Wise to Consume Cooking Oil

For those who start a diet, there are a lot of information that say we should eat boiled food only and should not eat fried foods at all. Should it be like that?

Reduction of cooking oil will reduce the calories into our bodies because 1 gram of fat = 9 calories. High enough and can make us fat. But that does not mean we should not consume cooking oil at all.

Our body actually needs fat in moderation which can be obtained from cooking oil, but there are many kinds of cooking oil. Which is healthier for our bodies?

Fats are categorized into two main sections.

The first is bad fat. Saturated Fat and Trans Fat are bad fats.

Saturated Fat increases total blood cholesterol and especially increase LDL. Trans Fat increases LDL and lower HDL.

The second is good fat. Monounsaturated Fat and Polyunsaturated Fat are good fats.
Monounsaturated Fat: lowering total blood cholesterol, especially LDL and increase HDL
Polyunsaturated Fat: lower total blood cholesterol, especially LDL

After seeing the above, we know that we have to choose oils with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated content of more than a group of bad fat.

Here I provide a comparison chart listing the various kinds of oil that we can use so that we can choose more wisely.

From this table we can see canola oil for frying is the best. But do not cook the oil too hot, and do not use cooking oil repeatedly to prevent its damage.

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  1. Good topical article.

  2. Great. I never knew we needed fat

  3. A very improtant info to know.

  4. Fats are an important component of the diet. Essential fats need to be taken in the diet since they are not produced in the body

  5. Good article thanks Eunike.

  6. important! well demonstrated

  7. Butter (embarrassed)
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  8. Helpful information. With so many options, we have to choose wisely.

  9. good information to wise consume of cooking oil..

  10. very informative thanks

  11. Most cooking oil=bad stuff. I try to stick to olive oil. Great article!

  12. Great. I never knew we needed fat.

  13. great..

  14. Informative

  15. helpful information.

  16. Also helpful

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  18. Coconut oil has great flavor.

  19. canola it is then, thanks for the info

  20. Love it !!!

  21. Most cooking oil sold commercially is a product of high heat and bleaching, to retard shelf spoilage. The natural oils of all plants that are cold pressed and not bleached are considered healthy. Tropical areas have used coconut oil for centuries, and have excellent health as a result. Our partially hydrogenated and fully hydrogenated oils are to blame for artery-clogging activities, as these oils (trans-fats) are subjected to nickel in the processing which switches one of the molecules to an unnatural position. Due to this, the body’s cells, specifically the mitochondria, do not recognize this oil, and stores it in the arteries and other places as fat and debris, as it cannot be burned. Coconut oil, on the other hand, burns like a carbohydrate, as it’s fatty acid chain is different, even though it is a saturated oil. Coconut oil is amazing, and should be considered in any healthy diet. It should only be purchased cold pressed, as with other oils. Olive oil is another amazing oil. Corn oil, on the other hand, should be avoided completely. That is the oil that is used to fatten livestock quickly. Real butter from Ireland from grass-fed cows is the best. Less overall use of oils is important.

  22. I primarily use olive oil as it is the better choice…

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