10 Songs Guaranteed to Make You Lose Weight

The battle of the bulge is probably the number one New Years resolution made by people every year. It’s not an easy fight. You are going to need some serious motivation if you want to lose weight. The motivational piece you are about to read contains the name of 10 Songs Guaranteed To Make You Lose Weight. Click on the song titles to listen to music that is guaranteed to get you moving.

It’s time to get you Pumped Up,

To loud percussive beats,

It’s time to get the Eye Of The Tiger,

Get up! Get On Your Feet!

Sitting around procrastinating

Isn’t going to get you Stronger.

You need to Lose Yourself in the moment,

If you want to live longer.

Come on Run!

Get crazy Jump Around.

You Need The Big Weight.

To be the hottest thing in town.

It’s time to make a Take Over.

If you want to achieve Victory.

Make yourself a legend,

In the books of history.

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  1. These are all fantastic energetic songs that will inspire people to move and groove :)

  2. Brilliant suggestions! I keep myself motivated by jogging or cycling using the Wii. I turn off the sound effects on the TV and then play my fave upbeat CDs on the hifi. I’m now trying to get into the habit of doing my housework accompanied by some lively music to keep me going at max speed!!! By New Year 2013 I should be as thin as a rake … in my dreams!

  3. Uh, if only it was possible…

  4. excellent list and your quite right it would be impossible not to get up and dance

  5. a very nice idea you have presented. usually we start exercise then after few days we lose interest. i think a song of my choice can hold me to the job. thanks.

  6. Lots of songs that can inspire.

  7. Good music with energetic beat is always an inspiration and makes you feel good.

  8. great songs that make someone sweat =) nice choices!

  9. nice songs to inspire you to lose weight.

  10. Great article. ‘Come on, Eileen’ always makes me SWEAT!!!

  11. Brilliant suggestion. The songs are inspirational also.

  12. What a clever idea for an article!

  13. Very creative! Wonder where you get such a good idea.

  14. hehe nice one

  15. Love your work!

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