To Have a Child with High Intelligence or Iq

To have a child with high intelligence or IQ.

Each food has its advantages, in each case. But there are certain foods that affect the performance of the brain, among others, support the process of thought, intention to act as menganalisis.Otak obtain the optimal dietary intake of vitamin B12, which is for nerve cells. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes irritability, depression and lower cognitive ability. The addition of folic acid required for normal cell division, blood formation and the cells involved in the regulation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, iodine is very important also in the realization of the thyroid. Deficiency of this hormone causes lethargy and weight gain depression. In addition, vitamin D also increases the risk of brain function and prevent depression, dementia, Parkinson disease, and PMS.

Eggs are one of the advantages of a rich source of nutrients to the brain. They lay eggs in your diet is very important, the butter to the brain. Processed foods of animal milk contains large amounts of nutrients not found in vegetable oils, including vitamin A, which stimulates the production is influenced by neurotransmitters such as dopamine, mood and memory was found. Butter also contains vitamins D and B12, butter made from grass-fed cow’s milk is made without chemicals, it also has twice the omega-3 to reduce inflammation and promote growth of new connections in the brain.

Plain Butter also works on the linoleic acid in the body that increases blood flow to the brain, prolonging the life of the cell and in combating the negative effects of stress hormone cortisol red, Meat is also a source of vitamin B12 works to produce. Zinc nutrition can improve school performance. Consumption of red meat increases the production of linoleic acid in the body’s biological 300-500 percent, compared with conventional beef, is the main source of omega-3 fatty fish. Fatty fish is tuna fish twice. And live fish down the food chain, so it does not accumulate mercury that is harmful to the human brain, pregnant women are advised to eat fish during pregnancy to have a child with high intelligence or IQ.

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  1. Thanks for helping me choose what foods to eat.

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