Workplace Safety Quiz

Safety Quiz with Answers.

Recently we had a safety quiz in our team. I didn’t fare well, but still sharing with you some of the questions. You might have come across these

1.When you hear an emergency alarm -
Note the instructions from public address system and evacuate accordingly.

2. What type of switches to be used for Geysers? * 
15 Amps switch

3. What type of fire Extinguisher to be used for extinguishing oil fire ? *
Foam based

4. How should the mouse be positioned with respect to the  Keyboard? *
Near the keyboard at the same height or slightly above the keyboard

5. What is the periodicity for replacing LPG hose even if it not damaged (House Hold)? *
3 years

6. Artificial respiration means *
A) Supplying oxygen to the casualty.
B) Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation

7. Bhopal gas tragedy, happened on? *
December 3, 1984

8. ERT (Emergency Response Team) is responsible for *
Employee Safety

9.  Minimum Oxygen limit to work in confined space *

10. Hazard identification – Yellow color indicates *

11. Road accidents occur Due to *
Traffic Violations
Unsafe human Acts
Bad road condition

12. B class fire means *
Liquid fire

13. Fire extinguisher should be aimed at * 
Base of the fire

14. Water Sprinkler on the workstation false ceiling burst at *
68 deg C

15. Fire hose is located in *
Fire hydrant Cabinet

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