Worcestershire Sauce: Four Benefits

Worcestershire sauce contains tamarind, chili peppers, anchovies, malt vinegar, molasses, cloves, garlic and red onion. Aged from two months to two or more years, it has been in use for more than 165 years. The ingredients are aged, rather than cooked, so their nutrient and medicinal values remain intact. Worcestershire sauce flavors Bloody Mary cocktails, Caesar salads and curries, according to food writer Lydia Walshin of the Perfect Pantry.

Intestinal Tonic

Tamarind relaxes the digestive system, and is a traditional remedy for jaundice and dysentery in India, states herbalist Maud Grieve, in Modern Herbal at Molasses also has laxative properties, although it takes two teaspoons to achieve results when taken alone, states Jim Crosby of Crosby Molasses Company.

Pain and Inflammation Relief

W. H. Foods states that capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers, is a recognized pain reliever in studies by N. Attal in the Clinical Journal of Pain for diabetic neuropathy, C. N. Ellis in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology for psoriasis, and C. Rains in Drugs Aging for osteoarthritis.

Anemia Prevention

A single serving of blackstrap molasses, which comes from the third boiling of cane sugar, provides up to 25 percent of your daily allowance of iron. The chili peppers add an additional 3 percent to that total in a 2-tsp. serving, according to Whole Foods. Combined with an additional 14 percent from the anchovies, you can get almost half your daily iron from a two to three tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce.

Osteoporosis Prevention

The calcium in anchovies helps maintain healthy bones. An ounce of anchovy provides 6.5 percent of your daily calcium, and a 2-tsp. serving of blackstrap molasses provides an additional 6.6 percent. You would have to take about two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce to get that amount of both ingredients, though.


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