Ten websites for teens

Teen years are the toughest to get through it seems like. Check out these websites when your teen needs a break.

Teen years seem to be the best and worst times to explore the world and learn of its boundaries. There are sites that encourage teens to resist peer pressure and express their talents. These are some of the best sites I have found for this age group. Parents and teens may enjoy these sites together as they grow close in the relationship of talking about teen issues. They are among some of the best websites and I’m sure there will more to come in the future.

‘Teen Ink’ is a literary magazine written by teens that has a teen audience. Teenagers may submit fiction, nonfiction, art, poetry and so on to the magazine to have it submitted to  the print version of the magazine. It even accepts reviews of TV shows, movies, video games. It’s a place where teens are free to express themselves within the limitations of the first amendment. There’s also two forums on the website. The first is the writer’s workshop where teens can share their writing with other teens. The other is a regular forum where teens can get ideas for their writing.

This is a great website if teens are looking for a website that has health information. It simplifies the language so teens can understand it. It has information of situations that teens face in their everyday lives, such as divorce. It explains the teen’s feelings and how to deal with them. It also has information of cancer, drugs & alcohol and fitness. The website even provides expert opinions on such hot topics for teens as pregnancy, STDs and relationships. Many of these issues are those that teens feel that they must face alone; this website allows them the outlet to reach out to other people.

Govteen is a network that is ran by teenagers from all around the world. Teenagers can come here to talk about anything because another teen is more than likely going to understand their situation. Govteen considers all their members to be family, which means all teens are equal in this environment without judgement. Teens also even have an option to become a moderator of the website. They can achieve this by posting fifty different entries on the forums and have been a member of the site for thirty days. There’s even a chat room where teens can meet other teens and discuss any issue that is bothering them. This is an ideal place to meet friends on an international level.

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  1. Great info. Will share this with my friend who have teens.

  2. Great info on these sites.

  3. Hey nice article! I’m a ‘teen’ myself, and I quite like these websites!

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  10. Good articles. We have an uphill battle to support the teens of our world. As a retired school teacher I do my best to give young people as much good information as possible. Working as a youth counselor for many years I learned one thing, reading is very important to educational success and our kids don’t get enough of it. You can find my books on Amazon under my name and I hope you agree that these are the kind of books our kids should be reading.

    Dr Robert E McGinnis

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  14. These are also cool sites that teachers can explore.

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  16. Great Info. Will pass it on to my friends who have teens.

  17. Great Information. Will pass it on to my friends who have teens.

  18. These are all good websites for teenagers.Thanks for the info I’ll pass this on too my Daughter and son-in-law who are both teachers.

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