How to Prevent and Treat Impotence

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more common in older men but the reality of the matter is; ED can occur at any age. Having trouble maintaining an erection can be caused by problems such a low self esteem and so it may be only temporary. If the problem is ongoing, it can cause stress and a major problem in your relationship.

Impotence is a consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Impotence can be  caused by a number of factors but there are  two major headings:

  • Psychological
  • Physical

The psychological factor has to do with the mind. The majority of men under this group are affected based on the causes of depression, anxiety and chronic stress. Many men think that most women prefer an aggressive sexual role and so they think that failure to perform is shameful. Occasionally a man may feel worthless when with a certain woman especially if the woman is having an affair or he sees the potential of her being attracted to another man whom he feels has bigger size or better vibe than he does. This feeling may lead to anxiety and inhibition of sexual reflexes, thus causing impotence.

On the other hand the physical group is affected by causes such as low blood circulation, side effects of medications, structural damage to the penis or most commonly, being over weight.

While most men do not suffer from impotence, they suffer from pre-mature ejaculation, which is; when a man ejaculates before he wishes to do. Any disorder that causes injury to the nerves or impairs blood flow in the penis has the potential to cause impotence. Being over weight however can hinder a person from having normal blood flow and so that is why they become impotent.

Preventing and curing impotence may seem hard but if you take care of your body  by eating the right food and exercise then you might be surprised to see the results. Here are a few tips on how to maintain and improve potency:

  • Keep healthy body weight; the only body weight you should have is muscle, not fat
  • Eat the recommended dosage of fruits and vegetables
  • If you are a smoker and heavy drinker, desist from doing either.
  • For men who are impotent, mixing cayenne pepper with the consumption of raw garlic helps to dilate blood vessels all throughout the body. This combination is extremely effective for impotence.
  • Ginseng tea and cayenne pepper is also a good remedy.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with Lemon juice and honey. Mix together about 2 TBS of each and drink.
  • Borax. The dosage is 1/4 tsp for adult males.
  • Taking prescribed medications such as Viagra and Cialisis are also ways of getting a relief from impotence.
  • Horney Goat weed. This can be bought at the pharmacy and the dosage is written on the bottle.
  • You can combine multiple remedies and see what best works for you. The Garlic and Cayenne pepper seem to work wonders based on a survey that was done.
  • Make sure that you have proper intake of oxygen as without oxygen the blood flow has no power. Many people suffer from lack of oxygen due to sinus or allergy problems without even knowing.

Trust me; there is nothing scarier for a man than being impotent or even having the thought of becoming so. The reality to the matter is, most times a man becomes impotent based on his own actions such as smoking, heavy drinking, lack of exercise and improper eating habits.

While these facts are now in the spotlight, men are encouraged to eat properly and exercise because yes impotence can be reversed. For all the wives, if your husband is shying away from you, it does not mean that he scorns or that he does not have feelings for you anymore. It could simply mean that he is becomming impotent and is afraid to face the reality. He might also be ashamed to let you know that it is happening to him. Your duty as a wife is not to get upset, just keep looking out for him and as mentioned above those are remidies you can use.

For both wives and husbands, impotence should be a topic of discussion among you both. Don’t be afraid to talk to each other about it, after all you were married for better or worse and in sickness and in health. The best way to overcome impotence is to talk, plan and execute the various methods to prevent and get rid of it.


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  1. For some people this is a crucial problematic. I believe women have lots of problems in this regards, and that needs attention too.
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