Bumping the “Bump”

The nose “bump” is a common problem that most who get nostril piercings have. This is my experience with it, and just how I manage to clear it up whenever the problem arises.

You go to that piercing parlor, your palms are a little sweaty because this is a big decision — one you’ve been toying with for some time now. You’ve been admiring the way those nostril piercings look for a while, thinking that one would just look absolutely amazing on your nose. So, when you get to where you’re going, you take your first step in checking the sterilization, maybe ask your piercer way too many questions but one way or another, you wind up in that chair. And that chair isn’t exactly a comfortable chair — it kind of reminds you of the one in the dentist’s office. You, of course, know that sitting in that dentist’s chair isn’t exactly the greatest of feelings either. Especially if you’re in for a root canal.

Your heart’s racing a mile a minute because the only thing you can wonder this entire time as you see the piercer preparing the needles is: is this going to hurt? Logically, you know that it will. It’s just a matter of how BAD will it hurt? Will it be like going to the doctor and getting pricked for blood? Or is it going to be a lingering pain like…stubbing your toe on something. Either way, it doesn’t matter because the little dot is drawn on your nose and it’s now or never. You agree with the position for the sake of agreeing because you’re not exactly in your right state of mind, anyway. How are you going to know what it looks like until the jewelry’s in?

Here comes the clamp. You watch as the piercer sterilizes everything, and then you’re told to close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Then….exhale — ouch! There it goes. Directly through the side of your cartilage. A few warm drops of blood escape in your nose and your eyes water as a reaction, but you know something. It didn’t hurt as bad as you thought it was going to…your eyes are just watering…just because. And you think it might make you look like a cry baby, but your piercer knows this is a normal thing. The worst is over.

So, you’re pretty proud of yourself and showing off the new piercing to everyone because like you thought, it does look pretty damn amazing on your nose. You’re cleaning it religiously like you were instructed, and everything goes fine. Then, one morning you wake up. Your nose is a little achy, but you don’t pay much attention until you get to the bathroom and check out your reflection in the mirror. What’s this? It looks like a red bump just above the piercing. Is it an infection? What did you do wrong? You were cleaning it like you were supposed to, so why did this happen to your beautiful nose?

Does this sound like a familiar story? The nose “bump” is a very common problem that a lot of us suffer from. And if you’re like me, you didn’t become aware of this issue until after you had gone through with the piercing. So, what can be done about it? A number of things, but first and foremost…there is a reason for this bump and you have to come to the conclusion as to what that is. Maybe you knocked the jewelry…or maybe you’ve been overcleaning it. Maybe the jewelry’s not positioned properly or you simply could be allergic to it. Cartilage piercings are a lot more fickle than originally believed because nearly everyone you see who has one, doesn’t seem to have any problems. But, they definitely one of the hardest piercings to take care of and whatever the case, only once you determine what the cause is can you come to the solution.

I can’t tell you a surefire way to get rid of your personal bump, but I can explain to you my situation and how I’ve dealt with it. I work a dirty job. Spackling and painting often involves a lot of mess and dust, which…because of my asthma, I’ll wear a mask. When I first got my piercing done, I was very careful to hold my mask up to my face but not actually put it on because I was more afraid of knocking the jewelry than anything. I didn’t realize that all that dust that was floating downward was actually getting on the piercing. Therefore, it was no surprise when a bump formed.

I tried a little bit of everything. I had some leftover earcare cleaner that I’d been using for my pierced lobes, but that didn’t help. I bought something called h2ocean, but that also didn’t really have an effect. I tried hot water compresses, and that didn’t help either. I even got desperate and put hydrogen peroxide on it which was possibly the worst idea I could have ever had. It burned through the piercing and left it raw and even MORE red for the next day. That’s when I went on my desperate search for sea salt. I heard several stories about sea salt soaks and didn’t know if they would work — but it was my only other option.

After about three days of religious sea salt soaks, my piercing felt infinitely better. I kept it up for about two weeks and the bump had completely cleared away. Most people tell you to mix the sea salt in a cup (I believe it’s a quarter teaspoon to 8 ounces of water as the appropriate measurement.) I simply winged it because the sea salt I had, I couldn’t get it out of the container and into a measurement spoon. So I put it directly into the water and tasted it until it tasted like tears, basically. I would take a cotton ball and submerge it in the water, squeeze out the excess and put it on my nose for five minutes. After that time passed, I put a new one on for another five minutes. When that time was up, I’d go back into the bathroom and submerge my nose in the cup for about a minute. And this next step piercers don’t tell you to do, but it helped greatly with me. I would take a bit of the sea salt in my palm and actually put some on the damp bump. I’d do this twice. Once immediately after getting home from work, and once right before bed so I could sleep with the salt on my nose. It’s amazing, but the sea salt actually draws out the pus and at the same time dries out the bump.

Another thing that helped was when I took a shower, I would actually cup the warm water in my hands and submerge my nose in it and kind of exhale into the water. I would do this a couple of times in the course of the cleaning, and when I got out of the shower, I would actually notice that a bit of pus had leaked out. I’d just take a q-tip and clean that off of there, and generally the pus became less and less until the piercing actually healed.

I just recently became infected again, and started right in on the sea salt soaks. It’s two days in, and already my piercing is healing back up. They definitely do work wonders. So if you are in agony about that beautiful piercing of yours gone wrong and you’re sure it’s an infection and not because of the jewelry, then sea salt soaks should be your solution. You’ll find many different methods on the internet ranging from tea tree oil to the dreaded peroxide — but sea salt is the most helpful and natural one you can use. Don’t despair. Your nose piercing can be saved!

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  1. loooooooooooolll exactly how i felt, currently going through the sea salt routine hope it works

  2. basically u’ve just explained my experience im currently trying the sea salt treatment, but using a different method than yours. thanks for the tips tho

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth! I just want this little red bump to go AWAY!!! Thanks for the tip

  4. Hey… I had the same bump about 3 wks after I got pierced. I got the piercing in May and its July and i just got rid of it. I did everything I read about, nothing was working. I went to a tattoo and peircing palce and this is what they did: First the took out the stud and put a ring, this stops the top of the stud fom hitting or “bumping” the bump. Then they told me to get BC or Goodies powdered asprin and mixing with 100% Tea Tree Oil to a toothpaste looking paste…put it on the bump and leave it there for 15-20 min…then wash it off with warm water and apply some plain Tea Tree Oil and they said by doing that it should be gone within 2 wks. I started that as soon as I got home and within 2 days it was gone. Do this it it should work. It did for me when all else failed.

  5. I tried *everything* to get my bump to go away. I did the hot compresses, sea salt, tea tree…this was over the course of a year and my nostril was constantly sore and had a bump.

    It finally dawned on me that I was allergic to the metal of the stud. I bought a titanium nostril screw and the soreness stopped in about 3 days and it was healed with absolutely no bump or outside scarring in about 1 week.

  6. See how people experience different things though it’s the same type of piercing: sometimes hot compress works, sometimes sea salt soak works, sometimes changing the jewleries works, etc. so you cannot really give the same advice to different people. Go talk to your piercers, make sure they are good at what they are doing, ortherwise, consult with a really good one to work on your case. Take care, Ya’ll!!!

  7. I had the worst bump experience- it started as a bump at the side of the piercing, i went to my piercer and she changed the jewellry which made the bump worse and it spread all around the stud!!! i tried everything- sea salt soaks, tea tree oil, camomile and nothing worked. as a last resort i went to my doctor who told me i had a build up of scarring and injected the skin around the bump with a tiny bit of hydrocortisone steroid. within 5 days the scarring has dramtically reduced and has gone skin coloured so it is almost un noticeable. So dont give up hope- perhaps this could help you too.

  8. Thank you soooooooooo much because I have this bump too on my nose! i’ll try the sea salt! Thanks again! :-)

  9. just got the bump…will try all and report back….

  10. going thru the same stuff. im using
    im trying sea salt thanks :)

  11. I had that stupid bump as well, and right as it was going down, and becoming normal looking again, my friend and i had been wresting (bad bad idea.) and he had accidently hit me in the nose, causing my nose ring to come out. Because of our horseplay, i am suffering from this pretty ugly looking bump i have been using hot compresses because the hot water opens up pores and will drain out all the liquid/gunk or whatever is forming inside of this bump.

  12. yeah i get the bump.. i put neosporin on it, and it comes back again! I wish i could find a better solution but the neosporin only works temporarily for me:-/. it sucks!

  13. I just had my nostril done about 3 weeks ago. Everything was going fine but I woke up this morning, checked out the mirror, and realized I too am now suffering from “the bump”. Ive been reading alot online about it and it seems most of the success stories are coming from people using tea tree oil. I went to my local health foods store and picked some up. Just tryed my first application so Ill post back and let you know how it goes for me.

  14. My piercer told me to take 2-3 ZINC tablet with my meals everyday along with the sea sallt washing plus h2 saline spray!

    I’ve read all over the internet about how to get the bump ton go away and no one has recommend taking the zinc tablets but it is working!

    hope this will help

  15. I got my nose pierced 4 weeks ago and got a bump after a week. I used sea salt in hot water 2 or 3 times a day for but it wasn’t helping. However, I took the advice from this site and put some sea salt flakes actually on the damp bump and let it dry.

    I did this before sleeping at night for 3-4 nights and now the bump has completely cleared up.

    Thanks for the advice from this site, I hope this advice can help others.

  16. …..following up the last post, the bump came back.

    I bought Tea Tree Oil and used 5-6 drops in warm salt water with a cotton bud on the bump. This helped for a week or so but hasn’t cleard it up completely.

    However, good news….I dab undiluted Tea Tree Oil using a cotton bud on the bump and this has reduced it dramatically. I read that this will dry it out completely.

    I’ll post again in a week or so with results.

  17. Some advice from a piercer…. Use paper towels when soaking, because q-tips and cotton balls and such are made up of a million tiny fibers, and those fibers can get stuck in your piercing and do more harm than good. I have the bump too, two of them as a matter of fact, because I have 2 nose rings. Ive just about given up hope on mine going away, because I am pretty sure that they are keloids (buildup of too much scar tissue) and I have tried every trick in the book. >_

  18. I TRIED EVERYTHING TO GET RID OF “THE BUMP”…then i read this AMAZIG article about a product that gets rid of it, and it’s almost gone after a 3 month struggle.

    I still do a daily salt wash, but I apply HYDROCORTISONE 1% on my nose 3 times daily (washing in between) and letting the bump or what little of the bump that is left!) breathe a little in between.

    try this. it works.

  19. Gr, This bump sickens me! LMAO,
    My mom keeps telling me maybe I should take it out, but I didn’t get this thing for no reason so I will try everthing! I think I might be allergic to the piercing, because the piercer I went to gave me a bottle of salt water to spray on my noes, I’ve done that 1 in the morning 1 at night, ever since I got it. I hope it’s just the type of metal.

  20. I went and got my nape pierced on December 10th, 2007. A year and two months ago. It had to be pierced lower than normal because I’m really bony and it would’ve rejected otherwise. In October/November of 2008, I noticed a tiny bump on the right side of it, right above the hole. I thought nothing of it, but decided to start washing it with Dial soap again. Well, it’s not Dial, but it’s scent/fragrance free, etc.

    The soap did nothing, so I looked it up online. The best advice I saw was tea tree oil. I’ve been applying tee tree to it every night and morning for the last like, 2 months. It keeps cycling on me!! It flares up from some unknown irritation, so I smother it in tea tree, and it goes down. So on and so forth for a couple days/weeks, then it flares up again! I just don’t get it.

    It really sucks, because I’m too ashamed of it to wear a tank top, or even wear my hair up anymore. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go to my doctor, because I’m pretty sure that all he’ll say is ‘take it out.’, and I don’t want to. I knew going into this that my nape wouldn’t be a piercing I could have for too long, but it’s only been a little over a year!! Someone, please, help me save my beloved nape? :3

  21. Thanks for the advise about using paper towels instaed of cotton buds and balls, Cherry.

    Following up my last comment, I’ve found that by putting some salt flakes (high quality pure flakes with no chemicals) on the bump while still damp with Tea Tree Oil, it has completely dried out the red bump. I do this twice daily.

    The bump is unnoticable now. I’m going to keep up this routine until the skin has completely healed.

  22. I read the above comment about the hydrocortisone 1 % cream and bought some a week ago. I still clean the area with warm salt water and then a dab of undiluted tea tree oil. I’ve been putting the hydrocortisone 1 % cream on after and letting it soak in and the bump has completely cleared up.

    It took at least 3 or 4 days for the piercing to look better but now the bump has completely gone.

    I’ll keep using the cream for as long as the healing takes.

    Thanks for the advise, I hope this cream can help other people.

    I’d be interested to know what other people have found by using this cream.


    my nose ring somehow developed a massive bump about 6 weeks into the healing process, i hated it! i searched the internet and the only consistent thing i could find was soaking it in salt water-. i did that twice a day for two weeks but it just kept getting bigger! so i went and spoke to the piercing place near my house.

    so, the bump is probably not an infection( i.e. filled with puss, yellow and weird coloured gook and stuff) its actually scar tissue thats grown in a certain way around/over the piercing. theres not much you can do to prevent it, its just the way your vody reacts to it. aaaannnnyywwwaaayy- the aspirin causes a mini/ lot less severe chemical peel of sorts, and gets rid off the scarr tissue(aka. bigass bump)!

    IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH GETTING RID OF A BUMP SERIOUSLY TRY THIS, AT LEAST FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS, my icky nose bump started going down and improving after once time of doing it, so just do it!!!! hhaaha

  24. sooo i have the bump.(LOL) hurts a lot. at first looked like a pimple right above the piercing, had been 3weeks since was done so i say to myself, “oh i’ll jsut take it out and clean it, then ya know pop it, and put the stud back in” wow. big mistake! lots of blood, couldn’t even get the stud out hardly let alone back in. of course was a monday and the shop was closed where i got it done. so i go back home after my frantic and unsuccesfull drive to the shop and somehow manage to get the darn stud back in. was in limbo for a few days hoping things would be ok. They were!! all was well. then last friday was getting ready to go out and noticed that there was dry skin trapped around the stud. so i get my handy tweezers and remove it, no big deal. sunday morning this bump forms bigger and badder than anything i’ve seen before! i will be doing sea salt and report back. hope this works because i don’t want to look like the wicked witch of the west for the rest of my life….

  25. I got my piercing in Nov 08 and I got it stuck on a towel and then got a terrible infection I went to the piercer they helped me out it was healing fine and now I have a bump above my stud. Can someone please tell me a sure fire way to get rid of it!?!?! I am going on a cruise in about 19 days and do not want to take my stud out or have this red bump on my nose.

  26. When I got the bump what I did was I used the hot salt water soaks and then made sure it was totally dry. After that I’d put abit of pure tea tree oil on the bump and it’s almost gone within 2 days.

  27. I am so happy I found this site. I got my nose re-pierced (I think this is the third time) on the same side about 5 weeks ago. I’ve never experienced this bump before. At first, I thought it was a pimple, and when I picked at it, it actually bled quite a bit. Way more than I would expect. It started getting bigger and bigger. It looks ginormous to me, I know you can’t tell from far away, but every time I look in the mirror I notice it. I just went to the pharmacy and got some saline spray and some dial soap. I also emailed the tattoo parlor to see what they say. I’m so glad I’m not the only one experiencing this, and that you all have so many ideas as to how to get it to go away. I’m terrified that it’s because I’ve had it done a few times and it’s scar tissue. But before I got it done I asked if it was okay, and they said yes. Hopefully it will go away and I don’t end up looking like a fruitcake. Thanks again guys!

  28. So I had that disgusting HUGE bump right by my nose stud and it finally went away. I did the sea salt soak three times a day for two days. It went away on the second day. It’s still has some healing to do and I’m still soaking it and putting the actual sea salt to my bump. Let it dry and if you look at it in the mirror you can see the nasty goo soaked up in the sea salt crystals. Rinse off with warm water. (I put my nose under slow running water) If you’re going to soak your nose with sea salt, remember to use warm water. Another thing I did before I went to bed was crush up an aspirin add a drop of water until it formed a paste and put it on my nose over night. IT seemed to take my pain away and the swelling went down on my nostril. Those two remedies worked wonders for me just in time for a dinner date =D Whatever you do, don’t stop the sea salt soak.

  29. oh my god thankyou SO much i cant even explain to you how happy
    i am that the bump is finallyy gone. im a sophmore in highschool
    and its quite embarrassing when people are like WHOA WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR NOSE so i finally couldnt take it anymore so i looked it up and BAM it worked perfectly. i just put some sea salt pellots on my nose and it dried right up THANKYOUx97342

  30. I got my nose pierced 3 weeks ago and this bump is driving me crazy! Im 38 yrs old and now Im kind of embarassed I got this done, but I have wanted it for a long time.
    So Im going to try the sea salt and aspirin method..wish me luck and I will ket you all know

    Thanks for the tips!

  31. The bump on the side of my nose ring is huuuuuuuge. I had my nose pierced on the opposite side before from ripping my nose screw out while i was washing my face. I put in an earring as a temporary replacement and got a post the next day. Big mistake, I got a keloid and just decided to take it out. It healed, but there’s a decent sized scar. My sister-in-law said the same thing happened to her friend and she just got it redone on the other side and didn’t have any problems. I decided to try it. Got it repierced with a 14g hollow needle, and asked specifically for a ring instead of a nose screw, since I’ve read that rings are actually better for nostril piercings. I haven’t even had this thing for 2 weeks and I have a massive bump, and I mean massive. It’s not painful, it’s just hideous. I had been very careful not to irritate it or touch it with my hands and it still showed up, so I kept washing it hoping it would go away, then i tried peroxide, no help. and finally i borrowed my friend’s sea salt and have been doing soaks with a cup since i’d rather not take chances with a compress, they lose heat too quickly. after reading this i sprinkled some of the salt onto the damp bump, and it stings, but i’m seeing a lot of puss being drawn out so that’s good. if the sea salt doesn’t improve the size of the bump then i’m going to try the aspirin, then tea tree oil, then hydrocortisone, so hopefully something will work. if not, then i’ll have to take it out for good :(

  32. Oh the dreaded bump. I have a three month old nose piercing that just decided to flare up the other morning. I prompty went to the piercing shop and here is the advice i got.

    I was under the impression that I could just removed the stud and all my problems would go away. The piercer instructed me not to take the stud out until the bump is gone. The infection or fluid build up could become trapped in the peircing after the stud is removed. This means that the infection would actually heal in the hole and have no where to go. The piercer recommended the sea salt soaks (as expected). So far, I’ve just been placing small squares of paper towel in the sea salt solution and holding them on my nose until they get cold and then replacing them. The sea salt seems to be working, but I have gotten the most relief from aspirin. I crushed an aspirin last night and mixed it with a tiny bit of water to form a paste. I put the paste on the bump, let dry, covered with a band aid and slept with it on. When I woke up this morning the bump had decreased SIGNIFICANTLY.

    The “bump” is often a result of knocking or jarring the jewelry (usually by accident). The skin becomes filled with blood and fluid and since it has no where to go, it becomes trapped in thes skin and the bump is the result. Aspirin is a blood thinner, so it acts as a “drain” for the bump. When i woke up there was a little crusty patch of blood and such on the side of the bump. The aspirin really had drained it!

    The bump is smaller, but still present. I will continue to use the sea salt soaks and aspirin regimen until the bump is gone and the jewelry can be safely removed.

    I just put a few flakes of sea salt on the bump, I’ll let you know how things turn out!

  33. hey everybody, in my case everything was going along fine for the first month. then i noticed the bump on the 4th of july, which was the day after the stud accidentally came out. the dried blood discharge from the bump builds up and hardens around the rim of the stud and i clean it off and soak again with sea salt and water. should i be wiping off the dried scab or is it better to just leave it there and keep it soaking it? i wonder if removing the build up over the bump re-exposes it causing it to take longer to heal. i am gonna try applying a bit of the sea salt directly to it and see if that hurries this along.

  34. going to try all thank u guys soooo much this thing hurts

  35. My nose has been piercied 6 times! The first 4 times in the same spot. I got it done years ago with a gun and the swelling was crazy! Got it done with a gun again a few years later and had the same swelling. Finally came to my senses and got a needle piercing years after that and it was healing great but he put it in crooked and you could see the inside coming out of my nostril. Closed it and got another needle piercing a few months later and it’s been fine…no bump…and this was literally a 20 year process.

    Decided to get the second hole in my nose that I’d been wanting for over 10 years. She used a needle. It was healing fine, got bumped and the bump came. Used tea tree oil, it got even more gross and I took it out and figured she did it wrong since I’d never had a bump before in any of my ear, nose or navel piercings. Didn’t even know this existed.

    Got the second nostril piercing again because I’m a glutton for punishment, healing great, and damn if that bump didn’t come again at 6 weeks. My husband actually bumped it and it showed up 2 days later.

    I’m going to try the salt soaks and see what happens. Thanks

  36. Ok I’ve had my piercing for 6 months now and I have accidently bumped it a few times, yanking it off as well when drying my face so i have the dreaded bump too. It comes and goes but yesterday morning it was huge!! and to make things worse, i thought it would be a good idea to pull out the stud so it could heal. I dabbed cortizone on it but the bump grew over my piercing within a few hours! It looked horrible! When I found this site this morning and read that you shouldn’t pull out the stud I almost cried! So I immediately bought Tea Tree Oil, Saline wound washer and sea salt. After gently cleaning the bump with wash first, I then applied the sea salt flakes leaving it on for about 10 minutes, Then I gently washed it off with warm water and applied the oil AND cortizone together. I somehow managed to get the stud back in there too after soaking it with the saline wash and dipping the end in cortizone. Let me tell you its been about 8 hours and my bump is almost gone! I applied it twice so far and although the bump is still there, it has decreased significantly. Im getting ready to apply my last treatment for the day. Hopefully it will be completly gone in a few days, Thank you!!

  37. So I tried the salt water rinse thing, and I got bored and annoyed with it. So I tried putting Neosporin (or any other antibiotic ointment) on the piercing hole and on the inside of my nose once every day for about a week and a half and it went away! Hope this can help others!!

  38. I posted two days ago and i just wanted to follow up on my treatment. My bump is COMPLETELY gone. Hope this helps others.

  39. i got my nose pierced in may. my bump was horrible and absolutely would not go away when i had a ring in. i tried everything but nothing really worked. after awhile it just got really annoying and painful so as a last attempt I changed out the jewelry for a stud and it went away almost immediately. still gets irritated sometimes, but nowhere near as bad. i might try putting the ring back in eventually because the piercing seems pretty much healed up now but i don’t know.

  40. my piercer actually gave me sea salt&dial soap to clean it with daily :]

  41. I tried everything on my nose bump…religious sea salt soaks, chamomile tea bags, tea tree oil, changing the stud, even antibacterial ointment. My poor nose went through quite an ordeal. lol! Anyway, the only thing that I found that worked was 1% hydrocortisone cream. I dabbed some of the cream on the bump and stud every night, and the bump was GONE within a week. (I also continued sea salt soaks, of course.) I don’t know if it will work for you, but it’s worth a try. :-)

  42. I tried everything on my nose bump…religious sea salt soaks, chamomile tea bags, tea tree oil, changing the stud, even antibacterial ointment. My poor nose went through quite an ordeal. lol! Anyway, the only thing that I found that worked was 1% hydrocortisone cream. I dabbed some of the cream on the bump and stud every night, and the bump was GONE within a week. (I also continued sea salt soaks, of course.) I don\’t know if it will work for you, but it\’s worth a try. :-)

  43. I tried everything on my nose bump…religious sea salt soaks, chamomile tea bags, tea tree oil, changing the stud, even antibacterial ointment. My poor nose went through quite an ordeal. lol! Anyway, the only thing that I found that worked was 1% hydrocortisone cream. I dabbed some of the cream on the bump and stud every night, and the bump was GONE within a week. (I also continued sea salt soaks, of course.) :-)

  44. wow, thats crazy! LOL
    I have had my piercing for about two months now, and I was wanting to change my stud for my best friends wedding, and my healing time should have been completed. Well after changing it to a sterling silver stud I got a bump, which was totally annoying. I guess I found out I am allergic to sterling silver….go figure. Right now I am trying the sea salt and the tea tree oil. I hope it works!!

  45. got my nose pierced about 4 months ago & changing the jewellery is a nightmare… can never get the thing back in… it keeps coming out when i knock it… can’t find a decent nosering that will stay put when i ctch it by mistake.
    anyway, the problem is the stud cam out on fri evening, couldn’t get it back in (goes thru outside but hard to get out thru the inside hole in my nose)
    anyway, now it’s sunday, a day and a half later… tried to get it in & it feels likes it’s closed altogether! can that be!!!?

  46. reading this page has really cheered me up. I too have a huge bump on my nose, it’s been pierced now for nearly 11 months! and the bump comes and goes. I was interested to hear that someone said they were allergic to their stud, as I have very sensitive skin and wonder if this could be having an impact on the ever changing bump!.

    I’ve found that a combination of salt, tea tree oil and the hydrocortisone seems to help reduce the redness and bump, but I haven’t found a solution for getting rid of it.

    Also, it moves?? Does anyone else have this!! I cleared it up in one place and it’s popped up in another!!!


  47. I had my nose pierced 6 wks ago today. I didn\\\’t get a knot til 3 wks later. So hearing that I shouldn\\\’t change my ring with the knot I waited. My sister and daughter got theirs done the same time I did. They both had a knot from the 1st day. They both accidentally jerked theirs out. And their knot went away pretty much instantly. I have tried to take my ring out a few times but couldn\\\’t. So yesterday I decided I was going to and see if my knot would go away like theirs had. My husband had to help me but we finally got it out. The knot went away!!! Right then! My nose is really sore right now because it took some doing to get my ring back in. Actually it was a new stud.

    I know what you all are going thru! But like most everyone else I didn\\\’t have a clue that this could be a problem. I think it should be mandatory to tell someone who is going to get their nose pierced….BEFORE!

  48. read all of this at 9:30 pm on a Sunday night… I had taken the jewelry out before going out to dinner because I thought that’s what I had to do to get it to heal- the bump was the size of a wicked witch’s wart. The nasty bump looked angrier than when the jewelry was in it, so I found this website, cleaned the area, and put the jewelry back in. Did the sea salt on a cotton ball and sea salt granules directly on the bump for about a half hour. Took a hot shower and soaked it a bit, then did the crushed aspirin with a little bit of water to make a paste and put that on before bed. Did another sea salt cotton ball soak this morning and then gently removed the bloody crust with hot water on a q-tip. Have more granules on the area now and already the bump is in much better shape- thank you to all!!

  49. ive been reading this blog for the past couple weeks. i too had the dreaded bump and religiously followed methods that some ppl on here did, mainly the tea tree oil mixed with crushed aspirin. i tried the sea salt soaks, and even the hydrocortison cream. nothing at all worked. in fact, once i tried the tea tree oil, it only made the bump more obvious by darkening the skin. so the tree oil is not for everybody. i tried hiding it for my mom for a while cuz i didnt need the “i told u so” lecture on top of what i was already going through but she ended up seeing it anyway, skipped the 3rd degree, and took me to the dermatologist (thank God). turns out i had done nothing wrong. i told the derm i cleaned it with the right stuff the right amount of times, hardly ever touched it, never switched the jewelry but since everybodys different, my body reacted to it by getting what he called a granuloma (the 2nd stage in healing, right before a keloid). he injected it, scooped it, and burnt off whatever was left so that nothing else would grow back. he even told me (and my mom :) ) that if i wanted i could just repierce it after it fully healed and that some ppl get it back, some dont. so whoever none of these methods are working for, dont lose hope. go straight to the derm your beautiful nose still has a chance to be saved!

  50. I got my nose pierced almost a year ago , I recently went to Dallas , which is polluted as anything , I woke up the first morning upon leaving Dallas and noticed this repulsive looking bump , i tried popping it , bad idea , and nothing helps . I believe it was all the toxins in the air that caused this bump to form . I need fast results , I’m starting my junior year of high school in two weeks , and i have flawless skin , except for this bump , can anyone help me , please ?

  51. I got my nose pierced almost a year ago , I recently went to Dallas , which is polluted as anything , I woke up the first morning upon leaving Dallas and noticed this repulsive looking bump , i tried popping it , bad idea , and nothing helps . I believe it was all the toxins in the air that caused this bump to form . I need fast results , I\’m starting my junior year of high school in two weeks , and i have flawless skin , except for this bump , can anyone help me , please ?

  52. Just read all the ideas above.
    Got my nose piercing about 4 weeks ago. Used the classic salt soak for the first 2 weeks, constantly, following the instructions my piercer gave me.
    Then one morning, I woke up and the ‘bump’ had appeared :(
    I went out and bought Hydrogen Peroxide like my piercer had suggested if one should appear, and its done absolutely nothing for me, apart from maybe make it bigger and redder in colour.
    So, now, made a stronger salt solution (like a paste) and chucked it on. Hoping it’ll work! Otherwise I’ll give tea tree oil a go, like suggested on here :)

  53. Thank you SO much for the sea salt-tip. It really helped me and saved my nostril piercing. It is in a perfect condition now!:D

  54. i got my nose pierced about 3 weeks ago and i’ve noticed this bump for about a week or so. i usually get bad acne around my nose area and made an attempt to popit. it a instantly started to bleed and thinking about i went right to clean it with rubbing alcohol. it didn’t burn at all but i really hope i didn’t make it worse. can someone PLEASE help me!

  55. i got the bump too it started out as a little red thing and it was there for about 2 weeks i finally went to the tattoo place yesterday and the guy said tea tree oil i woke up after i had slept with the tea tree oil on and now the bump looks like it’s filled with puss .. idk if thats good or bad but its like white now it looks like a huge zit haha so i guess i might try the sea salt thing

  56. Hi thanks for the info, it seems really helpful
    Although the bump is inside my nose, and i have had it pierced for about a month now. And when i try to put in a stud it doesnt go through the other side due to the bump blocking it..
    Shal i still apply the sea salt solution INSIDE of my nose ? Furthermore, i have only table salt not sea salt =$ Is that okay to use?



  58. I’ve had the bump for about 10 days now, on my 2 1/2 week old piercing. Trying the sea salt soaks, and saline solution from my piercer, and anti bacterial spray, also recommended by the piercer. Nothing’s helping so far. The only time it looks better is when I wake up, when because it’s a bit crusty it doesn’t look so red. As soon as I clean it in the morning it looks as red as ever. I’m going to try putting the salt directly on the bump, and then try the aspirin thing. Fingers crossed!

  59. Well, the sea salt directly on the bump worked a treat. I used it twice yesterday, once when I got in from work, and once overnight, following the sea salt soaks. I woke up this morning, rinsed the salt off, and noticed that the bump had practically gone. It was still a bit red, but pretty much flat to my nose. Unfortunately the other thing I noticed was that my nose stud had fallen out overnight. The hole still seemed to be open, and I have managed to get a replacement in (I have yet to find the original). The problem is that the only replacement I had was a cheap thin stud which I bought when I first got pierced, and having researched a bit more, was never going to use as I now know it’s not high enough quality or of a decent guage. I’m worried now, as I will have to wear this all day, before I can get to buy some better jewellery, and I think my hole will close up too much to allow decent guage stuff back in. Also, as it is still healing, I think the silver may tarnish and mark my skin. Oh well. At least the bump has gone, unless I irritated it too much putting the replacement stud in.

  60. Just to update, I went back to my piercer and had the original stud reinserted, so no more worries on the cheap silver jewellery. He recommended using sea salt soaks, as hot as is sensible (no burned nostrils!) only once a day, as over cleaning is a bigger problem than under cleaning, followed by haemorrhoid (sp?) cream overnight (cos it is a bit smelly). I’ve been doing this for 4 days now, and the difference is amazing. The bump remains, but it’s looking much better, and I can see that the treatment really is working. Hopefully in another week or so it will be totally gone.

  61. I got my nose pierced in June and I’ve had the bump since July. :( I\’m starting to get really worried because it’s been almost FOUR MONTHS now… i’ve been doing sea salt soaks all the while, plus trying different things like: tea tree oil, antibacterial cream, hydrocortisone cream… nothing seems to work. sometimes the bump will go down but it always comes back up and it has never completely gone away. I spoke to my piercer and she says that there\’s nothing wrong with it and to just give it time. but.. it’s been four months now. i\’m getting kind of desperate. any ideas?

  62. i have the same issue with this “bump” ive had my nose pierced for about a year now and i tried everything….tea tree oil has worked the best for me though…it goes away and comes i hope next time it completely heals i will take it out and give it some time..then i will get it re-pierced..hopefully it wont come back..the weird part is that my nose piercing is the only piercing that i have ever had a problem with..its kind of getting rediculous

  63. ashley, i feel for you. hopefully it heals well enough to take it out.

    i got desperate and put some crushed up asprin on it last night. BAD IDEA: it was so raw and swollen this morning! i attacked it with a sterilized pin (another bad idea), immediately regretted it, sea salt soaked if for a bit… then put some antibacterial cream on it. i am really starting to regret ever getting it pierced. one thing\’s for sure: never using aspirin again!

  64. I tried doing the sea salt thing but it didn’t quite work for me! I know sucks right. So I started using Sea Breeze Deep-Clean Astringent. I would take a q-tip and just put some on the bump next to my piercing. I really hope this works for you, as of right now its working for me. I think I might try just soaking it with salt water and then putting it on :) Sorry I know I’m random but I just want to see if it will work for someone else too!

  65. Oh my gosh, OK. So I did the whole thing with toying the idea of getting my nose pierced, and it was definitely a HUGE decision simply because I had a very big operation on my nose, cosmetically as well as internally so as weird as it sounds, I am very protective over my nose. I decided I’d get it pierced. I hated the ring they used at the parlor but she said it was all they ever use and I trusted that particular parlor so I went with it, but, wrongfully so, I took it out and changed it earlier than I was supposed to wait. This is when my lovely first nose bump arose. It was bigger than the stud itself and look absolutely horrible. Like I had a disease and it took FOREVER…. emphasis on FOREVER to go away! Once it did I was so happy it was overwith. That is, until my next one came. They usually come as a result to bumping it, or getting it pulled, sometimes it even comes randomly. I’ve had one too many. And after much research I’ve tried everything. The sea salt, the Tea Tree Oil, even some other methods. Rarely did they ever, significantly anyway, help out much.

    Next thing I know, I was at a random festival and there was a stand for Emu Oil, and how it was a miracle worker in so many ways, deep penetration and absolutely no side effects, no allergic reactions, for many reasons, just look it up. It does any number of cures and treatments for burns, eczema, acne, itchy skin, dry skin, muscle pain and joint pain (I never believed THAT one until I tried it myself and MAN, does it help and so quickly!) So one day, I got saw the bump returning, yet again. I reached for the Tea Tree Oil, when I got this thought… Maybe I should try the Emu Oil…. (very very low hopes since nothing seems to help the bump for me). But it tried simply putting a little bit on it. Next day, even later that day actually, what had already come started to fade, and since, it has not come back! Now, no joke, every time I ever see one trying to come, Emu Oil saves the day. I am the new biggest fan of Emy Oil. Sorry for the novel I wrote here, I just thought relating on a detailed level may give more of you some hope about this. It definitely worked for me! I usually never comment on these websites or anything, I just know this was so helpful to me I wanted to share it with others going through the same annoying repetitive process! I hate nose bumps… whos with me?!

  66. Basically, EMU OIL. Emu Oil is amazing and works every single time for me now… not to jinx myself or anything :-P . But yeah, I never read anywhere that it would help, I just heard Emu Oil works for so many different things and people keep discovering new things themselves I figured I’d give it a shot! Try it, it definitely worked for me, first try and now every time. (I keep getting recurring bumps for some stupid reason)

    I just use a small enough amount that it simply covers the bump itself and the piercing hole (it won’t clog your pores – this is even used on faces for acne) no need to rub in or anything it penetrates itself within minutes. Thats basically it!

    It also helps kind of lubricate it in a way, which is nice because the ring doesnt irritate the piercing if it moves around with movements of the face and things like that. – Hope this helps some of you!!!

  67. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will definitely try this! I had been thinking about taking out my nose stud because it just kept reappearing, but now that I know there could possibly be a solution I will definitely try it! Thanks again!

  68. I got my nose pierced late August, and maybe within 3 weeks I got the bump. It was fairly small at the time, but I could notice it and it really bugged me. I put crushed up aspirin on it every night before I went to bed for about a week, and it seemed to be working. Just as I thought it was completly gone, I woke up one morning and it got even bigger! I went to my piercer and was told to do the sea salt soaks once a day, and then put on the hydrocortison cream before I go to bed. I’ve done that for about a week now, and nothing is happening. If anything, the bump is just getting bigger! I am now trying the sea saly granules and hoping for a happy result. I’ll pot with the deatils soon I guess.

    Good luck to everyone and their noses!

  69. post*
    sorry, typo.

  70. i have the bump and i\\\’m cleaning it as we speak. This is like the third month i\\\’ve had it. off and on this bump comes back. probably most annoying thing ever. mines not super red anymore though, it\\\’s more of a white color. but god is it annoying. ugh.

  71. hi i got my nose pierced six weeks ago and it is absolutely fine.but this hilarious bump right on top of it erupts again and again.and its white like pimple on its initial stage. i mean it has this white thing inside.but after using sea salt it is cured,but it keeps on coming back,,:( should a seek a doctor???

  72. ugh i\’ve had mine since july. it\’s not going away. help?

  73. i will try the emu oil, if i can find it… god i hope it works, i know this sounds lame but this bump is wrecking my self esteem. *sigh*

  74. ugh, you\’re right – i had never heard of this bump before getting the piercing. i initially got my nose pierced in february, after wanting it for years. i was so excited that i was able to get it done, and then i got the bump. it started out small, then got HUGE, then it would go down, and get bigger. i tried submerging my nose in the salt water twice to three times a day. it kept cycling and i finally took it out in march (and cried over it, ha!). it healed really quickly after i took it out, then i got it re-pierced. it was fine for about the same amount of time that it had been at first. it was re-pierced in june, and this is november – still have the bump. the piercer has been telling me to wash it with dial soap in the shower and then put a saline solution on it. and to do the salt soaks. nothing is working, so i\’m really, really hoping that leaving the salt crystals on over night will! i don\’t want to take it out permanently. i heard that peroxide, alcohol, neosporin, and hydrocortisone cream were all bad for the piercing. i tried tea tree oil the first time around, which worked for a few days. the bump got noticeably smaller but never went away. then it came back in a huge way. ): i hope this works! thanks

  75. michelle, i feel you! it does sound a little bit silly to other people that aren’t experiencing it, i’m sure! but the bump makes me feel so ugly. friends and family say they can “barely notice it” but i feel like it’s the first thing people see when they look at me. ):

  76. I have a bump also, sea salt soaks dont work on me, but i found that making salt pastes and putting it directly over the bump it reduces size and redness overnight. I do it everynight and its working miracles. :)

  77. how long did you have to use the emu oil for before the bump went away? do you know for sure what kind of bump you had (bacterial pocket/boil, hypertrophic scar, or keloid)? thanks!

  78. Umm okay so I got my nose peirce TWICE.. even got a white gold diamond nose peirce instead of cheap metal, but i got a bump INSIDE my nose from the first time i pierced it, took it out, waited 2 weeks, got it done ahain, ..its been a few months and i took the stud out.. but the bump is still there… ANYYYY SUGGESTIONS?? im so desperate too fix itttt

  79. I have been having major issues with the dreaded bump. My nose piercing has fallen out probably 5 times now and the last time it fell out it started to bleed and now my bump is bright red, but some of the pus has been releasing. I called the piercer and he said to just put water on it because my body is reacting to something. I’m kind of thinking I should just take it out, but I have only had it for a month and a half. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Should I take it out or will that mess up the healing? I’m kind of freaking out because I don’t want my nose to be messed up for forever.

  80. I have been suffering from this nose bump for a month. I went to the piercer and he changed my nose stud. He suggested me to do the sea salt soak, two times a day. My nose bump was very big and it hurt before. But now its getting better but the bump is still there. I have been doing the sea salt soak two times everyday. I am really frustrated with this and i want to get rid of it. Please help!!!!

  81. it’s so encouraging to read about other people having the same frustrating issue i’m dealing with. i got my nose pierced about 6 weeks ago, didn’t hurt a bit, and i felt great about the way it looked. i was pretty good about cleaning it with sea salt soaks as per the piercer’s instructions, but probably not as religious about it as i should have been because it was around finals time and i pulled more all-nighters than anyone should, so cleaning my new piercing wasn’t quite as top priority as it should have been.

    anyway, last week what i thought was a pimple appeared under the stud. i didn’t think it was anything big, so i just tried to keep my hands off it. unfortunately it just got bigger and redder. then i made the mistake of taking it out and leaving it out for a whole night to clean it. BAD idea! it bled everywhere and the bump got bigger and it also made getting the stud back in extremely painful…finally i went to my doctor and she prescribed me some bactroban cream that i’ve been applying three times a day in addition to washing it with dial soap/warm water. from what i’ve read though, sea salt applications seem to be the most successful so i think i’ll go get some more of that tomorrow and begin treating it immediately.

    i’m just wondering if anyone else has tried using basotracyin/bactroban, or if that’s not a good idea? i just want this thing to be gone!! it really isn’t noticeable until you’re about two feet away from my face, but it feels like an ugly, huge wart and it makes me horribly self-conscious. any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated/would save me a drive to the piercing shop!!

  82. This is the fourth time I’ve pierced my nose, and I’ve always done it on the right nostril. It always gets infected but this time, after a month, I got a HUGE bump that kept bleeding and I didn’t know what to do! Usually Neosporin worked but this time it made everything worse… Tried a salt solution (my own ’saline’ solution) but didn’t realise it was iodized, so I made it even worse. Finally tried sea salt and within two days, the bump has become a third of its size… I can finally go out in public and not cringe when people look at me!

  83. I read this and tried everything and none of it effectively worked for very long. I went to the piercing boutique and the lady there said the only thing that will properly get rid of a nose infection is Betadine Liquid:
    dab your piercing 3 times a day with a cotton bud for a week. If not improved, stop for a week then try again a week later. I used it twice a day for two days and its healed completely. I’m really stoked with the results so I hope you read this and try it because its amazing!

    Good Luck!

  84. Thats funny I have a bump on my nose and i was just holding the thing to my nose (sea salt soak) while reading it.. Its the only thing I could think of that would make sence as thats what I used to clean the peircing every day when I first got it done

  85. 2 months since I was pierced, now I have a lovely bump (sprung up over about 3 days). Haven’t bumped it (recently) so I don’t know what urged it on. I have already been doing sea salt soaks so tried boiling some water to get the water hotter and while it felt lovely (I didn’t put boiled water straight on I mixed it down… it’s just my taps don’t get hot enough) in the morning my bump had grown even larger. Did aspirin crush today, and a dab of tea tree. Just did my final warm compress and applied more aspirin. Will report back soon on how it goes.

  86. No luck with any of the remedies listed above. I went to my piercer and he made me feel worse… suggested applying cortisone and that it ‘might’ go down in two weeks. So I booked an emergency visit to my dermatologist who injected it with cortisone for $60. The bump was gone by the next day. I am applyig a anti-bac cream she prescribed me on the piercing and inside the nose. I have to go back and check in with her in a week, but it looks good. Just be forewarned…sometimes your bump may need professional care! Salt water was not going to do the trick, and I’m glad I got the shot.

  87. I have had my piercing for a month. I I’d it myself as I researches it for over two years. It was healing very nicely until today I noticed a bump. It got worse towards the afternoon. So to prevent further scarring, I decided it would be best to take it out. I am upset :(

  88. Good to hear people have experienced the same thing as I’m going through! I did so much research before getting it done, I can’t believe I didn’t come across this before, because it’s so common.

    I had mine done at the end of January, and have had the bump for nearly a month. I’ve spoken to my piercer, and got a second opinion last Friday and both have said sea salt soaks. Guy on Friday said it should only take about a week to get rid of though (I’m not convinved!)

    Every day it’s changing, and today looks like a blood blister. But trying to be patient for the week and see how I go. I really don’t want to take it out.

  89. I’m experiencing this problem too. The Bump showed up after about 3 weeks, and I’ve had it for about a week. I think having a cold and needing to blow my nose 20 times/day brought it on.

    My piercer (a professional in a piercing-only shop) says (1) this is very common; (2) it is not infected; and (3) “I can’t stress enough how important it is to just leave it alone.”
    Her experience is that the more intervention you try, the longer the bump stays around. It’s an irritation, and the way to get it to heal is to leave it alone!

    Her instructions: don’t pop it, don’t wash it, don’t use saline, don’t touch it. Pretend you don’t have a piercing. These bumps can be persistent, but they do go away eventually. She says if you can’t stand it, take it out and the bump will go away quickly.

  90. Six months after getting my nose pierced, I noticed the dreaded bump, too. I followed the sea salt ritual in this article and followed it up with applying a dab of tea tree oil on the bump. This combination worked extremely well. Four days later, the bump is nearly GONE.

    Great detailed article. The only difference is that I would recommend using a washcloth instead of cotton balls.

  91. So, I got my nose pierced four weeks ago. After almost three weeks, I managed to knock my peircing out. Sure enough, the day after, the bump appeared.

    I did a couple of days of just sea salt soaks, which soothed the bump temporarily. But then I developed a stinking cold. Constant nose blowing irritated the piercing no end. The bump started to get worse. It was a pretty large blood blister by the piercing. I panicked, and started googling and developed a new routine. I started applying tea tree oil either once or twice a day (if I had time to do three salt soaks then I applied the oil only once a day, if I only had time for two soaks then I applied the oil twice). At the same time, I used the crushed up aspirin paste overnight while I was asleep. Three days later and the bump was practically gone. The fourth day, I was only able to do one salt soak and one tea tree oil application (I was on a camping trip) but by day five the bump had disappeared completely anyway. The bump actually cleared up before the cold.

    So don’t panic! I was convinced that nothing was going to work but by throwing everything I had at it, it sorted itself out in no time. Beware though, because after the first night, the bump did get worse before it got better. But stick with it, and it will clear up!

  92. I got my nose pierced about a month ago and noticed the bump almost 2 weeks ago! This nose piercing caused a lot of debate between my husband and myself until he finally was all right with it. I was soo happy and now – the bump. Thanks for all the tips. I will get the tea tree oil and sea salt on my way home from work. I will probably try the aspirin crushed paste as well. Cross your fingers for me and good luck everyone! I hope this makes it go away!

  93. wow i have the same thing and i made it worse i putting peroxide..big no no….well im trying the sea salt..hopefully it works(: ill check back in a week or so…but its already feeling better hopefully it takes away that ugly red bump…thanxxx!!

  94. wow i have the same thing and i made it worse i putting peroxide..big no no….well im trying the sea salt..hopefully it works(: ill check back in a week or so…but its already feeling better hopefully it takes away that ugly red bump…thanxxx!!

  95. You know what helps me? I have the same problem, it happens sometimes, but the way I get rid of it is I use a product called Bactine. I spray that one my nose and then dry it with a Q-tip. Piercers usually don’t recommend using anything other than sea salt, but Bactine works awesome for me! It’s also very soothing if the bumps hurts, because it numbs it :D

  96. i got my nose pierced during march. it got ripped out by the pillow the first night, so i got it repierced. my nose was a little irritated and seemed to be sinking into the hole at first, but then healed a bit.
    then came THE bump. it was red, and i had been using sea salt treatments religiously since the first day. i watched it closely for a few days, and no improvement. i read this article and bought some tea tree oil. i used it that night, and then the next night, and then i started using it every few hours when i was home. (i work most nights as a waitress) its been about 5 days now, and last night i was rubbing my nose and my stud broke through the bump and disappeared. i panicked, but it was easy to get it to come back out hadnt really gone through…it kind of went under the bump but not all the way through my nose? it was bleeding a little, but i put more tea tree oil on. what do you think?

  97. I got my nose pierced for the 3rd time now, but since the first time I got it pierced I have a bump.. but not on the outside.. its inside -_-
    I’ve got this hard bump and it just wont go away! I really need help since its hard to find a nose ring that goes all the way to the end because of the bump.

    Can I do the sea salt soaks on the inside of my nose? Any help would be great!

  98. I just tried the tea tree oil. It worked so great. I was so worried when I was doing just the sea salt soak and it wasn’t working for me. So I bought some tea tree oil today. I came home and did a sea salt soak for 10 minutes, then put some sea salt flakes on the piercing for about 5 minutes and used a q-tip to apply the tea tree oil afterwards. Already after one application the bump is almost completely gone! Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. I am feeling so much better about my piercing. :)

  99. SO, i got my nose pierced and everything was great. Then i got impatient and changed the stud about a week later which caused it to bleed. The next morning i had THE BUMP. I found this site and immediately tried the warm water compress since i had no sea salt or tea tree oil. I noticed a difference after the first 5 minutes! No joke. so the bump went away and it was all good UNTIL last night. i accidentally ripped the stud out in my sleep! In the morning i cleaned and replaced the stud but by mid day the bump was back. I just finished 2, 5 minute sessions of the warm water compress and its gone. =) i hope it doesn’t happen again!

  100. I just got my nosed pierced on Saturday and I have like a bump inside my nose like a pimple…What should I do with that…I don’t have a bump on the outside…Yet that is…Any advise…

  101. Is it ok if i use sea salt thats not in flake form? it looks like regular salt but is sea salt.

  102. Hey Nickie, Don’t be embarrassed..I’m 42 and I have a nose piercing. I’ve been wanting one for 22 yrs but circumstances in my life, I was not able to do it that I was able I did it! I also just got a bump and my piercer told me just to crush up the asprin into paste and put it on before bed (and leave it on through the night). I’ve done it for 2 nights in a row and the bump is almost gone and he said to never use Q-tips when cleaning it. I’m so glad I didn’t listed to anyone telling me nose piercings are for the young…I love it and i’m so happy that other mature women are doing it too! :)

  103. Hey – to anybody out there despairing because of the dreaded bump, I totally recommend using tea tree oil on it! I got the bump a few months after I got my nose pierced, even though i was cleaning it religiously… Nothing worked! Then I stumbled across a blog that recommended tea tree oil, so I tried it with GREAT results. It completely took away the bump. I use it every morning and night, because when I stop using it the bump returns. But as long as I keep using it, no sign of infection. Don’t get rid of your piercing!! Try this, it works. You can get tea tree oil from the body shop. Good luck ladies :) :)

  104. I am chuckling as I read this thread. I, too, am experiencing “the bump” I got my first nose piercing 3 years ago, at age 42 – kind of a mid life rebellion. I loved it and had no problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, I lost the earring during a facial, and never got back to the piercer to buy another. I didn’t want to put cheap jewelry in so eventually it closed up. About 2 months ago, I had it repierced. This time the guy wanted to move the position of the hole slightly so that the stud was in a better position. That was fine with me and I didn’t have any problems until about 3 weeks ago. The skin was irritated around it, not too bad, but kind of dry and a little crusty. Eventually that turned into a full fledged bump. Luckily the bump is kind of behind the jewelry so it isn’t totally awful, but it is awful enough. I am going to give the salt soaks and tea tree oil a try. I am also seeing my regular doctor on Friday for another issue and will ask her about it. Somewhere else I read about using an antibiotic (??)
    It seems the most common treatments are sea salt and tea tree oil, followed by the crushed aspirin. Some folks have also had success with hydorcortisone and neosporin, but those treatments seem more controversial. What’s a 45 year old hip mom to do?? I hope this thing gets resolved b/c I love my piercing!

  105. I hope this works i dont want to have to take my nose ring out :(

  106. HI, I’ve been having the same problem for about two weeks now and I’m going mad! I got the piercing because I thought it would be cute and add to the rest of my jewlery but it’s turned into a nightmare. I got it about a month and some time ago, while I was living in a 3rd world country. A small bump or two appeared when I started to become over confident with its recovery and play with it from time to time. Not really fearing that the bump would get any bigger )because i spraying it with Bactine constantly) I decided to change it to the stainless steal ring I initially desired. I caused trauma to the piercing because I have a spiral hoop in. It doesn’t seem to common and I know why, it’s a bitch to put in. And it cost $15! I didn’t even ask the piercer to put it in. (I didn’t know they did that, this is my first professional piercing.) So the bump got mighty big and I’m extremely impatient and hands-on, I got a sterile needle and decided to pop it. I STRONGLY DISCOURAGE THIS. All that came out was blood and the “bump” didn’t go down. It only got larger. I dream about how ugly it is. I might be over cleaning but it just causes me so much anxiety. The initial piercing now looks almost like a blood blister. The needle just tore the skin revealing this bubbly kinda scar tissue. It doesn’t puss or really hurt it’s just a bit sore because now it’s become and open would. I went to the GP and she didn’t want to diagnose antibiotics because she said it’s not infected. “Topical triple antibiotic treatment should fix it up.” she said. But no. I’ve tried everything from SSS to harsh iodine at desperate times and even trying to perform self surgery to get rid of it. AHH! Someone please help. Now i’ll surely have an ugly scar around my cute new ring even if this does go down. :( I can’t help but stare at other girls with their sexy little nose rings and envy their scar less little noses, wheras mine feels disgusting and obvious. Ugh. It’s like having a horrid zit but worse! I asked a girlfriend who had a similar problem what she did and she said she just went to the piercer and they poped it for her. I wish this thing would just go away. It doesn’t pop. It does not seem to have puss inside, just tissue that looks like tiny fish eggs. From a considerable distance is slightly resembles a volcano. What should I do?!
    Extensive Anxiety About My Personal Appearance

  107. I got my nose pierced about 6 wks ago and recently got sick. As soon as I was feeling better this horrible bump appeared. I thought it was a zit but nothing! All that came out was blood, so I got online to see if it was just me and thankfully Im not! I read this article, ran to the drugstore bought saline solution and aspirin.
    So my way to get rid of it was by listening to everybody else: Hot water in the shower, soak with saline solution 5 min, twice a day and sleep with aspirin paste. 2 nights and the horrible, fugly bump was gone! Now I know my nose isnt gonna fall off! LOL!

  108. So I got my nose pierced about 3 months ago.This isn\\\’t my first nose piercing, I have the other side pierced, and this did NOT happen to me at all. I formed the bump about 3 days ago, and it is huge. It looks like a giant zit, I had the urge to pop it but i googled and found this article and read many pages stating NOT to pop it.
    I got the sea salt and tea tree oil today and am trying the salt flakes overnight, i really hope this works!

  109. I’ve been trying the sea salt soak for about 2 weeks—not every day, but every other day. I notice a little improvement here and there, but it will go down a little and then randomly get bigger again. Sometimes the bump feels hard, sometimes soft. It’s REALLY big…and a little red, but it doesn’t hurt at all. Is this normal?

  110. Sea salt hasn’t worked for me. Nothing has! So if anyone else has any information or idea of how to get rid of it, please let me know!

  111. ive been fighting with mine for the past two months. i went to a family physician today and he told me its a keloid and the only way to get rid of it at this point is plastic surgery. Im hoping that at my appointment with my dermatologist there will be something else they can do, but this is probably my last option.
    im so embarassed and ashamed. if you start to get this bump please go to your dermatologist straight away so this doesnt happen to you.

  112. I got my nose pierced exactly two months ago. It was going perfectly fine, absolutely no problem with it, then you all can suspect what happened. This was about three weeks in. I never gave sea salt soak a chance since my piercer told me it wasn’t actually proven to help but I did try tea tree oil but stopped the second day. About a week or two after having this bump and religiously cleaning in (which is also not good) I beaded to my piercer. He told me that since I touched it, which I always do (horrible habit) my nose naturally built up this bubble which basically tried to keep the nose stud in place. He changed the bend in my nose stud to allow more room for the swelling to go down instead of pushing on the nose stud and he told me to clean it while I was in the shower by cupping my hands with water and blowing bubbles/exhaling into my pals to get the fluid or buildup out. He also told me to do hot and cold compresses:

    For the hot compresses, take a small towel, get it completely wet and drain the excess water and put I in the microwave. You want it to be as hot as you can stand but to test it, put the towel on your wrist and if it’s too hot for that, do NOT put it on your nose, let it cool down a bit. I do the hot compresses for about 5 minutes.

    Immediately after, I take another towel, wet it, drain it, and put it in the freezer for a few minutes and apply that to my piercing for 5 minutes more.

    You can do these compresses several times a day. When cleaning the piercing, he advised me to just take soap, get it foamy, and put the foam on my piercing for a few minutes in the shower then rinse it off. Make sure the soap has no harsh chemicals.

    When he adjusted my piercing, it was supposed to be better within 1-1.5 weeks but the third or fourth day, I apparently almost scratched it out in my sleep and woke up with the stud almost out of my nose (thank goodness it didn’t fall out :D ) so I’m urgently sitting here two weeks after with no by difference since I had hurt it that night again. Also, I would put a small bandage (bandaid) on it at night so I wouldn’t knock it out. I plan to call my piercer later today when the shop opens. I will update you all on my progress. :)

    Please note: I always try to uses natural remedies as I possibly can. Hydrocortisone cream might help but the bump will come back and using this cream in excess causes discoloration of the skin. Also note that you should NEVER use hydrogen peroxide on a piercing, it basically destroys the new developing healing tissue. Tea tree oil also has drying properties.

    I plan to research a bit about the emu oil so thank you all for sharing your experiences! I know I always touch my piercing and that is the biggest problem. So refrain!

    Good luck everyone :)

  113. Ommmg I have that same thing ! I hadn’t researched about I but someone told me to go to a dermatologist and I did. He told me that it might be a cyst and he had to do a biopsy to actually know what it is and the biopsy would be painful and leave a scar I got sooo scared. He also told me to take the piercing off and one time I got the bump and I did take the nose ring off all it did was leave a red bump on my nose that was ugly. It went away then I got it repierced. And the stupid bump came again. But anyways he also told me a plastic surgeon can remove it leaving a smaller scar. But I didnt do either of those. In a few days without doing anything the bump went away. Yesterday I woke up to find the freakinn bump again! Soo I did some research and found this little article . Lol yeah I’m doin the sea salt thing. I started last night. I see it already working ! THANKSSSS ;) )))

  114. test

  115. I just got my piercing done about a week ago, and the bump popped up a few days ago. As I am typing this I am sitting with the salt flakes on my nose, I am going to try and sleep with them on, but I feel like it’ll rub off in the middle of the night.
    I went into the piercer, and he recommended tea tree oil. But all your tips are so helpful :)

  116. Yup I totally had the bump like 2 weeks ago. I was freaking out because it was disgusting. At first it started out small and then gradually got bigger until it was very noticeable. So of course I googled it like I google everything. I got advice from sea salt to tree oil. I tried the salt soaks and they didn’t work. Once I just put a litte water in my hand and put some salt in it to make a paste ans put it on the bump overnight…it helped a bit.

    The bump got smaller. Eventually I just got 100% Tea Tree Oil from Walmart and it worked wonders. Every morning I woke up and it was smaller. Now its gone but my piercing closed. I still have a small scar too but I’m sure it will go away.. I’m going to just get it re-pierced. I don’t know if I’ll do it on the same side or on the other side. I’ll ask the piercer and see what he says because I don’t want to pierce the same side and end up with a keloid I can’t get rid of. I’d freaking lose my mind. But for those of you struggling to get rid of it I would suggest the 100% Tea Tree Oil. It worked very well for me. Now I am bump free and missing my nose ring!!!!

  117. worked a charm!!!!
    mines completely gone! but im keeping the routine to make sure it never comes back!


  119. I have to disgusting bump unfortunantly.
    BUT ive found hope, I originally had bumps form on my tragus and cartliage piercings, and soon after my belly piercing, and I thought this was odd bc they were all fine up until a certain point.
    But i started using the craushed asprin, and it worked for my belly… But hasnt done much to my ear piercings.
    But I coninued doing this, and added sea salt soaking a little while after but nothing seemed to be working.
    And now my belly bump has gone away, but I got my nose pierced about 2 weeksd ago and a HUGE bump formed right next to the ring! I was SO disapointed bc I had been using sea salt spray on it and I thought it would prevent it, but it didnt.
    So i read up and found some things out and next thing you know I was running all around town finding an organic store to buy TEA TREE OIL, HYDRCORTISONE 1% CREAM, and SALINE WOUND WASH.
    And its been two days and my bump has darastically shrunk, its still there and noticelable but its smaller and the skin around it is drying up as well as the bump.
    What I do is, in the morning I apply the cream to ALL my piercings with bumps and go to school with that, when I come home I clean it off and put a drop of tea tree oil on them, then after it has soaked all that up [like an hour] I apply more cream, and have that on the rest of the day. Then towards bed time I do a quink sea salt soak then clean the piercings and crush up some asprin and where the paste for bed.
    My bump seems to be getting better, THANK GOD.
    You should try this method, putting everything I learned together has helped ALOT instead of just using one method.
    I hope this helps!

  120. this is the second time I’v gotten my nose done and this is the first time that this bump showed up. It was doing fine intill my friend head-butted me RIGHT in the nose, a few days later it was there, so far its been nothing but blood but I have been cleaning it with sea salf and saline (I also got my treg done and its starting to bump!) So I’m trying putting the salt them over night and see if they go away. I am also going to try Hot Chamomile teabag compresses twice a day, and hope they work.

  121. How often did you do this?

  122. i hope this helps because i look hideous with this stupid bump!!! it sound like it would work so thank you very much

  123. Hey, I’ve had my nostril pierced since the beginning of January. Today, I was cleaning it and it started bleeding. BAD. I took it out to clean it better. And there was a HUGE. And I MEAN FRIGGEN HUGE, red bump there. I called my piercer at the tattoo shop, and he told me to do a hot compress. A rag, soaked it HOT water and Epsom salt, sea salt dries it out. He said do it for at least five minutes everyday. And if it didn’t get better in 2 weeks, to give him a call. I just got done with the first one, and the bump went down a lot. It’s still red and a little tender, but the bump went from like… 3 millimeters down to less than one. So I’m glad. And will continue like he said.

  124. Okay I know this is just another comment in another forum about how to get rid of your bump and after reading through so many to try and figure out how to get rid of my bump, I finally did :) So I just wanted to share what helped me to completely remove it. First of all the sea salt soaks do work, at least a little bit. I did them for about 2 weeks before I noticed much of a difference – but it does help. However my bump was still there, red and annoying and it had been there for about 2 months. I had read somewhere that tea tree oil helps, however i was skeptical. I went to my piercer and asked her if tea tree oil helped and she said it would make it worse, but I decided to try it anyway because the sea salt soaks weren\’t working to the extent I wanted. So pretty much every morning before I went to school I would do a quick sea salt soak and then dab some tea tree oil on it. When I got home at night I\’d do the same right before I went to bed and then I kept doing this for two days. This morning I woke up and the bump was completely gone :) No scarring, no dry skin, nothing. I\’m going to keep it up for a while, until I\’m sure it won\’t come back. But now I have my cute little piercing back and i\’m so happy.

  125. Heh, well there you go: a whole bunch of reasons not to get a piercing like this. I try to warn people away but they do it anyway and almost always end up with problems like this. They’re lucky when they are able to remove it and not have scarring.

    They’re ugly anyway. I see a girl with a nose piercing and my first reaction is “ewwww”.

  126. I got a bump INSIDE. I just yanked the nose stud out in my sleep. I had my piercing for two weeks today. Hope it will go away.

  127. Hi I had the same dark red fleshy bump that doesn’t hurt that you can push it back in and I tried every thing. So I researched and found the best advice and it seriously works. Okay this is what you do run hot water put your nose under it for about 15 sec as hot as you can take it then pour rubbing alcohol on it let it evaporate on its own and just watch the difference and that bubble will dry up and get crust but don’t touch it leave it alone and if you have to dab it and do this for about 5 days no more products.

  128. Don’t use any more products or sea salt you want fast very effective results listen to me put your nose under as hot as you can take it of running water for about 15 seconds then pour rubbing alcohol and let it dry on its own repeat for about 5 days it will dry up and seriously go away like instantly mine worked after the first try and I tried the salt that takes to long and oh don’t mess with it at all if you can take it no touching

  129. So I posted a comment on October 1st and this is a follow up post. It is now just about March 1st, 5 months since my first post and 7 months that I’ve had this piercing. For about a month starting in December, I began to religiously use tea tree oil. I had tried it before but didn’t keep up with it. Please note that I am using 20% diluted tea tree oil. So I used the tea tree oil morning and night and any time during the day when I felt it needed cleaning, this was not frequent as cleaning too much is in itself bad for the piercing. After I had desperately tried aspirin, sea salt, hot/cold compresses an tea tree oil, I kind of just gave my piercing some time off and some room to breathe and it went down. The times when it was worst was definitely when I picked at it but inthe past two months that I’ve learned to leave it be, it has changed to look like a lovely piercing and not a pimple :)

    Although I have tried to leave it alone, I still clean it at least once a day with tea tree oil. The tea tree oil can dry out the skin. My bump is pretty much gone and had been for a month or so but I can tell that when I accidentally harm the piercing, it wants to form again. Any time my piercing is harmed, I immediately turn on warm (more hot than cold) water, cup my hands to catch the rubbin water, and blow bubbles through my nose. What this does is it cleans out all the dirt that’s basically inside the nose piercing itself and surrounding the surface of your piercing as well, I then clean gently with tea tree oil (diluted 20%) and this usually prevents it from becoming a horrifying bump, at the most it might be very slightly raised.

    I hope this helps :)

  130. This cleared it up in 2 days for me.
    Do it!!!

  131. ive had my nap pierced for over a year now. i got it caught on my lufa in the bath and snagged it about 5 months ago tried everything to heal it. unfort nothin worked not the sea salt not the tea tree oil nothing. when that happens the only thing you can do is take it out and try again after its healed it sucks i know but its caused from sudden trama and it will scare up. best of luck to those of u who r despretly tring to keep it.

  132. was it really necessary to tell us your life story?

  133. For the first month my piercing was fine, but then it got a bit loose and I got ‘the bump’. It was huge and disgusting!

    I did salt water soaks and that didn’t help. I went back to my piercer and she adjusted the jewellery and told me to use an acne cream to get rid of the bump. After a week and a half it was getting worse so I called her up and she said to try the aspirin thing. That didn’t work so I went to the doctor and she said to try Bactroban, an anitbiotic cream for infections.

    THAT didn’t work so about one month and $35 later I read this post & comments and got a $4 bottle of tea tree oil. I have been dabbing that on undiluted 2-4 times a day and it is almost totally gone after a week.

    Yes it dries your skin out a bit but I think it’s worth it to get rid of the dreaded bump!

  134. did u take out ur piercing ?

  135. I have had the bump for 3 days. I was trippin cleaning it, tea tree oil, bactine. Oh by the way do not I repeat do not use bactine. the worst ever. I went back to my piercer he told me to relax, to only clean it in the AM once with the cleansing solution they gave me, soak with the sea salt solution once at night and to only use the emu oil if it looks irritated or severly dry. So as soon as I started doing that it went down all the way with just a small small barely noticable piece of bump. Today I went walking and it seemed to be a small little bit of swell more than likely because of the sweat. I came home soaked it in sea salt once it was completely dry it flattened out again. then started tripping. Found this sight put some flakes of sea salt on it and it burned like heck so i immediately washed it off. I don\’t know how you guys do that sea salt flakes. Lol! I dried it applied a smidget of emu oil mixed with vitamine e oil. It has stopped burning and it is happy and at piece again. I will just stick to the cleaning once a day, and soaking once a day and emu/vitamine e oils as needed. Trust me relax and stop panicing we will all be fine. Oh one last thing. My piercer said none of the stuff we are putting on it is healing it, our body is smart and heals itself on it\’s own. Just leave it alone and let it do it\’s job over cleaning and over soaking is the reason it flares up. I hope it works out.

  136. thanks so much, hope my bump goes because its really irritating me. i pierced it more than a month ago bdw. ive been cleaning it with salted water everyday but its still not going down, i tried bursting it but i think i did wrong. hopefully it will go down and i think im going to try using some tea tree oil hope it works D:

  137. I got my nose pierced in Feb of this year and have had the bump for months. I thought it was a allergic reaction to the metal at first, but you would have more rash/spreading bumps instead of just one bump. I was doing salt water soaks but it wasn’t fixing the problem. The tea tree oil/aspirin mix is working miracles for me. I just did it last night and my bump is 50% better already.

  138. hey guys, i got the bump 3 weeks after i had my nose pierced. at first i thought it was just a normal infection that would go away but it just kept getting worse, it started to look like a big pimple and it was awful. I tried popping it but all this blood came out along with some white stuff. anyway it got alot worse, it started to look like a witche’s wart, but i didn’t want to take my nose ring out. I found this website and read about the sea salt, but i started using Savlon antiseptic cream till i could find seasalt. i put the cream on 3-5 times a day and after the first day it was certainly smaller, and 3 days later it was totally gone! i don’t know if the antiseptic cream will work for everyone but it worked for me! ( the cream is better than the spray because it doesn’t dry it out as much) good luck to y’all! :)

  139. When i first got my nose pierced i thought it would heal up without any bump. After about two or three weeks i got one! since the beginning i have been cleaning it with warm salt water but i still got the red bump im going to try wat u said to do as soon as possible.

  140. Thought I would share my experience with the dreaded bump! So I got my nose pierced in the beginning of May this year and I was soooo in love with it and had no pain during it considering it was my first piercing since my ears when I was about 5 months. Anyways I had nooo idea about this bump because my bestfriends have their nose pierced and NEVER went through this. Anyways about a month and a bit after getting my piercing I went through a rough time and without thinking was rubbing my nose on my sweater while crying. BIG MISTAKE. I irritated my nose piercing and within a few hours my nose stud had a small bump right beside it. I was horrified I went online and started searching remedies. My piercer suggested hydrogen peroxide so I tried that but everywhere I read online said that was a big NO NO. I read elsewhere that Tea Tree Oil worked so I switched to that after a couple of days with no change. All the Tea Tree Oil did was dry out my skin really badly to the point where it was a noticeable darker area beside my nose ring, I was mortified. Eventually I decided to try the crushed Asprin with water and a drop of Tea Tree Oil at night. I did this for two nights and this morning woke up and my bump was pretty much gone!! Its very very very tiny and I will continue to use the Asprin at night until it is completely gone. Even my dry skin peeled off this morning I am so happy that my piercing is back to normal and I will never irritate it again! I’ve learnt my lesson!

    TRY THE ASPRIN IT REALLY WORKS with a drop of tea tree oil.
    hydrogen peroxide gave me no results, neither did hydrocortisone. I did not try sea salt soaks.

  141. I got my nose pierced March of this year, and I have had this bump come out a few times…I finally went to the dr who prescribed bactroban, it helped, but a few days later it came up again, could it be that maybe its just irritated? Ugh i am so frustrated I feel like taking my nose ring out!

  142. READ THIS:

    I have posted here before while I had the bump and after it cleared up. Needless to say, it came back. I will have had my nose pierced for 1 year on August 16th. A few months ago, after some accidental tugging and twisting, the bump on my nose started to come back but I honestly can say that it didn’t bother me so much. Around this same time, my parents happened to by something called black seed oil also called cumin oil. Read about this stuff, its absolutely amazing. It seriously reduces the bump on my nose noticeably even a few hours after applying (but give it a few days). Of course this won’t work for everyone, but i’ve tried so many things of which this was the best so I thought I would share.

    I have tried diluted tea tree oil which helped but was too rough and dried up my skin. I tried diluted body lavender oil (with other oils in it) which also didn’t have any noticeable change. I tried sea salt, nothing. Jojoba oil kept it from being dry but not much else.

    One of the best things you can do is decrease the amount of times that you wash it. Leave it the hell alone except for washing it in the shower every other day. Do this by cupping your hands, filling it with water, and blowing bubbles into said cupped hand. You can wiggle the stud/ring a little to get the nasties out but nothing more. Over-cleaning definitely started all the annoying bump issue for me.

    Applying the black seed oil is the best thing I did (and will continue to do) for my nose piercing. It smells strongly of cumin but I got over it easily as I realized it was really helping me. I just put a tiny amount on it and rub it both on the outside and inside (of my nose) of my piercing both in the morning and at night. Note that I don’t do this daily, I only do it when my piercing is giving me trouble.

    Take a moment to read the comments, seriously amazing stuff for so many reasons. Excellent for your health.

  143. I am currently dealing with “the bump” along with what looks like a scar (the same colour as my skin, not keloid) around the piercing. I freaked out, got on the internet and started researching. Here’s the thing…Don’t freak out! It’s more common than you think and I totally am supporting this information. My piercing looked like a mini volcano with my stud just sitting on top like a cherry on a sundae. It goes away. I have been doing the salt water soaks (submerging my whole nose), as hot as you can stand without burning yourself for 5-15 minutes. I also do chamomile tea bag compresses. I read to crush up aspirin and mix it w/water to make a paste, put it on overnight with a band-aid. I didn’t have aspirin so I used Alka-Seltzer. In the past I would use that for a cold sore coming on and it always stopped it and dried it up. It’s made of aspirin, citric acid and bicarbonate of soda, so how could it hurt. Well! Let me tell you, it’s working after 3 days, my red bump, which is a bacterial pocket, is gone. Stuff has just been oozing (not infection, totally different) but the fluid that was trapped. I bought Tea Tree Oil yesterday because I was originally using Polysporin and have stopped because it’s like Vaseline in that it’s not water soluble. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic. Buy pure oil and dilute it 1:3 ratio (1 oil to 3 water) and dab on the piercing. So far everything is working. I find skin wanting to come off which is fabulous. That red bump just dried up and broke off on its own. Don’t mess with it! Leave it alone between soakings! Wear a band-aid at night. It was me messing with it before it was healed that started this whole mess. I tried to change to a nose screw 4 weeks into my piecing and caused trauma then got dirt in it (gardening). I never did get the thing in either. If your piercing is NOT infected, I would suggest the aspirin paste at night. It draws the junk out too and if you have pain, the aspirin helps (make sure you are not allergic to aspirin). I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. This is just what I have done. Use it with a grain of salt…in your soak. LOL I’m on the mend after about 3 or 4 days. Salt soaks are the key!

  144. i was worried for a while… i’ve been trying most methods.. tea tree didn’t seem to help, so i’ll try this soon, thanks :D

  145. My nose bump has been reduced to just a small flesh colored bump after doing the aspirin paste for 4 four nights. I am wondering if I should continue with the paste or not? Now it just looks like a scar not a red bump like before. What should I do?

  146. After the bum has gone down, how do you keep the scarring away? And my bump reappears after the treatment that I use. (Tea-tree oil)

  147. im going insane, at first the bump is small…but now it’s huge and it hurts a little(sore). I’m scared its a keliod or w/e u called it. i tried the sea salt soaks and tea tree oil, it didnt work..idk if i should just take out the piercing and let it heals on it own. I bought an 18kt gold stud online but its going to take 12 days to ship in so idk if i should wait until i get my new stud to come in or let it heal on its own. -.- i would go to my doctor but he hates me lol so im screwed.

  148. omg i def gonna use tea tree to get rid of my bump. sea salt soaks make it worse as it dried up but got bigger :/

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