Vegetarianism: Elixir of Life 3

Enter to know how the world is getting into the grip of violence, hatred and negativity.

An elixir for life

It is believed that the vegetarian diet is an elixir for life. It prevents the development of negative thinking in the mind. While, many people believe that the world is getting a better place, some believe that with every passing second the violence in the world is increasing.

A correlation

It is believed that there is correlation between diet and violence tendency, which seems evident with increasing number of violent events and increasing number of people consuming non-vegetarian diet. On the basis of scientific evolution theories, we are shifting from the barbaric ages to the ages of development and peace but many people think the opposite.
Similarly, some people talk about the patience level among the people, which believed to be decreasing with time. Tensions are believed to be rising while the happiness is believed to be decreasing. The total average laughter time of an individual has reduced from 18 minutes per day to around 6 minutes per day over a period of around 60 years.


Why is it that though we are moving away from the barbaric times, but still many times people feel that olden days were more peaceful and joyful as compared today’s times.


The possible reason given is that to eat an animal, the animal has to be killed, which needs an act of violence. The consistent exposure to violence makes person resistant to it. This makes violence more acceptable to them. This is the reason behind gripping of the world in the hands of the hell.

What is violence?

Violence is not merely killing. Hurting anyone in any form can be attributed to the act of violence. 

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