Top Five Healthy Substitutes to Cow’s Milk

If you want your milk to be melamine-free, try searching for milk alternatives. Listed here are other types of milk that you might consider as a substitute to cow’s milk.

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The milk scandal in mainland China which affected more than 53,000 children and killed at least 13 infants shocked the world and led to the total ban of China-made milk products in all countries around the globe. Milk products from China which contains large traces of melamine also affected the sales of chocolates, yogurts, and other dairy-based food and drink products. Under this circumstance, milk lovers are now searching for milk alternatives that are safe and contain the same nutritional contents with that of cow’s milk. Listed below are other types of milk that you might consider as a substitute to cow’s milk.

  1. Soy Milk

    Is made from soy beans. It has the same amount of protein as cow’s milk but it has little saturated fat and no cholesterol. Soy milk is safe for people with milk allergy or lactose intolerance. It is also a good source of vitamin E and lecithin.

  2. Rice Milk

    Milk from rice is a great alternative especially for vegetarians. Since rice milk does not contain lactose, it is suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals. Rice milk is a good source of carbohydrate but its protein and calcium components are not as competitive as compared to cow’s milk and soy milk.

  3. Almond Milk

    Among the milk alternatives, almond milk is the most flavorful. It can be prepared at home by simply grounding the almonds with water in a blender. Unsweetened almond milk has fewer calories as compared to cow’s milk and soy milk. On the other hand, almond milk as compared to rice milk has more protein content.

  4. Coconut Milk

    This milk is popular in tropical and Asian countries but not as a beverage but as an ingredient for cooking. However, there is a growing population in Asia that is now considering coconut milk as a beverage. Coconut milk is high in saturated fat, but since this is a plant-based milk, its fat content is easily burned by our body. Coconut milk is believed to have anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities.

  5. Human Milk or Breast Milk

    This kind of milk is only applicable for babies since human milk production is only stimulated during and after pregnancy. Human milk contains valuable anti-bodies from the mother that may help the baby fight infections. Mothers should avoid giving cow’s milk to infants less than 1 year old. Introducing cow’s milk at an early age may result to development of milk allergy (lactose intolerance).

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  1. I’m a soy milk drinker myself.

  2. great article..thank you for sharing

  3. this is a very useful article. thanks for sharing this.

  4. Good post, thanks!

  5. All great alternatives to cow milk!

  6. A good read, Joshua! Thanks for the info!

  7. Great informative article.

  8. Very well-researched and informative. Nice write-up too.

  9. To-the-point article, very well written! I bet a lot of people will find this useful..

  10. There is talk of melamine in Soy milk as additives. Also, are the calcium and vitamin suppliments in Soy milk from China?

    Some Chinese Soy milk has been pulled due to this.

  11. Rice milk? I’ve never heard of it before. This is very informative.Thanks!

  12. Really cool article.

  13. Very informative and well put…

  14. Yeh but they just dont taste like real milk!


  15. Informative post. I drink mostly soy milk, because I’m lactose intolerant.

  16. Very good article!

  17. true they dont taste like cows milk. coconut milk tastes much better and regardless of the natural saturated fat that is in their much healthier.

  18. Why cant we drink women breast milk lets make some transgenic animals to produce breast milk I believe is healthier for humans as it is meant to feed us at an early age right?

  19. I like both soy and coconut milk. Sometimes I mix them half and half in my bowl of multi grain cheerios

  20. I’m going to try the rice milk. I’ve been doing research on cow’s milk, and it seems that it is the underlying cause of many health issues in humans.

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