We all have them, and most are silly; even so they are fears and must be recognized.


We all have fears, from the boogey man, to talking to our boss, to our finances, but if you sit back and look at the big picture as an adult; it may not be all that scary. It is because we look at the very immediate situation and panic, which takes us to another level and that, is fear. Take it slow there is no rush.

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Helpless + panic = fear

                Lets look at a typically situation for a young child in elementary school, he was in gym and they were play dodge ball, he tripped and ripped his new pants. He gets up, trying not to over react, but inside he is panicking because now he has to go home and face his mother. He could not help the fact that he fell, and panic just precedes fear.

                How about a teenagers she begs her parents for the one of kind, must have sweater that is truly out of their financial range, and she gets ink on it from a faulty pen; what comes next what is mom and dad going to say. How did she know that a stupid pen would leak she feels helpless, as panic surrounds her, why because of the fear of showing her parents.

                A wife may fear the fact that she crashed up the car today, what is she going to be able to do about it since it has already happened. Nothing! Yet we panic, sometimes our fears are real and justifiable, while other ones are silly and nonsense, but none the less it is still a fear.

                People fear heights, talking in public, bugs to name a few, but we should all try to conquer our fear as an adult. I am not saying climb to the highest tree, or go hunting for bugs; but attempt to take a few baby steps. It is not impossible and it will take time, encouragement and strength, but any fear can be conquered if one is truly interested in conquering it.

                What is your fear? How might you begin to conquer your fear?

                All through life we all develop fears, but I personally try to take that fear, mull it over a bit; and try to figure out a way to conquer what is terrifying me. I am in the business of inviting people to look and a potential business opportunity, but I feel helpless I don’t know what to do. I panic, I don’t know what to say, and thus nothing happens because I became afraid to talk to a potential business associate or customer.  It is my intention to stretch my boundaries, and venture out’ perhaps just smile at a few people and smile and say good day to another human being, will open the door to release that fear.

                So for now as I face my fear I trend slowly, I don’t want to fell helpless, panicking is very uncomfortable and being afraid, in most cases just silly.

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  1. This is very good information.

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  3. Nice flow you have in your writings I liked it

  4. Brilliant read thanks

  5. Very interesting psychological discussion here. Not only is fear a mental activity, but also results due to lack of particular types of neurotransmitters, genetics, and environmental may also play a role in explaining the human fear.

  6. Interesting information. I tend to avoid situations which I find fearful rather than deal with them.

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