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Showing Your Beauty From Inside

We usually feel scared with age. However, there are some people who should feel more attractive with age. Author of Locker Room Diaries, Leslie Goldman, said, "I have never seen a woman over the age of 60 years to feel timid entry into the dressing room at the gym or watching the situation around before opening the towel.

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September 2011 Quotes

These quotes are a bit dated, but they are good ones that I had posted on my face-book in September.

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Consider THE ANT

Grow wise by learning from the ant.

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“Powerful Gems and Healing Secrets:how to Use Stones That Heal”

A quick look at some of the worlds most sought after rocks, not for their gem quality yet for their healing capabilities.

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Transportation for The Elderly

As we get older there are so many reasons for failing vision.
• Diabetes
• Stroke
• Macular Degeneration
• Cataracts
• Age

Once you lose your eyesight, what do you do for transportation? In cities, such as Chicago, South Bend and Indianapolis, there are trains, buses and even taxi services. But for the Elderly that live in rural areas, what do they do?

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Like Food to The Body, Studies Have Proven, Words Intriguingly are Nourishment to The Mind

Being a voracious reader, I quickly pick up any book that speaks of success, opening your mind to spiritual possibilities and so forth. Anything that expands your mind to think beyond the "boxes" society has created for non-thinkers to follow. Your mind is far too active and full of genuine curiosity about the world to ever stop learning and exploring the infinite realm of possibilities.

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How to Get The Most Out of Your Health Insurance

American health insurance lawyer Altom Maglio offers the following tips to lessen your chances of having a health insurance horror story. That is, thinking that you have fabulous health coverage, getting sick, and then getting more sick when your insurance firm refuses to settle your medical bills.

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Five Reasons Why You Must Go to Sleep Early

There are some researches that show the benefits of going to sleep early.