy to prepare includes bread and butter with fruit and low-fat milk, whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, yogurt with fruit, whole-grain waffles or just fruit salad!

·  Try to move a bit!
This is very important to include some physical activity in your daily routine. Walk, ride on a bike or jog to go to your work place or to see friends. You should take a 10 minutes break in each hour in between your work so that you can have some fresh air and some free time. Climb stairs instead of lifts and elevators. Try to do this type of physical activities at least 30 minutes a day.

·  Try some snacks when you are hungry
Snacks are always a great way to refuel your stomach. You should choose snacks from different food groups .Like you can eat a chips or a low-fat milk, you can take a chocolate or can have a peanut butter.

·  Work out that sweats you!
Work outs that sweats you pumps your heart better.So,you feel better and get some freshness. Do this type of work outs that sweats you and gives you some more energy and refreshment. Work out also loosens some weight of yours which is very helpful to stay young.So,take some light exercise and have aerobics in a day at least for sometime.

·  Try to take a balanced diet; Do not take too much of anything.

People in most of the cases do not eat high calorie foods like hamburgers, French fry or ice cream. But you do not need to give up all these things. So, what smart people do it balance their diet and make try to take each category of food everyday. Cause your body needs every kind of nutrition. Your body needs nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat and many different vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and A, iron and calcium from a variety of foods.

·  Have some plan with family and friends
Being active with you friends and family provides you a lot of charge to stay cool in everyday life.So,plan some biking or a football match or basketball match with family or your friends in weekends which you provide your joy and you always know that playing is a good exercise.

·  Eat more fiber and vegetables

Vegetables are that kind of food which will not torture your stomach. Vegetables get digested early and it will provide you also a lot of fiber in your food which will make your stomach clear. This also gives you natural minerals.

·  Join in physical activities at your work place

It doesn’t really matter whether a regular sportsman or not. Please do not think about it. But try to participate in the sports what your office or your school organizes. Cause this will provide you a good health, a fresh mind and a fresh look. You will always get some fun if you involve yourself in some kind of sports.

·  Every food is good food

Do not categorize foods in good and bad ones. Cause every food is good for your and your body. Body needs each and every element that a food contains. Do not think that a high calorie pizza is not a good food. If you are eating a high calorie pizza at lunch then take a light dinner to initialize the lunch. Cause balancing the diet is the smartest way rather avoiding any food. Take limited food, stay cool and live a healthy life.


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  1. I always have breakfast, I feel lost without it.

  2. This is a good habit.No doubt!

  3. Great tips, thanks

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