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Tips to Avoid Household Accidents

Tips on how to keep yourself safe in your own home.

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Do We Take Longer to Heal as We Get Older?

Personal frustration with an injury that occurred six weeks ago.

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Dust mite

Did you know that the air that we breathe indoor is much more dangerous than outside? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air has approximately two to five times more contagious than outdoor air. Let us find out what are these dangerous pollutants and the hazardous materials that we can just find inside our houses. This is a warning for all of us to keep our home clean and safe to avoid diseases causing from the air that we breathe.

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The Older You are, The Harder You Fall

Falling isn’t a good experience at any age. Falls around the home are common. Make sure your home is safe.

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How to Prevent a Child From Being Poisoned Around The Home

Accidental poisoning in the home is a serious matter. Every parent should take the precautions outlined here to reduce the possibly of their children becoming a victum to poisoning.