Veggies Rule, Meat Eaters Drool

This is a sweet little exposé why being a vegetarian is the way to be.

You, the reader, are probably a person who likes a big juicy steak for dinner. Personally, it is my own opinion that while your eating that heart clogging, high cholesterol meal I would rather eat an all around healthy, steaming bowl of hearty minestrone soup. Now I know that eating meat is the norm, especially around here, but it has been scientifically proven that a proper vegetarian diet can and will lead to a longer and far healthier life. Before you stop reading in disgust bear with me while I try to prove my case.

Meat, a product which is attained by killing harmless creatures in often, but not always, cruel ways. Veil, otherwise known as baby cow, is often from a calf that was cooped up in a dank, foul smelling slum for the entirety of its short unfortunate life. I could not eat something knowing that it had suffered like that. Although that is only one situation there are many cases in all the other meat groups with similar treatment.

On a far less sinister note, a proper vegetarian diet plan is very healthy and beneficial. By eating no meat you cut out a heck of a lot of calories from fat. This could also be said about protein however there are plenty of beans, legumes, and other protein sources readily on hand. Soy products, although not the tastiest of foods in some forms, are an excellent source of protein without being accompanied by the usual fats. A person will also have higher levels of energy by eating more vegetables and less or no meat.

Aside from that it is statistically proven that it is more resource conservative if an entire population would eat just vegetables. For instance it takes more nutrients from the soil and water to grow plants for meat animals to eat than it takes to just grow vegetables for humans to eat.

I have provided reasons for why being vegetarian is such a good lifestyle. Hopefully I have shed some light on your thoughts about eating meat.

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  1. Wrong on all counts.

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