Whatever You Eat is Revealed From Your Health

Nutraceutical diets are not only foods but also medicines

The term of Nutraceutical was first introduced by Dr. Stephen D. Felis in 1989. In Nutraceutical diets there are all those chemical ingredients included that are very much beneficial for our health. These chemical ingredients are not only of dietary importance but also prevents from many diseases.

Quercetin Nowadays doctors, scientists and food experts are emphasizing more on the old treatment methods from herbs and shrubs. The natural ingredients present in the Nutraceutical foods not only fulfil the food requirements of a human body but also prevent from various diseases by increasing the resistance power.

Calcium is one of the example of nutraceutical, which makes the bones strong and is a satisfactorily treatment of osteoporosis (crackling of bones). Iron fulfils the deficiency of blood in the body. Similarly food fiber not only protects from the absorption of fats in the body but also reduces the levels of cholesterol. Besides, it also prevents from the cancer of intestines.

Phytochemicals are also Neutraceutical. The word Phytochemedical is a combination of two words. Phyto, that means plants and chemical. The chemical ingredients that are found in plants are called Phytochemical. The researchers have succeeded to discover 1000 phytochemicals till yet. Different type of phytochemicals such as red, green, yellow, blue colored phytochemicals are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. These chemical ingredients increases resistance power and prevents from diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart etc.

Nowadays chicken foods, bread of without chaff flour, fast foods and cold drinks are very common. People take these foods with great fondness without understanding their bad effects, whereas these foods and drinks not only increase cholesterol but also a reason of heart and other diseases. Sieved or fine flour bread that means bread without chaff affects badly on the digestive system. Due to these reasons, diabetes, heart problems and cancer etc. are becoming very common.

On the other hand, the presence of phytochemicals in vegetables and fruits not only plays an important role in the prevention of these diseases but also take part in the growth of the body. Let’s have a look at some of the chemical ingredients of plants and their benefits.


This chemical ingredient is found in almost all the vegetables and fruits. Flavanoid is an important chemical mixture that keeps the human body safe from toxic matters, tumors and viruses. There are many kinds of flavanoids, which keep great importance. Some of the flavanoids increases the quantity of good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood and some prevents from allergy. Quercetin is a kind of flavanoid that prevents from the cancer of head and neck, besides it also safeguard from fatal disease like AIDS. Resvertol prevents the creation of blood clots in a body and along side a way of stopping heart and paralyses ailments. Besides, some flavanoids also put positive effects on the brain performance.

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