Understanding Occupational Safety and Health

Understanding Occupational Safety and Health.

Occupational safety and health today is a very popular term. Even in the industrialized world the term is more commonly known by the acronym K3L, which means safety, occupational health and the environment. Environmental aspects in relation to health and safety is also an important thing, but in the following discussion will be the main focus is the Occupational Safety and Health.
Safety comes from the English word ’safety’ and usually always associated with the release of a person’s state of wretched events (accident) or near misses (near-miss). So in essence safety as a scientific approach as well as a practical approach to study the factors that could cause accidents and seek to develop a variety of ways and approaches to minimize the risk of accidents. In a study of the factors of human factors that can cause these accidents have evolved a variety of concepts and theories about the crash (accident theories). The theory is that there is generally focused on factors that exist on the job or way of working, there is more attention on the causes of work equipment are even focused on the causes of human behavior.
Health comes from the English ‘health’, which today do not just mean freeing a person from the disease, but has a healthy sense of meaning to be physically fit, mentally and socially healthy. Thus a healthy sense of the whole show understanding prosperous (well-being). Health as a scientific approach and practical approaches also attempt to study the factors that can cause human illness and at the same time trying to develop a variety of ways or approaches to prevent human suffering no pain, and even become healthier.
As we all know that most people always have a job (work, occupation) and most of his time working in a situation that can happen people will suffer from diseases that may be caused by the job or suffer from diseases associated with his work. For this reason the evolving science known as occupational health (occupational health). Occupational health in addition to studying the factors at work that could lead to human suffering from occupational diseases (occupational disease) and diseases associated with his work (work-related disease) is also working to develop a variety of ways or approaches to prevention, even working well in improving health (health promotion) in human workers.
The term ‘occupational safety and health’, can be considered to have two sides of understanding. The first sense means as a scientific approach (scientific approach) and on the other hand have a sense as an applied or a program that has a specific purpose. Therefore the safety and health can be classified as an applied science (applied science). Views see Occupational Health and Safety within the framework as a scientific approach to looking like for example the following definition:
Occupational Health and Safety concerns the application of scientific principles in understanding the nature of risk to the safety of people and property in both industrial and non industrial environments. It is multi-disciplinary profession based upon physics, chemistry, biology and behavioral sciences with applications in manufacturing, transport, storage and handling of hazardous materials and domestic and recreational activities. (OSHA, USA)
From these definitions it can be observed the existence of a description that emphasizes the scientific principles underlying the Occupational Safety and Health as well as the scientific basis of the supporters.
While the view to see Occupational Health and Safety within the framework as a practical approach or a program can be seen from the definition of occupational safety and health as:
The promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well being of workers in all Occupations; Among the prevention of Departures from health workers Caused by Their working conditions; the protection of workers in their employment from risks resulting from factors adverse to health; the placing and maintenance of the worker in an occupational environment adapted to his physiological equipment; to summarize: the adaptation of work to man and each man to his job. (Joint Committee: ILO & WHO)
Thus become increasingly apparent that the Occupational Safety and Health is essentially a scientific approach and it is also a program.
Occupational Safety and Health as a program based on a scientific approach in an effort to prevent or minimize the occurrence of danger (hazard) and risk (risk) of disease and accidents, as well as other losses that may occur. So it can be said that the Occupational Safety and Health is a scientific and practical approach in addressing the potential hazards and health and safety risks that may occur. In other words the essence of the Occupational Health and Safety is no different than understanding how we control the risk (risk management) in order to avoid unwanted things.
Scientific approaches that exist within the scope of the Occupational Health and Safety is not just limited to the science of safety (safety sciences) and medical science (health sciences) such as occupational health sciences (occupational health science), but also sciences such as: industrial hygiene (industrial hygiene ), ergonomics, human factors, epidemiology, statistics, medicine, engineering (engineering), chemistry, health promotion, toxicology, management, legal, social and behavior and so forth. Thus the Occupational Safety and Health can be viewed as an applied science that is multidisciplinary, with a rich diversity of the various approaches according to their respective scientific fields in an effort to control the risk of pain and woe.

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