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New Breakthroughs for Lactose Intolerance

Due to new research, those who are lactose intolerant are eating more dairy than before. Eating dairy products with other foods sometimes does not bring on symptoms. Especially yogurt which produces enzymes that digest lactose. Packets of a product (LactAid) that breaks down lactose in dairy is also on the market. The same manufacture also markets products that are ready to use. More options are available for lactose intolerance, so don’t be discouraged.

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Coconuts and Coconut Oil – Healthier Than You May Think

Coconut Oil is a vegetable oil that is good for cooking and baking at high temperatures. You can replace your hydrogenated oils containing harmful trans fats with coconut oil. What are other healthy benefits?

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Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance in Toddlers

Lactose intolerance can be defined as your body doesn’t have the ability to produce an adequate amount of lactase. Lactase is the enzyme needed for your body to digest lactose. Lactose is the primary sugar in dairy products such as cow’s milk. When an individual is lactose intolerant the undigested lactose remains in the intestines and results in gastrointestinal issues. Although the problem is not dangerous they certainly are uncomfortable.

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Milk – Do You Know Your Options?

We all need calcium and milk is a good source, but what is the best milk for you?

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Almonds: A Healthy, Convenient Super Food Snack

Are you looking for a great, nutritious snack? Why not enjoy a handful of almonds?

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Snack Food Choices for the Lactose Intolerant

Recently, I received an email from a lady who wanted to know if I had any snack ideas for people who are lactose intolerant. I decided to write an article on this subject to answer her question so that it would not only benefit her, but countless others with her same question.