How to Overcome Jet Lag and Maintain Healthy Travel

Always remember to depart fresh and arrive even fresher.

Whether you are rich or poor, there is time in your life that you need to travel and cross that vast ocean to reach your destination. Regardless of how often you travel you will experience jet lag especially for a long haul. Below are some tips to overcome Jet Lag and maintain healthy travel:

·         It is a good idea to get your shots. The place you visit may have prevalent diseases that you need to have vaccines if you don’t have it yet in your system.  But think ahead. Some should be given a month or so before you leave. Ask your doctor. And check your health plan to see if shots for travel are covered.

·         Flying across the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean? To avoid jet lag, get used to the new time zone ahead of time. Go to bed earlier at night if you are traveling east. Stay up later if traveling west. It’s also helpful to choose daytime flights.

·         Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Cabin air is dry. So drink lots of water before and during your flight. And avoid caffeine and alcohol.

·         Be hygiene conscious and germ-smart. Travel with disinfectant wipes. Use them on tray tables, seat arms, the window and especially the bathroom.

Always remember to depart fresh and arrive even fresher.


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