Why Must Vitamin C

Why must vitamin C.

Many of us are actually located near the boundary line of vitamin B12 deficiency. Examples of diseases due to vitamin deficiency is anemia which can be detected through simple blood tests. Before anemia occurs, vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause depression, confusion and other symptoms of mental illness.

signs you are on the borderline vitamin deficiency:
– Rarely eat fresh fruits and vegetables, although both of these natural foods are the best sources of vitamins and minerals.
– In a long time under great stress or fatigue due to frequent gentle work. Under stress, your body has a vitamin deficiency. This is exacerbated by unhealthy eating patterns. Vitamin deficiency becomes more severe.
– Pain just bronchitis or surgery. At times like this we tend to lose appetite. In these circumstances we need extra vitamins and minerals for a healthy back.
– Suffering from chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause more severe illness. People with asthma tend to be deficient in magnesium, whereas people with diabetes tend to be deficient in vitamin C.
Chronic diseases change how the body absorbs and uses vitamins and minerals. So the need for additional supplements.
– Pregnant and lactating women. In the state of pregnancy and breastfeeding, mothers need extra vitamins and minerals to be divided into a baby.
– Suffering from depression. When depressed, we tend to not eat well. This can exacerbate depression due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause depression.
– Smoking. Because of this unhealthy habit of robbing all our vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Vitamin deficiency would cause a problem if it occurs in the long run. If this vitamin deficiency lasts long enough, there will be a deficiency disease. Simple example the case of vitamin C deficiency disease is bleeding gums.

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