Vitamin B12 Shots

These special vitamin shots are used to loose weight, get healthy skin, and more.

These special vitamin shots, which inject vitamin B12 into your bloodstream, are used for a variety of things. They make it easier to lose weight, make your skin shine, reduce stress and give you more energy, but yet they can do so much more.

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Many doctors recommend them for their benefits, and they cost roughly 25 dollars each. While not exactly cheap, they’re legal, and they are proven to do everything that they claim to do. This vitamin supplement is sometimes called a placebo, while others swear by it. Dosage varies, as some people get it twice a week and others only once a month. There don’t seem to be any side effects, but some people have an aversion to needles, so it might not be for you. The standard injection is around 1000 mcg, and the exact effects vary for each person. It has been shown to help autism, digestive problems and thyroid problems. You can order the shots online, and administer them yourself, usually in the thigh or rear, but this is not recommended as many things can go wrong with giving yourself a shot.

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