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Toddler Cough Remedies

Always check with your doctor before giving a toddler a nonprescription antihistamine, cough suppressant, decongestant, or expectorant.

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Eight Easy Cough AND Cold Home Remedies

These remedies are practiced since many years in various countries and you can also take benefit of the same. Everything I am going to tell you now is easily available in your kitchen. So go for it now and get your irritating throat cured by yourself.

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Scientific Information of Swine Flu

The decease swine flue is viral contagious infection. It is simply flue like cough and cold. But when it goes beyond the control then the infected person may give up his life. Hence one should get the scientific information about Swine flue.

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Why Should You Avoid Taking Pills for a Cough and Cold

To swallow pills, once in a while, won’t make much of a difference, but some make a habit of swallowing pills at the slightest indication of cough. Now, that is a dangerous proposition.