Knowledge of Kidney Function

Kidneys are the main organ in our body to maintain our healty life.

Renal function is to regulate the amount of water in the body to fit the needs. If excessive water in the body, the kidneys will work to clear out the excess water and if the water lacking in the body, the kidneys are responsible to hold water dehydrate from the body.

In addition, the kidneys are the main organ that act to remove the poison produced by our body.

As we all know, water is the source of life and it was the largest component of the body. The total urine out of the body per day will show the renal function.

Under normal circumstances, urine amounted to 1000 – 1500 cc in 24 hours for men and women. In addition, to determine kidney function you can check the rate of creatinine in the blood.

Creatinine is an element which is removed by the kidneys, and not by other organs. So, if the element increased in the blood then you need to be more careful with your kidneys.

Rate of Creatinine in the blood can actually be controlled. If you are not a plain water drinker the risk of the rate of creatinine rise, then there is a disruption in the kidney. In addition, you need to go for a blood test. You may examine the urine routinely in the clinic, to check your kidney functions are normal or otherwise.

There are some people see colors of the urine. However, the color of urine can not be measure because sometimes it can be misconstrued. This is because, if you drink a lot, then the urine will be clear in color and vice versa.

If we not taking care of our kidneys well it can cause kidney disease inside or outside of the kidney. Disease as diabetes, kidney stones and kidney failure will shows that the kidneys are not functioning properly.

Renal function failure can affect all systems in the body, the blood is reduced, itcyness and dryness of skin and digestive problems that can cause nausea, vomiting, no appetite and at the same time will cause water to accumulate in the lungs as the water can not emerge from the body. So, you are advised, to go for urine test every six months or a year to find out the rate of creatinine in the body.

Keep Healthy and Stay Healty.

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