How to Overcome Fear of Death by Talking with Self

How to overcome fear of death? Why there is a fear of death? Fear of death arises because we don’t want to die but we’re sure to die sometime in future.

How to overcome fear of death? Why there is a fear of death? Fear of death arises because we don’t want to die but we’re sure to die sometime in future. 

Fear of death is mental. To overcome fear of death you need to do something mentally.

Talk with yourself to overcome fear of death 

Select a place of your choice where you won’t be disturbed for a while.

Ask yourself, “What’s the problem?”

Your mind would say, “I don’t want to die but I’ve to die some time in future like others.”

“OK, you’ve to die. There is nothing you can do, can you?”


“People die at old ages. You’ll also die when you’d be older. By thinking or worrying you can’t change the status, can you?”


Then why you fear death? Face it when it comes. Why thinking of death now? Did you find something fruitful this way?”


“Then stop thinking of death. Think when there is a need to think or think when you face death. If you think of death now then you won’t be able to enjoy your life, the pleasure and the happiness it gives.”

Add further, “See other people they’re also going to die sometime, they’re even older than you and are going to die earlier than you. They’re not thinking about death. They’re not fearful of death. Then why you’re fearful of death?”

“I just can’t stop thinking of death.”

“I’m not asking you to stop thinking. I’m saying; think it later when time comes. For the time being postponed this thought. Can you do that?”

“Yes, I can do that.”

“No more fear of death, now?”

 ”Yes. No fear of death, now.”

Delay your Inner urge

Come back from that place. Though you’ve convinced your mind not to think but fear of death will come again. Say to yourself, “I have just sorted this matter; I don’t have to think again.”

There will be an inward desire to think about it over and again. Tell yourself, “OK, I will think and rethink but not now. I’ve to go to that place again. Unless I go there I can’t think.”

Disengage yourself to overcome fear of death

Later on go to that place once more and repeat the same procedure. This time add, “If fear of death comes again, I will say to myself; I have sorted the matter, so forget about it.”

And thereafter whenever there is a fear of death just say to yourself:

“I have sorted the matter, so forget about it.”

Meanwhile try to engage yourself in daily activities of life. Important thing is don’t give privilege to your mind to think about fear of death repeatedly.

Mind can’t stick with fear of death

Mind is a restless kind of thing. It jumps from one thought to another always. It can’t stick to the fear of death. It sticks to the thought because you are showing continuous interest in that thought. Isolate yourself from this thought and mind will lose interest in this thought.  

Couple of times you follow this procedure and the fear of death will be gone for ever. Remember your conscious effort is need to overcome the fear of death. 

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  1. A truly inspirational article, my friend. It has helped me such a lot. I’m SO scared of the prospect of death – and it’s drawing nearer and nearer – aaaargh!

  2. What if you fear that you might die while you have postponed thinking about your death. In that case, is there a way to over come the fear of death.

  3. is it really curable?
    i have listened some people talikng that it cant be cured permanently,where as i have also experienced my age fellows experiencing this fear age group 18-21.Almost every one have talked about there fear that it was intense at the beginning but now it\\\’s about to finish but it irritates some time.Is is the end of this fear?

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