10 Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a great all-around workout. It engages arms, legs, core, and cardio. Here is a list of 10 great benefits of swimming!

·         Low Impact – Swimming allows you to work your body while minimizing the risk of injury.  Unlike running with its constant pounding of the ground which can put stress on you joints, swimming allows you to workout essentially risk free.

·         Engages the Core – Swimming offers a great increase to core strength.  The constant pulling and propelling of your body in the water increases your core strength without putting to much stress on it. 

·         Weight Loss – Swimming burns 3 calories per pound per mile of swimming.  This means that a 170lb male can burn 510 calories after swimming one mile.  This can lead to substantial weight loss and essentially increase your health.

·         Benefits to the Heart – while in the water, your minimum heart rate drops about 10 beats per minute.  Maximum heart rate drops anywhere from 10-30 beats per minute.  This means that your heart is pumping blood at a more efficient rate.  Training in the water will in turn increase the efficiency of your heart and its blood pumping capabilities.

·         Warm Ups/Cool Downs - Swimming is an excellent option for warming up for physical activity or cooling down.  Since it engages the muscles in a stretching kind of motion, it warms them up without putting on unnecessary stress.

·         Seniors, Pregnant Women, and Arthritis Sufferers – swimming is a low risk activity for each of these three things.  Since it adds a level of buoyancy, less of your effort is focused on staying in the right form or position as compared to biking or running. 

·         Flexibility – With swimming comes an improvement to range of motion.  Whether you are a senior or a young child, flexibility is an asset that will improve your quality of life.  You will be less likely to have an injury, and, if maintained, have less chance of injury for the rest of your life.

·         Cardiovascular Health – Swimming has great benefits to your cardiovascular health.  Swimming is unique as it forces you to take limited breaths at periodic intervals.  This makes sure that you get the most out of each breath, really training your heart and lungs into physical machines.

·         Resistance – Swimming offers the natural resistance of water.  The resistance that you will feel while swimming is 12 times stronger than that of air.  This means that you can build muscle strength while using only the water’s resistance.

·         Different Strokes – Swimming is interesting as you can there are many ways to propel your body through the water.  Different techniques (strokes) work different muscles.  Unlike running or other workouts, you have the freedom to change this up as frequently as you want to.

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