Why Kiwi Fruit is So Good

Kiwi fruit is a special and unique fruit as it contains complete nutrients, which can stimulate the movement in the intestine and enhance the quality of sleep.

Among the fruits, Kiwi fruit is very unique as it contains complete elements required by human’s body. As Kiwi fruit is rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and fiber, it is regarded as a very special fruit.

As Kiwi fruit contains highest density of vitamin C, it does help to reduce asthma, wheezing and coughing. It has always regarded as the excellent way to keep the cold bug at bay. This has been proved in a research conducted in Italy which shows a decline in children aged 6 to 7 years in wheezing after consuming several Kiwis in a week. In a nutshell, Kiwi fruit that is rich in vitamin C is good for protecting against respiratory symptoms, particularly in children and elderly, and it has been shown to help relieve asthma, and shortness of breath.

A research from Taiwan Medical University shows that Kiwi fruits can stimulate intestine’s movement, and improve constipation as well. The researchers discovered that 45 % of the patients suffering from constipation showed improvement of the intestine’s condition after consuming Kiwi fruit for four weeks. Moreover, the daily intake of Kiwi fruit will generally lead to a softer and bulkier faces, and more frequent feces production. This natural remedy is undeniably palatable to most individuals either for elderly individuals or those who are otherwise healthy in terms of the improved bowel movement.

The researchers also discovered that Kiwi fruit contains a very high proportion of fiber. In 100 gram of bananas, the fiber is 1.6 gram but in Kiwi fruit, its fiber is 3.4 gram. With a high content of fiber, Kiwi fruit can increase good bacteria in the intestines, and later strengthening the absorption’s ability of intestine.

Specifically, Kiwi fruit is a superb fruit as it contains abundant amount of fiber which helps to reduce cholesterol level, which in turns lowering the occurrence risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and any heart-related ailments. Besides lowering the cholesterol level, Kiwi fruit is a “good sweeper” that assists to sweep off the unwanted substances and toxins out of your body.

A study conducted by Bristol University and the Burnham Institute in California reveal that a high content of fiber found in Kiwi fruit helps to prevent colon cancer. According to the researchers, the fiber produces sodium butyrate, a type of acid, which has observed to block the activity of a cancer-causing gene. Indeed, Kiwi fruit is a mild natural laxative which provides sufficient amount of fiber to help you to keep away from a colon cancer.

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  1. Wow, just when I started to eat kiwi fruit again (since 2-3 years), you post this information in the exact time when I required it!

    And by the way, after about a week since I resumed eating kiwi fruit, I can honestly say my number 2’s are incredibly easier to manage and don’t give me any pain afterwards. I would strongly recommend eating kiwi fruit to anyone, other than those with allergic reactions. It really does make a difference to your belly engine.

    Go for it!

  2. Hi, James,

    Thank you for your info. It’s my pleasure to deliver health info to the others. It’s my wish that everyone in the world can live healthily and cheerfuly. That’s why I don’t mind devote more time in writing useful articles to you all.

  3. I am eating 3 kiwi fruits in my office during coffee break and I am actually smiling reading your article.

  4. I am 11 weeks pregnant and wanted to read up on the nutrients Kiwis have in them. I loved the article, until I got to last paragraph :
    Knowing that kiwi fruit is so good for our health, we should consume kiwi fruit. However, pregnant mothers and those with allergic reactions are not encouraged to eat kiwi fruit.

    Then there is no explanation why it is not encouraged. I looked around on the internet and cant find anything that would stop me from eating kiwi. Anyone have an answer?

  5. I always have constipation >.< But if eating a kiwi 3 times a day and it helps. Then I will have to try this method instead taking laxatives.~ xiexie

  6. Is there any specific reason for stop eating Kiwi from pregnant women?

  7. Great article on kiwi..

  8. thx!!!! now I could go to sleep…

  9. Hi, wow I was really surprised when you described that kiwis help with constipation! I’m not constipated but yesterday I ate 3 kiwis I believe and ate 2 the next morning and today when I went to the bathroom… well let’s just say I think everything came out! Extraordinary!

  10. Good and informative article indeed.

  11. YES WHY CANT PREGNANT WOMEN EAT Kiwis?? This is worrying, why dont they explain this. I have been eating them and thought it was fine…. I am 26 weeks….

  12. To wreno,

    Pregnant women are recommended not to eat kiwi fruits to avoid fruit allergy which might cause redness, skin rashes and irritation.

    Take care and regards,

  13. I just started eating Kiwi fruit.. Its good to know that it has alot of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. I can\’t say that I\’m constipated but its good to know that I\’ll never be now that I\’m eating the Kiwi.

  14. very informative article about kiwi.

  15. Very nice article….
    Can we eat kiwi fruit after giving birth as kiwi is rich in iron and my iron level is very low.


  16. im 7 month pregnant shall i eat kiwi fruit tel me the answer please

  17. To jo,

    You’re not encouraged to eat kiwi fruit straightaway after giving birth. The appropriate way is 6 months after giving birth.

    To lubs,

    No, you’re prohibited to eat kiwi fruit during your pregnancy to avoid any alergic reactions that you might have experienced.

    Take care and regards,

  18. I eat, like, seven kiwis a day… maybe that’s a little too much… (T_T)

  19. Thanks for the great information that you have provided, Chan.

    I have a rather busy lifestyle and usually i ignored my bowel movements and after awhile i begin to constipate. The only way i got to some how solve it is to take laxative pills. At first one pill does it all but as it prolong for like months the dosage increases and the laxative pills begin to lose effect as well (@_@”) I was quite worried about my health and so as my husband who encourage me to start getting something natural instead of laxatives.

    So yesterday i started my research i found this great article about kiwi fruit and tried it immediately yesterday night and hey, it work this morning n.n

    I never feel so great before and i want to improve my healthy lifestyle all thanks to Chan >_n

  20. To Happy Gal,

    I’m glad to hear that. Kiwi fruit, in general is good for bowel movement.

    To all readers,

    I’ll update my health articles from time to time, make sure that you keep abreast with my updated and latest info.


  21. Great article Chan…

  22. Very informative! Why is it prohibited to eat just after giving birth?

  23. I’ve often wanted to know the benefits of kiwi and never got around to investigating. You have thoroughly investigated and presented it well. Thank you!

  24. Really natural aspirin>? wow–I never know that kiwi has a lots of benefits–!

    Great one, keep ‘em comin!

  25. Chan, could it be that kiwi are not recommended directly after giving birth because of the blood thinning agents?

    Thanks for your hard work on this article. You have done a superb job.

    Take care & G♥d bless.

  26. thanks for the great article. I just wanted to correct the spelling of the disease you wrote in the section about vision loss. It is macular degeneration, not muscular. The link you have provided also has the correct spelling.

  27. To eye doc,

    Thanks for your acknowledgement and please pardon my typing error. I’ll submit a fix soon.

    Take care and regards,

  28. Hi Chan, great information on kiwis. I have recently started eatin 3 to 4 kiwi fruits a day alongside a fairly average diet. I wanted to improve my immunity as I kept getting dreadful colds. The kiwi fruits have helped with this and to my amazement I am losing weight, have stable moods after years of depression and have more energy than speedy gonzalez when I get going. I will continue eating and recommending these amazing fruits.

  29. How many grams of fiber in one kiwi? Anyone know?

  30. is it 3.4 grams per kiwi?

  31. I am happy that so many people shared here their constipation problems. I am so happy I can help!

  32. I am wondering about eating kiwis when pregnant…is it that it can CAUSE allergoes to fruits, or is it only for women who already have some allergies? OR does it increase chances of baby having allergies?
    If kiwis are so healthy, you would think it would be good for pregnant women? Confused!

  33. To MamaB,

    Yes, pregnant moms are encouraged not to eat Kiwi fruit to avoid any allergies which might have to bear either by the pregnant mom or the baby. As explained in this text, kiwi fruit is healthy to eat, but certain individuals, particularly with allergy problems are strictly not allowed to eat Kiwi fruit.

    As for your info, any vegetables or foods are almost healthy to be consumed by a healthy individual but not for a case that the individual is engaging with diseases, or have any health problems. For example, people with thyroid problem cannot eat cabbage, eggplant and etc.


  34. For those of you asking why it is not ok for a pregnant woman to eat kiwis. What he is trying to say is that although you may not be allergic to kiwis, you really don’t know what the baby inside you may or may not be allergic to.

  35. My 8 month granddaughter has a hemeroid. Could she eat kiwis for her constipation?

  36. My reply for #35

    I’ve been told by Chan that it’s ok for those with hemeroid to eat kiwi fruit. But Chan stated that unless you’ve allergy problem or problem stated in this article and comment section, otherwise it’s ok to take kiwi fruit. Chan said, “Eat your kiwi fruit in moderation and appropriately”.

  37. Hi I am 18 weeks pregnant, I have eaten at least 3 kiwis, I am not allergic to anything, and my midwife said it was ok, now reading this I am worried, I am going to stop eating it, is that the right thing to do?

  38. To nora,

    No matter how, you’re encouraged not to eat kiwi during pregnant.


  39. Real benefits of Kiwi, I bought big basket of fruits from Ranch Market. and Hope my TC will go down by 15%.

  40. To shima,

    Yes, kiwi fruit can help reduce your TC slightly. Make sure that you eat kiwi fruit in appropriate amount or in moderation. Over-consumption of kiwi fruit in a day is not encouraged as it doesn’t benefit your health at all.

    I hope this helps. Take care.


  41. How is kiwi for sexual power ?

  42. To Naseer,

    Sorry, you asked an irrelevant question here.

  43. You said to eat your kiwi in moderation in a comment above, how much would you consider too much kiwi in a day? I just started eating them and i love them and i had like 8 today…

  44. To kiwiman,

    I’m sorry for the late reply. It’s recommended that you take one or three kiwis in a day but not more than that. Any excess intake does your health no good.

  45. If my child has a milk allergy, should she not eat any kiwi? Also, my husband has allergies to cats, can he eat kiwi?


  46. To Rocio,

    In your child and husband case, if after eating kiwis they experience vomiting, headache, stomachache, faint, hangover or other medical consequences, I’d advise them to stop eating. Normally, food allergic person is not encouraged to eat kiwis to avoid any unexpected incidence. Please make clear that food allergy is different from any other form of allergy. If you’re still unsure, please consult your doctor or family doctor before eating kiwis.

    I hope this helps.


  47. This is one of my favorite fruits apart from green guava.
    Kiwi fruit is definitely a blood thinner – I can feel it. It keeps me alert and clear-headed. I am eating 2 kiwis a day now but I think I should eat 3 instead. Best wishes to all Kiwi lovers!

  48. I’m sitting here eating a kiwi and smiling also. I recently quit smoking and i’m working out and trying to eat better and i loved kiwi’s as a kid, so i got some today and I was just courious about just how good they are for you? and this has been very incitful and i;m definetely going to be eating more. My daughter will to, she’d had some ear infections quite often lately. thanks for all the info. best wishes liz

  49. Great article!!! love it!

  50. Eating fruits is always beneficial for the body as it helps in elimination of toxins easily.

    Also fruits have in them multiple benefits like
    • Consumption of fruits boosts the body and prevents degeneration of skin and organs.
    • Fruits are easy to digest, and are a proved method of maintaining good health.
    • Fruits contain a number of nutrients making them excellent dietary supplements.

    A very informative issue thank you .

  51. hey, i am 5 weeks pregnant and really wanna eat Kiwi but am really worried after reading your article…surprisingly i do not see any such alarming effects of Kiwi in pregnancy elsewhere in the web except this article… am confused !!

  52. Hi Shilpa,

    Pregnant moms are encouraged not to eat kiwi fruits during pregnancy to avoid any unexpected allergic problem.

  53. thanks Chan, for your prompt response.

  54. Hi Chan,

    I’m trying to shed a few pounds. How’s the sugar levels on Kiwis? Or should I not even worry about that. Looking to shed 5 pounds.

    Thanks, Anny

  55. Hi Chan,

    I\’m trying to shed a few pounds. How\’s the sugar levels on Kiwis? Or should I not even worry about that. Looking to shed 5 pounds.

    Thanks, Anny

  56. Hi Chan,

    Im trying to shed a few pounds. Hows the sugar levels on Kiwis? Or should I not even worry about that. Looking to shed 5 pounds.

    Thanks, Anny

  57. Hi Chan, Im trying to shed a few pounds. Hows the sugar levels on Kiwis? Or should I not even worry about that. Looking to shed 5 pounds. Thanks, Anny

  58. Hi Anny,

    May I know what’s diet inside your diet program to shed off 5 pounds?

  59. Thanks for the GOLDEN HINTS pondered and all these informations are damn right. My bulkier face became a slim fantastic Egyptian look back again where i see my self as a teenager now. I eat at least 3 KIWIS a day wow what a change.

    Thanks once again and GOD bless you for providing good information!

    SARA Sene
    Amnesty International Award Winner for published Political Cartoons in 1996, 1997 & 1998

  60. ugghhhh studinqqq kiwi is hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. No, its 100 g

  62. hi chan,

    just wondering what are some of the foods to stay away from eating due to my thyroids disease, It’s hypo and Im on medication.

  63. i love kiwis, they are soo good for you xxx

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