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How to Reduce High Cholesterol Quickly

Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, lack of exercise and alcohol consumption could be the cause of a person suffering from high cholesterol. Food can also be a cause of increased levels of cholesterol in the blood. Fast food is one of the causes.

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Alcohol Consumption and Also Being Pregnant: Is

If you’re pregnant and also thinking if it’s FINE in order to experience the casual small a glass connected with merlot or drink slightly sparkling wine with Brand new Year’s Eve, the actual guidance you will get could possibly be difficult.

A few physicians advise that an individual entirely stay away from booze any time you’re ready for; some others state of which infrequent lighting having is usually impossible in order to injury your child.

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What is Kombucha? And Why/how to Make It!

An explanation of what Kombucha is and what it does, also how to make it!

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My Gotu Kola (Pennywort) Shake

Another refreshing and beneficial beverage I would love to share to all of you!

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Lose Your Weight with Seaweed

Have the benefits of seaweed to make you slim.

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Benefits of Green Tea

Ever wondered if there is a beverage that can help you have a more wholesome life? Ever wished there was a shortcut to health, without the need of (often expensive) food supplements? Well, there is one and it’s more accessible than you might think. Read this article to find out!

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Health Benefits of Green Tea- The 4000 Year Old Cancer Killer

For at least 4000 years, the Chinese have sworn by green tea, and recently tests have begun to show that maybe this leaf does have some amazing health effects.

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Coffee – Everybody’s Secret Weapon

Let’s talk about coffee. Yes it goes good with donuts and it wakes you up in the morning; but it’ll mess up your blood pressure, right? Not according to a study done by Harvard Medical School… although it’s still bad for your cholesterol, it turns out havin a cup of joe might be kind of good for you, too.

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The facts about Green Tea: Beauty, health and weight loss benefits

Find out now, how this ancient chinese beverage is a miracle drink for both beauty and health.

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Ginger Medical Potency

Ginger is rich in vitamins A, C, and B complex as well as phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.